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Here is the most current list of our Hudson Valley Kids Christmas Wishes!

If you see a family that you would like to help, please email HV Kids at or or contact us through Facebook Messenger. You may also call or text Kristen: 845-275-4240 or text Danielle: 914-330-9243.

We will update this list at least once daily and indicate which wishes have already been met.

Thank-you so very much for taking the time to look at our list and for considering to children in New York’s Hudson Valley!

Family #1: MIDDLETOWN – **WISH MET**



Family #4:  MAHOPAC  – **WISH MET**

Family # 5:  KINGSTON – WISH MET !!

Family #6:  BEACON    – **WISH MET** 



Family #9: PORT JERVIS * *   WISH MET **

Family #10: PORT JERVIS – **WISH MET**


Family #12: POUGHKEEPSIE  – **WISH MET**

Family #13: WARWICK  – **WISH MET**


Family #15: KINGSTON  **WISH MET**

Family # 16: NEW WINDSOR – -WISH MET !!



Family #18: NEW WINDSOR – WISH MET! 

Family #19: WALDEN –  **WISH MET**


Family #21: SAUGERTIES – **WISH MET**

Family #22: BEACON – **WISH MET** 

Family #23: BEACON-  **WISH MET*

Family #24: WARWICK – -WISH MET !!

Family #25: MAHOPAC – **WISH MET**

Family #26: PATTERSON – **WISH MET**

Family #27: MIDDLETOWN – **WISH MET**


Family #29: NEWBURGH – **WISH MET**

Family #30: ELLENVILLE  – **WISH MET**

Family #31: CARMEL – **WISH MET**

Family #32: KINGSTON – **WISH MET**

Family #33: MILLBROOK- WISH MET !!



Family #36: WESTTOWN  *WISH MET*

Family #37: WALLKILL  **WISH MET**

Family #38: WALLKILL – **WISH MET**



Family #41: MIDDLETOWN – **WISH MET**





In need of help for Christmas gifts for my children and grandchildren. You see my husband and I are both working however every cent we had saved had to go on putting a roof on our home due to all the rain and it would not make it through another winter. We have gotten behind on all bills this year because my husband was diagnosed with COPD and lost a few weeks out of work because he was hospitalized. He was told he should not even be working because it has become exacerbated due to his job 

Girl, Age 3, Needs: size 4t clothes, Likes: paw patrol, mermaids, peppa pig, frozen; She is my granddaughter. My son is raising her alone so they must live with us.

Girl, Age 13, Needs; twin size bedding, blanket or comforter, hygiene product, sneakers size 10 womens, jeans size 20w, a coat and gloves. Wants: gift cards for mall or walmart; My daughter has epilepsy and was classified as learning disabled. She has had a lot of medical problems that has caused her to be slow and somewhat on the immature side for someone her age.

Girl, Age 17, She only wants gift cards. She is not really needing anything at this point. She is enrolled in cosmetology in Boces and is a senior in high school. She is a loner and has very few friends.

Girl, Age 18, Wants gift cards to help her take care of her daughter; Single mom to my granddaughter who is 9 months. She is a very independent person who does not like to ask for help.


Family #47: KINGSTON – WISH MET !!

Family #48 – MIDDLETOWN

Hello I’m a single mom of three, one with some disabilities, which can be very challenging. Things started getting bad for me about a year ago and I have been just barely getting by and now things are still doing not too good and I really haven’t been able to do to much for my kids I’m hoping things will get better soon,my kids are my world.

Girl, Age 9, Needs socks size large in girls t shirts size 10/12, leggings size 10/12, snow boots size 3, needs ponytails and clips, likes and wants hatchimals (the little ones), crayons (asking for the big case of over a 100), loves to color and likes ty stuffed animals with the big eyes, likes the make you own kids bath bombs kits,  lip gloss, num nums (they’re little lip glosses)

Boy, Age 3, Needs pants 4/t (no jeans), long sleeves 4t, mittens, likes trucks, trains, bulldozers, cars, coloring books, Paw Patrol, Mickey, Dinotrux dinosaurs, wants a pair of work boots size 10 or 10.5

Girl, Age 9, Needs socks girls size large, leggings size 10, t shirts Size 10/12, loves shopkins, shirts needs ponytails and clips, Wants and likes shopkins, coloring – asked for the big pack of crayons over 100, also likes the make your own lip gloss or bath bombs kits

Family #49: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!

Family #50: KINGSTON – **WISH MET**

Family #51: NEWBURGH

I’m out of work this year due to a medical issue. I won’t be returning to work until the new year. I had to give up my apartment due to a code violation and recently moved from a shelter into an apartment. Thank-you.

