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Seed Song Farm Summer Camp 2020 in Ulster County, NY

Week-long programs: June 29 – August 24, 2020

9 am – 3 pm

Before & After care available from 8 am-5 pm or longer by arrangement, $15/hr (24 hour advance notice)

$350 per week, $315 each additional child

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Wednesday, June 24 to Friday, June 26- Three-Day Mini -Camp Sampler

A fun and engaging sneak peak at some of the camp activities, new and old, that we’ll undertake throughout the summer.

Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 3 – FIRE wind water WORKS

Explore each of the four elements – earth, fire, wind, and water – and their special powers. Build a model boat, make a windmill, cook and dry with the sun, build an earth stove. Taste vegetables grown with earth, water and sun, feed your body and imagination with their powers. Build a fire in our brick oven to make your own pizza at our 4th of July Fire wind water Works celebration.

Monday, July 6 to Friday, July 10 – Return to the Trees

Explore the primal primate inside you during this week of monkeying in, around, with, and for trees.

Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 17 – Young Seed Song Farmers Week

A whole week of plants, pollinating insects, preparing farm snacks, and exploring the work and play of a Seed Song Sustainable Farmer. Learn permacultural techniques, help staff a farmstand and prepare for CSA distribution, sing songs of food and farming, play in the dirt, and participate in the all aspects of bringing food from seed and soil to table and market.

Monday,  July 20 to Friday, July 24 – The Land Grows Music

Make home-grown music, songs, and musical instruments. Ends with a performance, then the Hudson Valley Brassroots Festival July 27-28.

Monday, July 27 to Friday, July 31 – SuperPlants of the Farm & Forest

Learn about and taste how the wild and cultivated plants at Seed Song Farm can give you super powers including strong muscles, day and night vision, and fast healing. Walk in the woods to find secret wild plants. Use seeds, leaves, and petals to create works of art. Seed, plant, care for, harvest, and eat the vegetables, herbs, flowers, and berries that give us special powers.

August 3 through August 7 – Sheep, Chickens & Wild Animals

Care for the animals of the farm and forest and learn about them. Choose a mammal, reptile, amphibian, insect, bird, fish, or microorganism animal spirit guide, and explore how its gifts may change you. Make an animal mask, listen to animal stories from the many past and present cultural traditions of Kingston. Create a song, dance, costume, or sculpture. At Friday’s Council of All Beings, share with the group your animal spirit and the work that it inspired.

August 10 through August 14- Bugs, Pollinators, and Flowers

Explore insects and other pollinators, and their special relationship with the flowers and other plants both wild and cultivated.

August 17 through August 21- Esopus Village Back in Time

Travel back in time and explore the lifeways and wisdom of the Lenape people of the 1500’s that lived on and farmed this land along Esopus Creek. Work in the wicwam, play traditional games, meet around the fire pit, and cultivate the field of corn, beans, squash, and other heritage crops with members of Neetopk Keetopk (educational Native American and allies group). Explore the woods and creek, find signs of wildlife. Make tools and art from natural materials, sing songs, and tell stories

August 24 through August 28: Young Voices of the Earth

Explore all that is special about our unique piece of the planet- the plants, animals, and elements. The creek, woods, and fields. Choose your favorite to represent in a musical and theatrical performance. Culminates in the “Voices of the Earth” Festival.

Questions?  ​Please contact us at or leave a message at 845-383-1528 and we’ll call you back.

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