MILLBROOK – Art & Science Camp (Ages 12-16) @ The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Ecology and the Art of Scientific Observation


How can we combine both artistic creativity and scientific investigation to understand the world around us? Students will explore this question and many others in this weeklong summer course taught by artist and conservation biologist Hara Woltz.


2019 Art & Science Camp Schedule:

Session 1: Bugs & the Micro World theme

July 22-26, 9 am-4 pm


Session 2: Wildlife theme

July 29- August 2

9 am -4 pm



This course will offer an alternative to the traditional summer camp and will be a transformative experience for students looking to deepen their understanding of the environment where they live. During the week, students will create visually layered experimental field journals, and engage in Intersite-specific art creation based on scientific research. Students will experiment with a number of techniques including data visualization, sketching, collaging, writing, and critical questioning that make the process of notation compelling, creative, and highly enjoyable.


Because the Art+Science class is unique from Eco-Discovery camp, middle schoolers who attend camp are also eligible to attend the Art+Science camp.



Mail-in Registration (pdf, 9 MB)





Scholarship application (english)

Scholarship application (spanish)


Please return the application form to Shelly Forster via email ( or mail (2801 Sharon Turnpike, PO Box AB, Millbrook, NY 12545).





Eco-Discovery Camp: Children entering grades 2-7 explore the hills, valleys, ponds, and streams of our 2,000-acre Dutchess County campus.

Eco-Leaders: Youth Leadership Program: Students entering grades 8 – 12 in the fall of 2019 are eligible to volunteer as Eco-Leaders for this summer’s Eco-Discovery camp and Middle School Art & Science Camp



For more information about the Cary Institute’s Summer Camps and Scholarship Opportunities contact Shelly Forster at (845) 677-7600 ext. 303 or via email at




Camp Hudson at Hudson Lab School

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON – Camp Hudson: A Woods to Wired Summer Camp @ Hudson Lab School


July 1 – August 16, 2019

9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Grades K – 5



July 1st – 12th: Superhero Academy, $1,125

We’re all born with super powers though we may not always be aware of them. At Superhero Academy, we’ll train our powers of creativity, storytelling, building and robotics and test our hypotheses and skills within the laws of physics and gravity.


July 15th – 26th: How to Train Your Dragon 2.0, $1,250

We’re unleashing our inner civilized Viking and honing our Dragon whispering skills. You never know what will happen with emergent curriculum, but we’re really hoping for trebuchets to launch (pretend) sheep into nets.


July 29th – August 9th: Deep Sea Adventures, $1,250

As a team of brave underwater explorers, we’ll comb the world’s oceans for aquatic ecosystems and creatures in desperate need of assistance.


August 12th – 16th: The Hogwarts Invitational Open, $625

This one-week session combines our two loves: Harry Potter and mini golf. Our campers will use their creativity and knowledge of math and science to create a clever and mischievous game of Muggle’s Golf.



Daily Format: Tinkering, Nature and Making


At Camp Hudson, children split their days Tinkering Outdoors, Making Indoors, and Connecting with Nature. With the freedom to fail, the time to persevere, and constraints to breed creativity and foster problem-solving, kids learn to trust themselves and their curiosity at Camp Hudson. This summer at Camp Hudson we’re focusing even more on process over end product. Except for our final week, we’re extending our sessions from one week to two weeks to give campers more time to dive deep, design, build and reiterate with their design teams.


Grouped by age, Camp Hudson campers hang with one of our fun and caring counselors and move among our 3 activity areas run by our expert specialists. Children collaborate on a group tinkering project and have the option of working individually or in groups in our garden, in the woods or in our air-conditioned maker space. In each of these areas, we give children the freedom to play or deep dive into learning.




In the spirit of Gever Tully’s Tinkering School in San Francisco, we spend each week on a large scale, collaborative group project using real tools and lots of grit. With the support of our teachers, kids discuss, ideate, design, build and test an ambitious tinkering project that captures the excitement and fun of invention.



