Wishes Met!

Here are Hudson Valley families hoping for help this Christmas season. Please review. If you see a family that you would like to help, email Kristen at Kristen@HudsonValleyKids.org and tell us which family you would like to help. Please read our Terms & Conditions. Thank-you for your consideration. Let’s spread love and joy!


December 16th, 2019 by

“I recently injured my back and neck and have to get surgery. I have been out of work for about a month and a half now and haven’t gotten payed from disability or workers comp yet. I am a single parent so needless to say I’m falling gravely behind on my bills. I won’t be able to provide any presents for my daughter and afraid I will have to tell her that there won’t be a Christmas this year. We could definitely use the basic necessities and would really appreciate anything she gets. I honestly don’t want to ask too much of anyone. So the most important thing to me is that she can have at least a few nice gifts under our tree when she wakes up in on Christmas morning. That is the greatest gift in the world.”

Family #216, PINE BUSH WISH MET!

December 16th, 2019 by

“On ssi just making ends meet we are both not working and would like to give our kids a good christmas my son has developmental delays”

Boy, Age 12

Toys. lego duplos ,pajamas mens large ,gift card to walmart, play dough

Girl, Age 14

Pajamas, legos, stretchy leggings juniors x large, gift card to walmart, crafts


December 14th, 2019 by

“Hoping to provide my 4 year old son a successful Christmas. Both his father and I are unemployed at this time. I had lost my job in the beginning of November and his father at the end of November. With bills piling up it is very difficult to even provide our son with a tree. We have no decorations, and just enough money to keep us from losing our lights and home. We are in need of anything to help provide our son with Christmas”

Boy, Age 4

Any kind of toys, legos, matchbox cars, racetracks, nerf anything, arts & crafts such as painting items, building structures. He stated he wants pop the pig and a toilet game, we forgot the name of it. Clothing, shirts -5T:6T Anystyle will do. pants- 5T. And bath time toys and a bath towel

Family #205, NEW PALTZ WISH MET!

December 14th, 2019 by

“I lost my job a few months ago and found myself behind on bills and fighting to even feed us all. I did however start working in the beginning of December. It’s a decent job and I’m confident we will be back on our feet soon. However I can’t do Christmas. A friend gave me a tree in hopes to keep the spirits up, (thank you – – – – -). I’m hoping to get even a little assistance this season”

Family #204, NEW PALTZ WISH MET!

December 14th, 2019 by

“Hello… I was just recently diagnosed with an illness that keeps me from working and keeps me from doing a lot of things that everyone else is able to do. I currently have an aide that is with me all the time to help me accomplish things I need to get done. This year is the first time in a long time that I really need help for my kids. I want them to have a good christmas at least I’m trying to do what I can with the income I get but it’s really not much. My kids are so amazing and well behaved and a+ students they deserve so much more than I can do”

Baby Boy, Age 8 months

Age appropriate toys. Wears a size 12-18 months, Not sure of shoe size but would like shoes for him to start wearing. Could really use a pack and play to sleep in

Girl, Age 7

Really wants LOL dolls, Would love a real life looking baby doll, Barbies, Jojo siwa toys (smart watch by jojosiwa), Wears a size 7/8 in shirts and pants loves leggings, Size 1 in shoes, Needs water proof gloves and snow boots size 2 ¹a

Boy, Age 9

Special needs child. Loves anything from the game fortnite and minecraft. Love characters from avengers….

Remote control car or monster truck, Wears a size 10/12 in shirts and pants does not like Jean’s. Size 4 in shoes. Could use snow pants and waterproof gloves


December 14th, 2019 by

“I am a mother of two wonderful boys. I live on a fixed income and by the time I pay my rent and bills and get the essential things for the house I barely have anything left to have a Christmas for the boys. I wish I could work but I can’t the doctors took me out I’m just waiting for the day that they say go back to work I love working so whatever help I can get to give my boys a good Christmas are greatly be appreciated. I also want to say thank you in advance if you do choose to help me”


December 14th, 2019 by

“I’m in need for help with Christmas I have a little boy that is 10 years old . I’m a single mom and currently not working . I’m currently going through family court for an increase of child support I’m only receiving $20 a month from him I’m in need of help with Christmas for him”