Boy, Age 3, Pants 4t, Shirt 4T, toys

Boy, Age 11, Winter boots size 11, Legos, Art supplies, Ps4 games, Board games, Levi Jeans size 29, Joggers large, Shirts large, Socks, Under shirt, Underwear, Twin size bedding, Bike, Books

Boy, Age 11, Boots size 6 1/2, Socks, T-shirt, Underwear, Jeans kids size 18, Shirt size large, Twin bedding, Legos, Ps4 games, Books, Bike, Movies


My husband had a triple bypass a year ago and has several medical problems and can no longer work. I have lost my job because the store is closing. Our income has went from about 3500.00 a month to 1550.00 a month and our rent is 1250.00. So my children will not have a Christmas this year and it breaks my heart. I normally would have my mother help me out when times get tough but may God rest her soul she passed away a year ago and it has been terribly hard on me also. So if you could find it in your heart to help my family out that will be a gift from God. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God Bless

Girl, Age 2, clothes and pajamas size 3T, socks, sneakers size 7. She loves princess Poppy from the trolls and baby dolls. I would love to get her a play kitchen set up. I would even love to get her a tablet so she can watch all her nursery rhymes and baby shows

Baby Girl, Age 4 months, Clothes 6-9 months sleepers onesies. She could use a walker. She could also use anything age appropriate for learning.

Boy, Age 7, He could use pants size 10, shirts size lg, sweats and pajamas. He is into wrestling and remote control trucks

Boy, Age 10, He needs long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, hoodies and pajamas. He loves the NY giants.

Boy, Age 15, Needs jacket and sweats and hoodie he is a size lg. He could also use a new bed set queen size. The only other thing he is into is his PS4. He likes and has been asking me for the game madden 2019 and the new Call of Duty. He has also been asking me for a new controller for the ps4. He would also love a new Bike; He is a very well behaved 15 yr old. He likes the sweats to have the elastic at the bottom. He like to shop at against all odds in the mall.

Girl, Age 18, She needs clothes size 5 jeans and medium in shirts and sweats and hoodies. She could also a new bed set queen size and pillows. The only thing she has been asking for is ugg boots size 8. She likes makeup, Bath and Body works and victoria secrets.




I am currently in a homeless shelter called the Chi program. I receive 310 dollars monthly for my daughter for survivor benefits. I don’t have any family to help . I am currently not working but getting ready to do a work program to look for work .. thank you kindly

Girl, Age 7, She loves lip gloss, baby doll accessories, baby dolls, clothes size 14/16 And shoe size 5 in childrens

Boy, Age 10, His birthday is within days of Christmas, he wants clothing and a ps4, his clothing is size 14/16 And size 7 1/2 boots (He doesn’t like button down shirts)

Girl, Age 12, Clothing size 14 junior and medium to large shirts, boots 7 1/2 And a Hover board is all she wants

Family #56: WALDEN – – WISH MET !!

Family 57: PINE BUSH – **WISH MET**

Family #58: FISHKILL – **WISH MET**



Family #61 – Removed – Duplicate Entry

Family #62: WALDEN  -**WISH MET**

Family #63: NEWBURGH – **WISH MET**

Family #64: NEWBURGH – WISH MET !!

Family #65: MIDDLETOWN

My partner lost his job due to being diagnosed with a disease that makes it hard to do anything for himself. Due to this and him not having insurance I had to take off to help care for him and I fell behind on bills no I’m back to working but only 30 hrs a week . We fell behind on rent (paid something every month just not full rent) so my landlord took me to court for the back rent and until my husband gets his approval from ssi everything is on me so every dime I make has to go to saving this apt. I’m even walking to work right now because I can’t afford a cab. I would love if it was possible for my children to still have something to open Christmas morning

Boy, Age 14, Needs undergarments size large, loves smelling nice, bedding set sweat suits large , sneakers 8, winter coat Large – Wants video games, Gift cards, bike

Boy, Age 13, Needs sock , undergarment, coat large, bedding, sneakers size 5 winter clothing medium tops 7/8 pants

Wants Gift card, board games



I need help for Christmas because all of the money I make goes towards bills. I am unable to purchase anything this year for my children. I do receive SSI for one of my children. Only one of my children receives child support and that is $25 per week. Money is even more tight because I had to help pay for a family member’s funeral.

Girl, Age 3, Her needs are sneakers or boots size 13c, she wears size 7 in clothes. Her likes are Minnie mouse, sunny day, and dolls. She also likes YouTube cartoons; She has autism

Boy, Age 5, He needs pants size 8 or 10 and shoes size 1.5y his likes is race cars and Thomas the train. He loves basketball and football

Boy, Age 15, His needs are sweet suits for tall. He werars a 36 by 34 in pants, and large in shirts. He mainly wants clothes, basketball tickets or gift cards to buy games for his ps4; He is a very good child who goes to school and stays inside. He’s not in the streets like some of his peers

Family #68: ELLENVILLE

Hi. I am a mother of 7, with 4 younger children in the home. My husband works but makes very little money and he has a multitude of health problems, as so do I. I receive SSI for my youngest son, who is 12. He has Pulmonary Stenosis (Congenital Heart Disease) and a blood disorder called Protein C Deficiency. We are barely making ends meet and have applied for food stamps and HEAP because we can’t afford even the basic necessities. It was the birth of my baby that brought on the onset of high blood pressure, preeclampsia, which  I still have almost a year later. I’m very asthmatic and am having problems with my blood sugars as well as several other health problems preventing me from going back to work. Any Christmas help would be a blessing because we do not know how we are going to provide a Christmas at all – on top of that the 16 yo is turning 16 Christmas Eve and my baby turning a year the day after Christmas! My MISN worker gave this info,and I really hope we can be picked for help.

