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Maple Weekends at Seed Song Farm | Kingston

Maple Weekends at Seed Song Farm

Remaining Dates:

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Sunday, March 24, 2024

11 am – 3 pm

Adults Regular- $10 Pay-it-forward-$15 Low income $7

Children 12 and under Regular-$6 Pay-It-Forward- $10 Low Income- $4

Families (6 people or less) Regular- $30 Pay-It-Forward- $45 Low Income- $20

Rekindle your relationship to the land this winter- join us for a Maple Sugaring weekend event and tour– a fun, delicious educational and cultural experience for all ages. Tree-tapping activity- learn the science of maple sugaring collect sap from the maple trees. Gather ’round the sap boiler in the Sugar Shack and learn more about this sweet process, and help us bottle it! Pancakes with fresh maple syrup will be served along side farm fresh goodies (note: food is not included in admission) Feed our farm animal, Tree Art and Gratitude activities with indigenous stories, Live music, Food additional cost

Seed Song Farm and Center is proud to present another year of entertaining and educational Maple Sugaring Events! These events feature a tour of the sugaring process where families can participate in the following activities learn about the history of the connection between humans and the Maple Trees:

-Maple Art: Kids and adults can unleash their creativity in the greenhouse by decorating wooden medallions with expressions of gratitude for trees

-Listen to an indigenous tale of maple sugaring, and hang the art medallions on a maple tree.

-Tap a Maple Tree: Learn the fascinating process of tapping maple trees and extracting sap.

-Sap Boiling and Bottling: participate in the transformation of sap into delicious syrup through the boiling process

Additional Highlights:

– Cultural History: Explore the rich cultural history surrounding maple syrup production.

– Pancake and Farm Fresh Meal: Indulge in pancakes with syrup or an entire mouthwatering meal featuring pancakes and farm-fresh ingredients (available for a separate fee).

– Live Music: Enjoy the vibrant tunes that complement the festive atmosphere.

Important Notes:

– Dress Warm: As this event takes place outdoors, we recommend dressing warmly to fully enjoy the experience.

– Meal for Separate Fee: While admission covers access to the activities, pancakes, maple beverages and farm-fresh meal are an additional cost



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