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2:15 pm - 4:00 pm


Moonlight Sanctuary Yoga Studio
17 Glen Pond Dr, Red Hook, NY, 12571

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Postpartum lasts three years. This is the time needed to go through the developmental process of becoming a parent. As the brain itself changes the way it operates, major shifts are experienced. It is a physical, mental, emotional, and social process. Postnatal yoga and meditation are precious practices to navigate this exciting and challenging time — a way to bring more joy, awareness, and serenity to all members of the family.

“Baby & Me” and “Toddler & Me” are parent-centric spaces where children are more than welcome. Each series is based on three pillars:

– Connection to self: physically, mentally, emotionally

– Connection within the duet parent-child

– Connection to community

The primary focus of this program is a space for the parent to listen to their sensations and emotions. Breath work, baby holding counter poses (opening of the chest, stretching of the neck and shoulders), pelvic connection, core strengthening, and balance practices are all parts of both series. Bringing awareness to different aspects of the Matrescence/Patrescence, these postnatal classes are also the opportunity to reflect on the process of becoming a parent and the expectations that we might have for this transition.

During each class, we will practice techniques that you can use at home in a number of situations. Certain postures and movements, walking meditations, and breathing patterns are valuable tools to help the duet parent/baby connect and regulate their emotions. Some practices are also a lot of fun and wonderful for bonding!

We can not emphasize enough the importance of community for new parents. We designed these series to be part of a support system. “Baby & Me” and “Toddler & Me” classes are an opportunity to connect with other adults, and other children. They are a safe space, free of judgement. A place to breathe and connect.

$160 for 6 week series (6 classes. Includes one adult and one child)



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