Baby Girl, Age 1, Needs warm clothes/footed jammies/long sleeves onesies/socks sz 18/24 mos., any age appropriate toys/bath toys

Boy, Age 12, Likes Five Nights At freddy’s, Minecraft, playing video games, gift card to Walmart or GameStop, needs slippers men sz 9, underwear men’s sz M, warm gloves (men’s sz), scarf, warm blanket

Girl, Age 15, Bath & Body Works, Ulta, makeup, gift card to any clothing store, a warm coat in women’s/juniors sz small.

Girl, Age 18, Likes Bath & Body Works, Ulta makeup, any gift card to a clothing store,warm blanket

Family #69: NEWBURGH – -WISH MET !!


I was recently laid off from work. I have been working side jobs as much as possible however the pay is barely getting my rent paid. With food, rent, diapers, gas and that’s just the start of our bills/ needs I am in such a tight spot that not only is thanksgiving going to be tough but the thought of Christmas (which usually makes me extremely joyful) is now weighing hard on me. My kids are amazing and they would be happy with nothing I’m sure, they do deserve a good Christmas! I am determined to make that happen for them as best I can, but help around the holidays would be a blessing for my family this year. My wife does not work at this time. She has been trying to find work but is very hard with the children.

Baby Girl, Age 1, My little one is just following in the footsteps of her brothers, however. She does love hugs and soft things. So a baby doll maybe . She loves lights and glow in the dark things. She loves music!! And bath toys, I think anything kid friendly for her age. She also loves watching her noggin app. But my tablet recently broke. She is girly yet tough! I think she will be happy with anything. We are still learning her as she is learning and finding herself as well. Such a happy baby and so sweet

Boy, Age 4, He wears size 4t and size 10c shoes/boots. He does need winter boots badly. Hats, gloves and any clothing you can. My sweet boy loves anything pj mask, paw patrol, blippi . He loves remote control cars, he loves the aquadoodle mat (really neat) he had one and used it so much it got worn out. He likes teepees to have story time in. He loves anything glow in the dark and he wants a furreal toy so bad! My little one can be quite the charmer. When in a store religiously he ALWAYS gets a smile from so many people. By just a hello! People always say what a sweet, well manners boy we have. He can turn your bad day into a good one with a smile!

Boy, Age 10, Size 12/14 boys he’s husky! Size 5 youth shoes/boots

He is in need of winter clothing/ boots. Sheets would be helpful for a twin bed. He is in the phase (which I dread) but loves fortnite with a passion. His homework and school come first but when it’s finished I allow him to play. And he can’t get enough of it. So anything fortnite! He also wants to start crafting and that makes me happy his request are a glue gun, and desk. Also Nerf guns, drone, remote control cars and gift cards to game stop or v bucks. This is me writing from his Christmas list to me (Santa) He loves sweatpants, he hates jeans! Anything loose and comfy around his waist. As mentioned he is husky. He loves Jordan brand. And also Nike. He is a very down to earth kid. Sweet as could be. He is always helping the homeless with anything he may have. Even if it’s a smile. Such a huge heart.he could also use a winter coat. I got him a new one size 12/14 and it’s snug! Barely fits.



Family #73: NEWBURGH

During this holiday I’m currently not working due to being on maternity leave and most recent situation being a single parent of 6 boys. I have joint custody of 4 of my boys whose father is working part-time and going to school full-time. His income is very low and so he receives help from DSS. My other two children are from my ex-partner who abandoned his responsibilities due to addiction. Because their father is below poverty-level, and because he had just gotten out of rehab, I wasn’t granted any child support for our first born son (my baby boy was just born and so nothing has been appointed for him yet). Their father has since relapsed. I receive a small portion from DSS to help with rent and I receive food stamps to help with food. Since DSS considers the small amount of money received from disability as income, there isn’t a whole lot granted for us at this time.

Baby Boy, one month old, needs diapers size 1 or 2(pampers) , wipes pampers brand. Clothing size 3 to 6. One pieces are good. A highchair . Stroller toys and a lullabye nightlight.

Boy, Age 2, needs shirts size 2t, shoes size 5 toddler. Crib sheets, large toddler size blanket. Jacket size 2t. Diapers size 4 or 5 (huggies movers). Sippy cups with rubber tip.

Wants: elmo. He loves anything elmo or from sesame street. Melissa and doug puzzled or cognitive play toys. Leapfrog or PBS tablet.

Boy, Age 5, Needs: shoes size 13, pants size 6/7, shirts small size 6, hat, glove, jacket size 6, socks size small, underwear size 6. Blanket Mario or sonic

Wants: playdoh set, mario toys, sonic toys, slime, bike, gift card to round 1 or bounce. Bed tent, tablet.

Boy, Age 8, Needs: shoes size 1.5 boys, pants size 9/10, shirts size med, undershirts med,pillows.

