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Faerie House Making Workshop with Circle Creative Collective

Faerie House Making Workshop

Saturday, June 8, 2024 |12:30 – 3:30 pm

Sun: $25 | Moon: $35 | Star: $45 *


Calling all nature enthusiasts and little architects! Guided by mother and daughter Melissa and Mirabai from Circle, join us for a whimsical workshop where we’ll create enchanting homes for the faeries and little folk of the forest.

What to Expect:

Crafting with Love: Back at our workshop haven, we’ll use these treasures to construct miniature masterpieces! We’ll provide guidance on crafting techniques and have additional natural building materials available.

A Touch of Magic: We’ll weave in elements that welcome the nature spirits, like tiny doorways, little windows, and pathways.

Faerie Stories: While you create, be transported to the faerie realm! We’ll have a special storyteller weaving tales of wee sprites, kindhearted pixies, and the wonders of the hidden world.

This workshop is perfect for:

Families with children aged 5 & above

Nature and faerie lovers

Anyone who wants to tap into their creative spirit

What to Bring:

Gather Your Treasures: We invite you to bring in natural materials from your own yards or local explorations. Keep your eyes peeled for special twigs, colorful stones, acorns, bark, little pinecones, moss, and any other bits that spark your imagination. Rounded shaped bark and bigger pieces of birch-like bark are very helpful. Remember, as you gather, to always collect with reverence and ask permission first and only take a bit from any one area. It’s always nice to leave something natural in return, we like to leave a kiss or a sweet song. We’ll also have a variety of natural building materials on hand.

Feel free to dress as a faerie! Wear your wings, flower crowns, or anything else that sparks your imagination. But remember we might get a bit dirty.

A sense of wonder and a playful heart!

We’ll Provide:

Additional natural crafting materials

Guidance and inspiration

Hot glue guns (each child should be accompanied by an adult helper)

A magical space to gather

Let’s create a haven for the hidden world and celebrate the magic of nature together!

* No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Higher contributions allow us to continue to offer accessible programing for all! If the suggested donation is prohibitive, please send us an email at

Please Note: One child can come along with a paid adult for free. Each child will need to be accompanied by an adult.



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