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Haunted Historic Huguenot Street

Haunted Historic Huguenot Street

– A review by Jenalee Amundsen

After driving through, the scenic Village of New Paltz, passing by pubs and eclectic shops, you arrive on Huguenot Street. It’s like going back in time as soon as you arrive -so historical, yet so haunted.

Haunted Huguenot Street could be best described as a fascinating, interactive theatre experience. There is always something to see, here or do. They ask you to check-in at the museum shop 15 min before your tour time. When you arrive early, you can walk around the museum shop (where we ourselves had a paranormal experience that was unplanned not and was not part of the tour!) or sit by the “ceremonial fire” and hear ghost stories before your tour begins.

On this year’s tour, we learned about different people’s pasts and how they died. We went through three different houses as well as a graveyard on a “ghost”-lead tour. At each house we learned about someone new and we were left to follow clues and hints to learn about our tour guide. At the end, there was a riddle which if you solved it correctly you won a prize from the shop.

Overall, it was a great experience for all. If you are someone who likes to stay more behind the scenes then be apart of the scene, it is still just as enjoyable. Would absolutely recommend this experience! And if you do plan on going too, buy your tickets early as possible. I would recommend this tour for families who have older children of ages 13 and up. While not too graphic with details. this tour did have a few jump scares. It’s $25 per person. They have many sold out tours so don’t delay!

Remaining Dates: October 24th, 25th & 26th

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