Wants: Nintendo 3dsxl and Mario brother games for it, sonic, minecraft. Tablet, Nintendo switch and Mario brother game for it

Boy, Age 10, Needs: pants size 14 husky or regular fit, shirts size large, shoes size 5, undershirts size large, pillows, underwear size large or 14 boys. Wants: gift card to Game Stop, Round 1, movies (newburgh area), bounce. Xbox 360 remote, minecraft toys, roblox toys, lego sets. Xbox 360 gift card. 

Boy, Age 12, Needs: socks, blanket, sheets, shoes size 9 men, pants size 18 nothing skinny formed, shirts size 18, undershirts size xl, deodorant. Wants: tablet or smartphone/ ipod,Nintendo switch, xbox 360 games( fornite, minecraft, sonic unleashed, batman). Gift card to game stop, gift card to bounce, round 1, or Dave n busters. Pants in husky or regular, nothing too skinny. Sneakers nothing to narrow, has a flat foot.


Family #75: MIDDLETOWN – – WISH MET !!

Family #76: SAUGERTIES – – WISH MET !!

Family #77 – Removed – Duplicate Entry 

Family #78: – – WISH MET !!


Family #80: KINGSTON

My husband and I are in desperate need of help with Christmas for our 4 kids. My two step-children just lost their biological mother. My husband has full custody of the children and we used our money to pay for their mother’s funeral services. I am currently out on maternity leave and my husband is working part-time. We are struggling to have Christmas for our boys on one low income salary.

Boy, Age 2 months, New born to 0 to 3 months warm clothes diapers wipes

Boy, Age 8, 8-10pants, 10-12shirts, medium/large sweater, size 5 shoe, xbox card, xbox rechargeable battery 6, xbox steering wheel, twin bedding, pillows, xbox controller wireless, fortnite poster.

Boy, Age 14, Size 14 pants, joggers, large shirts, large sweater, size 91/2 shoe, xbox rechargeable battery pack, xbox game card, twin bedding and pillows

Boy, Age 15, Size 16 pants,large shirts,heavy large sweater, size 11 1/2 shoe, par rechargeable battery pack, headphones with mic, sweat pants, marvel spiderman ps4 game, twin bedding and pillows


Hi, I am a single mom working 6 days a week to provide for my kids. Their father is not involved in their lives monetarily or physically. It has been over a year since he has seen them and moved to Texas. All my money goes towards rent, electric, water, cable and childcare so that I can work. They go to latchkey at 7:30 am, then school from 9-3, then back to latchkey until 6 pm when i pick them up. After an 11 hr day at school they still never complain as they know it is what I have to do to be able to provide for them. Birthdays and Christmas come and go but this year they are ten and I would love to show them a great one being that they didnt have a birthday party this year. Thank you for offering help as some of us can only afford our monthly bills, no matter how much we work.

Girl, Age 10, Socks, underwear, sneakers,boots size 6. Jo-Jo Siwa anything, baby alive dolls, clothes for dolls, arts & crafts, slime making kit, bath bombs,gift card to the castle, movies, games for nintendo switch.

Clothes size 14-16

Girl, Age 10, Socks, underwear, sneakers, boots size 6.

Baby alive dolls, clothes for dolls, anything Jo-Jo Siwa, arts & crafts, slime making kit, bath bombs, gifts card to the castle, movies. Games for Nintendo DS

Family #82: WURTSBORO – – WISH MET !!

Family #83: MIDDLETOWN

I have been out of work several years. Dr. Put me out due to back issues now have been DX with cirrhosis of the liver. No money at all to buy Christmas present for son

Boy, Age 16, Long sleeve t shirts size 2x, sweat pants size extra large. Wants are games for play station 4. Loves to get gift card to game stop makes him feel special to pick his game out. (He) has epilepsy and right hemiparesis. Emotional level is about 6-8 years old. Ryan loves younger children. Sweetest child ever. Can not have anything near his neck due to a sensory issue

Family #84: BEACON – – WISH MET !!


I lost my job at the end of August and I have only been working part time odd jobs since that time. It has been hard for me to find full time employment due to my health issues. I have diabetic neuropathy, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, and there are days that I cannot even get out of bed or walk. I do not receive child support. I have no family here in NY other than my brother who is on disability and has his own health issues. Any help with Christmas gifts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless

Girl, Age 10, Skinny jeans size 12. Long sleeves shirts size 10/12. Snow boots size 3. Socks.

Twin size bedding set. (Unicorn themed); She loves unicorns. Her favorite color is pink.

Boy, Age 17, Skinny Jeans size 34/32. Sneakers, snow boots size 12. Men’s long sleeved shirts size large.

Black socks. Hat, scarf, and gloves in black or gray. Underwear size Men’s large. Xbox and/or iTunes gift cards.He doesn’t like v-neck shirts.

Family #86: MIDDLETOWN

My job cut my hours to 17 a week and I get just food stamps, struggling with my bills. I don’t get child support. I have been trying to get more hours for a while but not having much luck. I get food stamps and Medicaid that’s it. I was working 40 hours a week but my client got sick and never returned and the cases I was given after is for the 17 hours I get now.