Boy, Age 10

Boots size 4 in boys, Pants size 8/9, Shirts size s/m, He like checkers , board games, loves drawing sketches arts paint etc., Light up Basketball, baseball, coin collector pocket holder for his coins he collects mostly pennies, sled, robe, he plays pool at his friend house and asked for a pool stick , winter hats , gloves , winter jacket sz 8/9. legos, he wants to start working out so he asked for a pull up bar for the door whatever you can help with I’m very thankful. his #1 gift he asked was for a hoverboard


December 12th, 2019 by

“I’m a single mom of 3 kids, lost my job and to top things off, lost my section 8 that was coving my half of rent… I’m trying my best but all this at the last minute is hard to handle. I’m living off of ssi and child support till my unemployment starts”


December 12th, 2019 by


“I am a single mom. I am just returning to work after the loss of a job. I barely make just enough to pay the bills and keep food on the table. I do not receive any type of assistance including child support. Due to the fact that I am just returning and funds are very limited, I will not be able to provide my son with a Christmas this year. Any help would be beyond appreciated”


December 12th, 2019 by


“My current hardships being a single mom of 2 one has disabilities. I lost my second job due to daycare. I’m barely making it my rent is now 1400 plus all my other bills.. it hasn’t been easy I just need a miracle at this point anything is appreciated thank you”



December 12th, 2019 by

“I live on a fixed income my check covers the bills I’m liucky if I have 30.00 left for the month”

Boy, Age 2: Anything Spider-Man captain America cars
Boy, Age 4: Race track set dinosaurs cars
Girl, Age 5: Anything jojo medicine cry baby and baby dolls with accessories
Boy, Age 6: Train set race track cars
Girl, Age 8: Kinetic sand nerf gun unicorn cry baby doll house

Family #165, WALDEN WISH MET!

December 8th, 2019 by

“This year hasn’t been the best for my children and me. (This fall) I ended up losing my job, my car, and my husband left me and my kids homeless and been dealing with my daughter in and out of hospitals so im trying to get us back on our feet. I just started a new job but still struggling and now with Christmas coming i will not have the money to give my kids a Christmas at all im trying my best because this year hasn’t been the best for my children. Any help would be very appreciated Thank you so much”


December 8th, 2019 by


“I am a single mother of 2 girls 5 and 7 we were recently (evicted) from my apartment and now I am a live in caretaker of an old lady. I do not work I am disabled and awaiting SSI or SSD. The girl’s father recently just had a quadruple by pass was in argirio replacement and does not work either he is awaiting his security as well.

I get food stamps and that is it no cash assistance. I do not deal with social services very well every time I do I get the shingles they caused me a lot of pain and hardship and cause me to have immediate spine surgery because they went against doctors orders and put me in a position I was not supposed to be in in the worker program”


Girl, Age 5


She would love the lol houseAnd pretty much anything lol and Barbie, Shoe size 11 girls, Pants size 7/8, Shirt size 5/6, Under garment size 6


Girl, Age 7


She would like a Batmobile And she loves legos, Pants size 9/10, Shirt size Girls medium or size 7/8, Shoe size 13 girls, Under garment size 8

Family #153, CHESTER WISH MET !

December 6th, 2019 by

“My husband just went in for Emergency surgery (this week). He’s out of work until further notice. My income isn’t enough to cover everything. I’m afraid disability will make us wait and still won’t be enough to cover all the bills. It’s a stressful mess. I don’t even know where to start. I’m so stressed out right now”

Boy, Age 5: Clothes size 7/8, pj masks, comic hero’s or villains, legos, tmnt, twin size bedding, loves batman

Girl, Age 9: Clothes size 10/12, boots size 5, scrunchies, chapstick, lol gloss, slime, hair accessories, legos, backpack, winter gloves and hat, twin size bedding

