Family #211, NEW PALTZ

“I just lost my job on (this December) with only a notice i have 2 kids a 14 year old girl and a 10 year old boy i jl want them to have a christmas as i continue to look for a job as my electric bill is due on the 18th of December”

Boy, Age 10

Size 6 in boots his ripped bedding set twin size 10 pants size m in boys shirts iron man stuff hoodie in need of winter gear because they are always getting sick

Girl, Age 14

A twin size bedding set jean size 16 or sweatpants size xl shirts size xl socks size 8-9 size 8 in boots has none in need of winter gear cause they are always getting sick

Family #190, KINGSTON

Girl, Age 11: Clothes size 12-14 girls, slime set, arts and crafts, games, dolls, Barbie dolls, shoe size 8 in ladies, Child has absence seizures

Family # 189, SAUGERTIES

“Please help me bring the magic of Christmas We are in a motel for Christmas I have had 4 fusions in my back, two in lower back and two in my neck my neck is also wired together making it very hard to work and take care of my boys. After being denied social security I pushed myself to go back to work to make some kind of money for rent and food. After a few months of working again I blew out my knees the surgeon said I was putting to much on my knees that I probably hurt in the car accident that hurt my back and neck. Having a very hard surgery I I was on bed rest for a long time I had to have a few surgeries I need to have one more surgery on my lower back but after having a c section 17 months ago I have to wait running after a toddler is a lot I have gotten a lawyer to help me with my social security. So I lost my place and I am living in a motel having a hard time finding a place in my price range. I have a 13 year old boy and a 1 year old boy. I look at these amazing boys and wish I could give them so much more they are very sweet and loving kids and through it all they try and stay in good spirits I look at them and feel they deserve so much more!!! not homeless in a motel I do feel blessed we have a roof over our head! I can’t barely make it through the month with food let alone Christmas gifts for these beautiful boys! Please help me make A beautiful Christmas for them again

Thank you so much”

Baby Boy, Age 18 months

He enjoys Sesame Street and he always sleeps with his XL cloud island blanket buddy his elephant one is ripped, He’s in need of a crib mattress, Bath toys, hats and gloves, Diapers pampers work the best for his skin size 5, A potty (he has a seat but he’s scared) one that sits on floor world be best, Vetch zoo jams rock n roar karaoke, Little live pets cozy dozy he liked the, “Cubby bear” but thought it was a crazy amount of money

Boy, Age 13

Size large boys hoodies or shirts, Size 12 pants, Hat and gloves, Axe body spray and deodorant, He needs pillows and blankets, A football he’s very good at football, Football arm guards socks, He like Nike shoes he can be picky but he runs on weekends so he goes through socks and sneakers, Pens and pencils for school

Xbox one gift card

Any help is help Thank you

Family #188, KINGSTON

“Single mother struggling trying to make ends meet. Please help my family if possible”

Boy, Age 13: hygiene stuff ,gift cards x box one, games
Girl, Age 17: twin comforter ,gift cards , hygiene stuff, hair products

Family #150, WALLKILL

“I am a single mom of 2 kids. We recently had to move over the summer after our house was condemned suddenly. 2 weeks after moving, I was in a horrible accident and broke my foot and tore a major ligament. I’ve been in a cast since October and now a boot until the end of December. I have no income now as a result of not being able to work. My daughters letter to Santa this Christmas was to heal her Mommy so she can be happy again and get back to work. It breaks my heart that I won’t be able to help them this Christmas. Sadly, it’s probably the last year or 2 I even have left until my daughter finds out the truth. Please if you could help us anything would appreciated!! God bless!”


Girl, Age 9

She’s a girly girl! She loves crafts, play makeup and lip glosses, hair accessories, purses, baby dolls specifically a African silicone baby doll, room decor, twin bed sets, size 12 clothes are a huge need, dressy shoes and boots are a huge need size 5, shopkins, lol surprise, unicorns, Pantene gold series hair products, her favorite colors are pink and purple… but loves every color with glitter!!!


Boy, Age 12, almost 13

Sporty active boy, loves working out and fixing things, tools and workout equipment, cologne gift sets, size 14 sweat suits a huge need, he loves Adidas pants and jackets, fishing pole, Xbox gift cards, room decor, Seattle Seahawks fan, twin bed set, gift cards, size 9 in men’s shoes a huge need, drone, favorite color is purple


“Hi, I am a single mom of two. A 12 year old autistic girl and a 11 month old baby boy. I have been working as a home health aid for 8 years but unfortunately the hours aren’t reliable as people get sick or pass away. This year hours have been very ruff. I have found new employment but its bi weekly pay and I just started and I’m so behind on bills I need to catch up on. I have no spare money at all for gifts for christmas and would really be grateful and appreciate anything anyone could do to help my kids have a christmas with a few gifts. Not picky would just be eternally grateful.”


“I am requesting help this season because I am a single mom a 2. My one child has autism. We only have one income and it is very limited. I have no money to get them anything for Christmas this year. I do receive $150 a month in child support. I also receive Food stamps but that dosen’t last us through the month. we go to food pantries every week to help make ends meet. I am on such a low and limited Income that theres times where I’m counting change to put gas in my car so I could get to work.”