Girl, Age 2, She will be 2 in December. Size 24 mos in clothes, 7c in shoes, size 4 in Pampers, loves Mickey Mouse, dolls, cars, learning games. Needs a winter jumpsuit

Boy, Age 9, size 3 in sneakers asked for so kids will stop making fun of him in school. Size 10 medium in shirts, size 10 medium in sweatpants. Thermals games for ps4, spiderman is his favorite character likes gift cards

Boy, Age 11, Son 11, size 14 husky pants, large sweats, extra large in shirts, size 4 in sneakers, love baseball hats. Games for x box 1s, halo and minecraft. Thermals. Likes gift cards

Girl, Age 12, She needs sweat pants size large with the elastic on the bottom. Size large in shirts, needs thermals. She loves barbies she is a size 4 in sneakers. Socks she like the long ones. Hair scrunchies. Slippers, gift cards, ceramic straightening brush she keeps asking for.

Family #87: WARWICK – – WISH MET !!

Family #88: WARWICK – – WISH MET !!

Family #89: MIDDLETOWN

I’m in need of help this Christmas please. I currently work, but my hours got cut in the company I work for. I have 3 children and my rent takes all my money. It’s hard to try to provide for my children.  I do not receive any child support. My children father is incarcerated and I received help for food from my sister last month. I do not receive any public assistance. I will not be able to give them a Christmas this year. Thank you for the help.

Girl, Age 2, She loves dolls and play kitchen toys and likes to watch Elmo

Boy, Age 9, He loves movies and Star Wars and like to do science experiments. He is a very easy going kid.

Boy, Age 16, Needs clothing badly. He wears a size men’s medium and a winter coat and sneakers size 9. He has autism on the high spectrum. He has ADHD and I struggle with him .

Family #90: BEACON

I am a mom with 4 son`s, and we was forced out of our home on November 3rd, when the fire dept came and had to shut off the electricity to the house, Due to the rain coming through the roof , As the landlord was having work done on the home, and the contractor, Did not cover the roof to keep the rain from coming into the apartments, We stayed in a hotel for over 2 wks, Until recently finding another place to live, I am on disability with 2 of my son`s, and we just make enough to cover the monthly bills, We didn’t realize how hard things was until all this happened to us, and changed our life`s, My 2 son`s lost there beds and clothing from the water damage,

Boy, Age 16, warm winter clothing, pants joggers size 2xl, long sleeve shirts 2 xl, pajamas pants 3 xl, socks, gloves, hat, winter coat, hikers 13 1/2 mens, wants movie gift cards, game stop gift card, headphones; (He) is a special ed student, likes going to school and being with his friends, always has a smile on his face.

Boy, Age 19, jeans waist 48 l 30, shirts 3xL, socks , sleep pants 3 xL warm blankets, headphones, movie gift card, sneakers size 14 mens

Family #91: MAHOPAC – – WISH MET !!!

Family #92: POUGHQUAG – – WISH MET!!


Family #94: RED HOOK – WISH MET !!

Family #95: MIDDLETOWN

I work and so does my boyfriend but money has been tight with sometimes just making rent. We have been trying to save here and there to get gifts for our daughter that is 6 and out special needs daughter that is 16. We haven’t been able to save up much at all this year. And my hours are starting to get cut at work so it is only going to get worse.

Girl, Age 6, Wants a Switch gaming system, LOL toys or cabbage patch doll. Needs sneakers size 11, loves dresses size small. LOVES unicorns or Girft Card also works too.

Boy, Age 16, Needs sneakers size 8 1/2 wide, shirts 2XL and will only wear sweat pants XL. Would love a Switch game system also or Xbox360, would also like PlayStation 4 games (gift card to Game Stop)

Family #96: HIGHLAND – **WISH MET**

Family #97: PINE BUSH – **REMOVED**

Family #98: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!

Family #99: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!

Family #100: MODENA – – WISH MET!!

Family #101: NEWBURGH – – WISH MET !!

Family #102: MILTON – – WISH MET !!

Family #103: NEWBURGH

I’m a mother of 3 and  I was recently on maternity leave. My boss did not want to wait more than 12 weeks for me to return but I needed an extra 8 days. I had complications throughout my pregnancy and afterwards. I do not have any income now. I have been borrowing money from relatives to help pay my rent. My credit is going down due to not being able to afford my payments. I am currently looking for employment.

Boy, Age 11, In need of socks and underwears size 16. Shirts & sweaters size small in men. Jeans size 18 in boys. Wants a ps4 controller or gift card. He likes to draw can use some drawing paper. This year is his first year in middle school and he made the Honor Roll.

Boy, Age 7, In need of socks and underwear size 12/14. Also pants size 12. He dislikes regular jeans and only likes the pull up pants/jeans or loves sweatpants. Shirts like 12/14. Sweaters preferably zip-ups size 12. Wants five night at freddy’s plushies. But he loves anytype of plushies. He is a Loving shy boy. Was bullied last year in school and this year we are having a rough time with him in school he’s upset to go to school believes he will get bullied again.