Girl, Age 13: Clothes med juniors, gift certificates, twin bedding, boots size 8


December 5th, 2019 by

“Hello, I’m a single mother of the most amazing three girls. This last 2 years has been one of the hardest years we have been through! My husband/their father left us, and has barely kept in touch…. As if that wasn’t hurtful enough, he was also the main income. I quickly picked up a 2nd job, but even with my 2 part time jobs I didn’t make half of what he did, but for a couple of months my dad was helping us… (but) in October 2018 my dad had a major heart attack and passed away! He was my last family member, now the girls and I really felt alone! So anyway a friend of mine in NY offered me a job making way more… so I took everything I had and the girls and I moved … and it’s been one struggle after another! My girls have seen and been through more this last 2 years then I would want anyone to ever go through. But even with everything wrong that as happening. My girls really stepped up to the plate, my older girls helped so much with taking care of my youngest and the dog! I work as much as I can but we are barely making it. My kids have been through so much and when I asked them what they wanted for Christmas, they said it was ok mommy, I know you don’t have a lot and (the youngest) still believes in Santa so just worry about her. I about broke down and started to cry! They are the most amazing girls in the world. I work as a mover (and) I don’t make much, and I work as much as I can, if there are extra shifts or anything extra to do at work I’ll do it, but some months i don’t even make enough for the bills, now with winter here, this is my slow time of the year.. so now it’s extra hard… Their father was supposed to come for Christmas and just informed me that he won’t be coming anymore! I know there are families in worse positions than us. But my girls have been through so much, too much to write… thank you…”


December 5th, 2019 by

“Hi, normally I wouldn’t do this but this year has been the worst year for my family I’m a single mom of 2 kids, i receive no assistance and I work part time but not enough to cover all the bills on time, I tragically lost my brother this year due to a car accident and it has really taken a toll on us, this Christmas I just want my babies to feel wonderful and special. Thank you and God Bless”

Family #143, BEACON WISH MET!

December 5th, 2019 by

“Hello I am a single mother of two daughters. I have been out of work 2 years. I stay with a friend till I can actually get back into work I do not receive any government help I’m hoping to get to work soon and be able to support for my daughters my only other help was my brother who passed away this morning I’m speechless to how and why he has always helped me with everything and he has left us 12-2-2019 6:20 am from heart attack 31 years old now to set up arrangements and holidays approaching we can use so help for Christmas we are appreciate for anything anyone can help for my 2 daughters thank you for listening we appreciate this opportunity weather we are picked for Christmas help or not God bless everyone and Thank You”

Family #142, HUDSON WISH MET!

December 5th, 2019 by

“I’m a single mother of a soon to be 3 year old little boy. His father left, leaving everything to me. I could really use the help with Christmas this year, with his birthday right around the corner. I’m struggling”


December 5th, 2019 by

“I am in the need of help for the Christmas holiday season to make my child Christmas a special holiday she is a sweet girl and she deserves a good Christmas I am trying to give her everything she wants but I am in the need of help due to my unexpected cut in hours from my job I can not afford to give her everything she would like so I am asking for help if possibly thank you so much”

Girl, Age 5: Toys she likes Lol Dolls ,Barbies ,Doll Clothes & She Like Slim She Like To Color She Likes To Play Dress Up She Is 5 I am Not At All Picky On Toys, She Could Use Hat Gloves Boots/or Shoes Size1 or 2 Clothes Pants Shirts /Sweat Size 10 She Could Use Under Clothes Like Socks Undies She Could Use Beding/Pillows Blankets Etc Hair Products Like Beeds or Bows Any Of These Thing Are Greatly Appreciated It Thank You For Taking Time To Read My Story


December 5th, 2019 by

“I’m writing on behalf of my brother whose a single dad. My brother never complains about anything. He has taken my nieces in since birth. 6 years ago she gave birth put the babies in the car, got in her car than texted him and said she never wanted two babies and left. She just walked out of there lives! My brother struggles I know he does. He works construction so winters are rough hardly ever any work. In the warm weather he works like a dog. Exhausted but pushes through to put his girls first. I would love to take some of the pressure off of him. I’ve tried to help but my funds are short. This is a man that had not a clue depended on family until one night he woke up and said “get out go home these are my girls I’ll figure it out” and he did. Never once complained, whined or asked for anything except to babysit. He hasn’t even gone for child support his logic is he hasn’t moved the mother knows where they are it’s her choice. She has yet to make that choice to send a letter, card or even a call. At this point last we knew she took to drugs and wasn’t doing well.”