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Crafty Hammer, The | 4 S. Chestnut Street, Beacon
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Looking for a fun outing for you and your family? Join us for the most popular DIY workshops and create your very own wood home decor piece. We provide all of the materials and step by step instructions to create beautiful, one of a kind decor pieces for your home, or to gift or pass on to others as an heirloom. Our team of ‘Creatologists’ are excited to lead you on your DIY creative journey starting with raw lumber. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs and then add your chosen colors of stain and paint during your workshop.

Registration is as easy as 1-2-3! Each person in attendance is will register and create their own project. Sharing is NOT allowed at this workshop.

Step 1: Go to and select one of our designs from our Design Menu and make a note of the item number and any TEXT or DATE that may be PERSONALIZED. We suggest writing the item number down on a piece of paper, as you will be required to type in the item number during registration. DESIGN MENU

Step 2: Add the number of people you are registering and answer the short list of questions regarding your design choice and personalization (if applicable). If there is no personalization, enter n/a. (This is where you will also choose the size of your project). Don’t worry, we will make sure your design will fit (though only round designs can be used for round projects).

Step 3: If you are ready to check out, click ADD TO CART and next, PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Step 4: Other questions will come up for each person attending after you click Proceed To Checkout. Please make sure to complete all *required information.

You are welcome to bring in a quick & easy light snack and beverage, (please no alcohol), as we will be creating and crafting for most of the time allotted for each workshop.

Be sure to read our Policies page. You should be aware of them before registering for a workshop.

Terms and Conditions

Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your workshop time. This will give you time to find your seat, meet your table-mates, make any last-minute seating accommodations and start choosing your stain and paint colors.
Our workshops follow a tight, instructor-led schedule for your enjoyment and the safety of those around you. We start promptly at the time stated at registration.

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