Boy, Age 6 months, in need of diapers size 4, wipes, formula enfamil infant concentrated can.

Any type of clothes size 12 months and socks. Winter snowsuit/bunting size 12 months.

Family #104: KINGSTON

We are a family of 3 who are disabled and on a fixed income. We have no other family to help us. My husband almost lost his life do to complications from mycoplasma pneumonia last winter and continues to have breathing problems. Our son recently got discharged from the hospital and is continuing treatment. This has put a huge strain on our family financially and emotionally.

Boy, Age 13, He loves to read especially manga’s! He would love a gift card for Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Some of his other wants and needs are a wireless headphone with mic for PS4, winter clothes, pajamas and coat. Winter sneakers size 11EW. (Our son has high functioning autism and has some sensory issues. He likes soft textures. He doesn’t wear jeans, he would like some sport sweat athletic outfits, mostly 100% cotton.) He’s in between sizes M-L. He would like a heavy winter style bomber coat size L in mens.

Our family is also in need of a holiday dinner.

Family #105: MIDDLETOWN

As this Christmas is approaching, my kids are not even asking for Christmas gifts.  I understand why but then I don’t. I just started working and their dad is a stay at home father as no one is hiring him. I am currently working but being it is seasonal and part time; all want is for my kids to have a happy merry Christmas. They will be very surprised If my wish comes true

Baby girl to be born, Clothes and newborn items

Baby Boy, Age 10 months old, in need of clothes and shoes and a coat as his is 18-24 months and not fitting him, its tight and he would love any toys that light up and makes noise and he loves for me to read to him

Boy, Age 4, He loves ninja turtles,and hulk, and is in need of shoes size 1 – 1/2 as he wearing the only shoes is has which are a size 12c. He loves just to be under me and loves anything and everything

Girl, Age 8, She wanted a American doll and some accessories that goes with her, a nice comfy bed set as she is very colorful, and she can use clothes size 11-12 pants and small shirt, and perfumes as she loves to use mine. I just want you to know she is very helpful to me as she has two younger brothers and a sister on the way.

And also I can really care less about myself but my children’s father has been here through it all and I will love for him to receive something, even if it a gift card, he will appreciate it


Family #107: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!!

Family #108: MONTGOMERY

I am a single mom of two young teens and I am caring for my 2 year old granddaughter. I work part time to make ends meet. That only pays the bills. I am also very sick and not supposed to work but I do because I have to. I have been diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and neuropathy. My joints lock up on a daily basis, I was recently diagnosed with connective tissue disease.My ex doesn’t pay his child support regularly and I’m hurting.  My ex and I have been to court multiple times for child support. He pays just enough to keep himself out of trouble but does not ever pay the full amount and he’s thousands in arrears. Sadly I can’t afford gifts for my children and granddaughter this year. Thank you

Girl, Age 2, In need of 3T pajamas and clothes, socks, hat and gloves, snow pants and snow boots. Baby dolls, books, she loves the movie frozen. Puzzles , or anything that helps her learn.

Girl, Age 13, Needs woman’s s/m pajamas and joggers, Size 5 jeans, Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, feminine products; She’s very mature for her age. She enjoys dancing and singing.

Boy, Age 14, Needs size 3XL joggers and clothing (Does not wear jeans), needs winter gloves, Wants: Soccer ball, basketball, football, Walmart gift card, GameStop gift card, Needs deodorant, body sprays or cologne. Loves sports especially the NFL he’s a panthers fan.

Family #109: LOCH SHELDRAKE – – WISH MET !!

Family #110: MIDDLETOWN – – WISH MET !!

Family #111: PORT JERVIS – – WISH MET !

Family #112: MIDDLETOWN

I  am a single mother who only gets child support as an income I am currently out of work trying to find a job to work while my kids are in school I don’t have a babysitter or the money to pay someone to watch them and this my son medical problems it’s hard to find an employer that will let me take days off when I need to cause I never know when the days are

Boy, Age 8, Clothes size 10, Shoes size 2 and boots, Play station 4 games, Twin bed set, PlayStation 4 headphones

Girl, Age 9, Clothes 14/16 plus in kids, Shoes size 5 or boots, Drawing stuff, Slime kit, Twin bed set, TV

Game system Xbox one and games

Girl, Age 13, Make up, Clothes large in shirts and size 9 in pants, Boots size 8 1/2, Gift card, Twin bed set, Body supplies, Wii system and games

Family #113: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!

Family #114: WALDEN – – WISH MET !!

Family #115: MIDDLETOWN

I just lost my job last week on the day before Thanksgiving. Which means that I would not enough money to fulfill any of my children wishes. I’m on public assistance that helps with a percentage of my rent. I going to back up on paying my utilities as well. I have a court ordered child support for less than $20 per week which my ex husband hasn’t paid since May. He lives in Florida and says that he’s unemployed. I have one family member living and they are ill and in NYC.

