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After School Enrichment Program at Phillies Bridge Farm Project in New Paltz

After School Spring Session 2023


Mondays (8 Classes)

4 – 6 pm

Full Session: March 13-May 8 – $350
First Half: March 13-April 10 – $175
Second Half: April 17-May 8 – $175

Tuesdays (8 Classes)

Full Session: March 14-May 9 – $350
First Half: March 14-April 11 – $175
Second Half: April 18-May 9 – $175

Wednesdays (8 Classes)

Full Session: March 15-May 10 – $350
First Half: March 15-April 12 – $175
Second Half: April 19-May 10 – $175

Thursdays (8 Classes)

Full Session: March 16-May 11 – $350
First Half: March 16-April 13 – $175
Second Half: April 20-May 11 -$175

As warm weather sets in and spring approaches, we here at Phillies Bridge are looking forward to life, growth, and vivacity returning to the farm. While this will certainly take the form of seeds sprouting, crops growing, and flowers blooming in our greenhouse and on our grounds, it will also take the form of children returning for educational programs! The wonder and excitement that children experience while learning on the farm is incredible to witness and makes our work here feel all the more important and meaningful.

This spring, we will be running eight weeks of our after school enrichment program to kick off the season. Over the course of these eight weeks, students will work in the greenhouse and education garden to lay the foundation for a bountiful harvest, meet and care for our resident chickens and baby goats who will join the farm in April, and participate in themed activities rooted in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Match) curricula. Dates for the spring after school program are as follows. You may register your child for a full or half-session.

Busing is available from New Paltz schools to the farm. To obtain busing, please select the busing option on your registration form and choose your child’s school. If you would like to apply for sliding scale pricing, please click here to fill out our sliding scale application. Payment plans are available for full and discounted tuition alike.


Please reach out to us with any questions at


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