Camp Hudson takes full advantage of Andrus on Hudson’s 26 gorgeous acres. We explore the wooded groves, play games in the open fields, and get down and dirty in the garden where we learn about food and sustainability. Our outdoor program emphasizes a connection with nature through immersive exploration.



An indoor maker space gives kids a choice among tech and tactile activities like art, computational thinking, circuitry, storytelling, reading, robotics and more.




Registration is open until camp is full. Camp Hudson is a boutique camp and only accepts up to 50 campers per session.


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NEW PALTZ – Farm STEAM Summer Camp (Ages 4-12) @ Phillies Bridge Farm Project



Session 1:  Down to Earth

Week 1:  July 1st – 5th, $280  (Four-day week as July 4th is a  holiday)
Week 2:  July 8th – 12th, $350
Both weeks: $595

During this first session of the season we will be exploring a mix of chemistry and earth science as we get our hands dirty and learn about the ground that supports and sustains our farming practices.  We will be measuring the garden beds and planting seeds, we will make an earth battery, grow our own crystals, find and identify rocks, learn about composting and soil composition, paper mache and mosaic art crafts, and much, much more!



Session 2:  Up With the Chickens

Week 3:  July 15th – 19th, $350
Week 4:  July 22nd – 26th, $350
Both weeks: $650

In this session our focus will be an exploration of the animals on the farm as well some of the wildlife at Phillies Bridge, from birds, to bugs, to amphibians!  We will explore different breeds of chickens and goats and learn about how our animals contribute to our farm. With experiments, games, and presentations from different animal experts, this session is sure to be a hit with your animal enthusiast!



Session 3:  Green Fingers

Week 5: July 29th – August 2nd, $350
Week 6: August 5th – 9th $350
Both weeks: $650

As we start growing our fall crop, this session features an in-depth look at our plants and what it takes to keep them safe from pests and alive through harsh growing conditions. We will be exploring some super cool science experiments involving hydroponic growing and seed sprouting, different breeds of plants and genetics, as well as exploring how plants can sustain us and our community. Each child will start their own seedlings to bring home and this sessions boasts loads of fun artwork from pokeberry ink to flower pressing!



Session 4: Bundles of Energy

Week 7: August 12th – 16th, $350
Week 8 August 19th – 23rd, $350
Both weeks: $650

Our last session of the season will be a culmination of all we learned throughout the summer as we explore the kinds of energy that keep a farm moving, from sunlight to wind to water and how our animals and plants take part in energy processes.  Pinwheels, circuitry, and solar cooking are a few examples of the fun projects and art we will explore during this session!



Have questions about our camp program? Please check out our FAQ page or contact us at or 845-256-9108


Learn more HERE


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GREENWOOD LAKE – FREE! Community Clean Sweep @ Village of Greenwood Lake NY

Volunteers needed! It is that time of year again, when we will work together to do a Village wide community clean up!


Saturday, May 4, 2019

10 am – 4 pm



All volunteers are asked to meet at the Greenwood Lake Teen Center located on Waterstone Road at 10 am.


Bags and gloves with be provided. Groups will be sent to designated areas throughout the Village.


If you are conducting a Lakeside cleanup of a certain area or business, please contact Village Hall at (845) 477-9215 with an address so that we can send out DPW to collect bags from those areas.


The official ribbon cutting and opening of the Teen Center will be at 10 am.


All volunteers are welcome to a BBQ being held at the teen center at 12 pm.



We appreciate your help in working together to keep our community clean!

POUGHKEEPSIE – FREE! I Love My Park Day @ Walkway Over the Hudson


Join Walkway Ambassadors and volunteers for New York State’s “I Love My Park Day” and help us clean up and beautify the east and west approaches to the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park.



Saturday, May 4, 2019


9 am – 1 pm


“I Love My Park” Day is an exciting statewide event to celebrate and enhance New York’s state parks and historic sites and bring visibility to the entire New York State Parks system. Volunteers from across the state participate in cleanup, improvement, and beautification events at New York State parks and historic sites. Volunteers celebrate New York’s state park system by cleaning up park lands and beaches, planting trees and gardens, restoring trails and wildlife habitat, removing invasive species, and working on various site-improvement projects.