Girl, Age 4, Clothing size 6, shoes size 11 (She wants twinkle toes sneakers. Any that has the unicorns on it). She needs bedding set size twin. Bath towel (with a princess or mermaid or Peppa Pig), underwear size small, socks and boots size 11. She wants the Barbie dream house. Her favorite colors are pink and purple

Boy, Age 6, Size 7 in clothing, size 1 in shoes and sneakers and boots. He needs a hat, gloves, scarves. He always losing them. A winter coat size 7. He needs socks and boxers. He wants a p.j.max green car. He would love a character bath towel and a bedding set in size twin (characters black panther or p.j max.)

Family #116: NEWBURGH – – WISH MET !!

Family #117: POUGHKEEPSIE- – WISH MET !!

Family #118:  LOCH SHELDRAKE

Life has gotten really hard this year.ability to work is severely compromised due to handicapped child should be living in a residential group school but school district nor insurance want to pay. There’s nobody to help watch so work limited to school hours. My mental health had also declined as I’ve struggled to get her help. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and that didn’t help so feeling quite hopeless.

Girl, Age 8, Needs all clothes size 14, underwear, half cami bras, pants, shirts, dresses & skirts are worn as well but would need shorts for underneath. Needs Loreal anti dandruff shampoo and hydrating conditioner. Wants LOL surprise dolls or happy places shopkins, also enjoys my little pony figures, littlest pet shop and calico critters. (She) has motor difficulties so no jeans/pants/shirts that require use of zippers/buttons please, elastic waists preferred (dresses with zippers are ok as I usually assist with those). If skirts or dresses are purchased small shorts such as bicycle or cartwheel shorts or even plain or coordinated leggings are needed for underneath as she doesn’t understand keeping her body properly covered and not exposing herself. Please do not purchase books as she compulsively rips books up, please do not purchase puzzles as she finds them too difficult and loses the pieces all over and I throw them out when cleaning her room. please make sure any markers/crayons purchased are the washable kind. Please no toys that are essentially just teeny tiny pieces cause she has history of putting foreign objects in ears. No worries i will check all toys, especially shopkins as those sets sometimes contain one or two really little pieces to go with the theme. But a toy set that is all or mostly teeny things probably best to avoid cause i would feel bad wasting someones $ by not giving to her.

Thx so much in advance & apologies if seems complicated but if anyone can assist in filling my special baby’s needs or wants this xmas i would be so very grateful.

Girl, Age 14, Needs socks (shoe size 8.5), bras 34d, shampoo & conditioner herbal essences brand, eucerin and aquaphor brand cream or ointments (NOT LOTION) for eczema, clothes size womens 5 pants, size small shirts. Wants art supplies like fancy markers and drawing stuff, anything to do with Ariana Grande, likes clothes from hollister, aeropostale or PINK. (She) has had a tough year with trouble fitting in in school as well as being a sibling to very disabled little sister which can be very tough to both endure what goes on at home as well as the lack of attention vs what her sister recieves, if anyone can help my big girl feel extra special this year i would be very appreciative.

Family #119: PORT JERVIS

Hi I’m really having a hard year I’m disabled and I can’t work. I wish I could!! I receive disability and my last check went to pay all of the bills. I have wonderful kids who deserve a good Christma and I want them to be happy and have the best Christmas they can.

Girl, Age 1, Clothes,toys,blanket sets, hats scarves, gift cards. She’s one an this is her second Christmas so she would also be grateful for anything.

Boy, Age 15, He wears a size xL shirts pants 32×32 would be grateful for anything he gets

Girl, Age 16, Clothes, games, gift card, jewelry, hats, scarves, blanket sets, She’s a size large in shirts and pants 8. She would be grateful for anything


Family #122: HIGHLAND – – WISH MET !!!

Family #123: GREENWOOD LAKE – – WISH MET !!

Family #124: MONTGOMERY

Family of 4 became family of 7. Took in a learning disabled friend and her twins. Barely making ends meet. We’d really like to give the kids a nice Christmas due to the twins never really had one. She works part time but does not get child support. My daughter, 22, is living with us due to health issues and is unable to work. I am unable to work due to several health issues. I crochet to try and help pay bills. My husband works 50-60 hours a week. The twins mother is only working part time about 20 hours a week. My older daughter is unable to work due to a seizure disorder that is not under medical control at this time. My friend does not receive child support for her twins and the father has never been in their lives in anyway. As a family of four we was able to just about make ends meet ,as a family of eight it’s hard to pay everything and keep it all current. I would really love to see the twins have a good Christmas this year. I don’t think they have ever had a really nice Christmas. They talk about some years not even having a tree. That I have covered. Food I have. Clothing is the biggest thing they need. They had very little when they came to live with us and I have done what I can. I hope someone can help us this year. May God bless all this holiday season.

Gir, Age 9, Winter coat size 10-12, pants 14-16, pjs 14-16, socks and undergarments, shopkins, lol surprise, books, arts and crafts, gem digs, science kits, Wonder Woman, grinch, vamparina

Girl, Age 11, All clothes size 18, socks, underwear, pjs, winter coat, shoes size 5, cows, books, lol surprise, lps, unicorns, arts and crafts

Boy, Age 11, All cloths 14-16, socks, underwear, winter coat, pjs, shoes size 6, books, dinosaurs, hot wheels, LEGO’s, paw patrol (He has learning and emotional disorders)

Girl, Age 22, Pants size 14 women’s ,socks, black dress boots, mystery, paranormal or forensics books, art supplies, 3ds, Harry Potter, supernatural, horror movies, chocolate , candles, adult coloring books

Family #125: HYDE PARK – – WISH MET !!

Family #126: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!

Family #127: HYDE PARK – – WISH MET !!

Family #128: NEWBURGH – – WISH MET !!

Family #129: POUGHKEEPSIE – **WISH MET**

Family #130: NEWBURGH – **WISH MET**

Family #131: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!


I lost my job April 15th of 2018 after my 22 year old tried to commit suicide for the 3rd time which landed him in ICU for 4 days on a ventilator he now suffers epilepsy and bipolar. I lost my job of 10 years but knew that as a mom I had to be here for my son. I have exhausted all of my savings 401k and just recently found out my son needs his titanium rod repaired from his neck to his tailbone.

I receive $25 a month in child support as their father is fighting disability like I am as well for my 22 year old. My mom helps me out as needed if I ask but since she is alone she doesn’t always have the ability to help.

I utilize food pantries to feed my family on a weekly basis. This is all very hard for me. I went from making $64k a year to making $435 a week in unemployment benefits which will be expiring soon and I will be forced to go back to work and leave my 22 year old alone. Thank you for considering us. God bless you all!

Boy, Age 9, needs jeans size 18, long sleeve shirts (mens small or youth xxl) white sneakers (size 4.5) socks, winter gloves, a bathrobe (size xxl youth) pajamas (size 18). Loves Drawing, Illustrating comics, Reading, Emoji pillows

Boy, Age 22, work boots 11.5, Jeans 33×34, sweatshirts, Socks


My family and I are going through breaking up after almost 7 years together. Their father being disabled for years (his benefits just started finally months ago) has done what he could to help out. The disability benefits for himself and the children are still leaving us struggling even with my part time job (one car, school schedule has to be drop off/pickup).

I have not been able to work more hours due to having been in an unhealthy environment (to say the least). Also, other obstacles have been transportation (we had one vehicle that wasn’t in my name), and scheduling conflicts. Life is at the moment, getting very hard to not stress over everything.

Since going through the changes that my family is though, it’s giving to me full time hours I need to survive however I still  don’t have a car and finding transportation to work is difficult. I’m working together with my manager in setting up some type of help I could receive for my circumstances like a working grant. If I am approved they could financially help me with helping getting my car fixed and on the road. I applied to section 8 housing for my son and I when he’s with me too, as I am homeless staying with friends. I’m waiting on responses from other hotlines and counselors to see how I can get on my feet and how I can stay on my feet. That being said, once I get more answers and transportation figured out I will have applied for full time through my manager. They are all so understanding and helpful and such a blessing to my family. We would appreciate the help this year. Thank you and God Bless!

I’m also a veteran of 7 years in the army national guard with one tour to Afghanistan. I stayed home from Iraq, the tour my unit left for in March this year, to stay home and take care of my family in case their father went back in the hospital. I left last year after a lot of decision making and with my contract ended I dealt with a lot of those emotions. I’m thinking about looking into getting into my old unit again. Everything happens for a reason.We would appreciate the help this year. Thank you and God Bless!

Boy, Age 3, He likes paw patrol and puppy dog pals. needs a toddler bed, bedding, sheet sets, pillow. He needs a 5t winter coat, jeans 5t, pants 5t, shirts 4/5t, socks, sneakers size 7, toddler car seat if possible, food and grocery store item toys, playdoh, race tracks and cars is what he’s really into now, Diapers size 6 and wipes, toiletries, Books and learning toys are always appreciated. Gift cards for shopping at the dollar store, He loves playing outside with his much older brother, they do everything together, if possible a remote control race car.

Boy, Age 11, He loves anything to do with the Jets. Needs Jeans size 10/12, socks, shirt’s 10/12, pajamas 10/12, lamp for his room, Minecraft books and toys, gift cards for his gaming, gift card for a dollar store, alarm clock, art drawing set, toiletries, roblox figurines, remote control race car, Anything magic related he’s in to. DVDs of the (Now You See Me) movies, and Pirates of the Caribbean

Family #134: NEWBURGH

I’m a single parent, currently not working, home with my 3 month old (who strictly breast feeds only fortunately yet unfortunately) & 2 year old. I don’t work because I can’t afford child daycare for the girls and I don’t receive child support. My significant other is incarcerated.

Baby Girl, 3 months old,  6-9 months clothes, 2c shoes/ boots head wraps/ headbands, size 2 diapers, also in need of baby walker

Girl, Age 2, 4t clothes pants 4t shirts, 8c shoes/ boots, size 6 diapers, Peppa Pig, Ryan ToysReview (a YouTuber), Beauty and the Beast

Girl, Age 3, 4t clothes, 9c shoes/boots, Peppa Pig, Ryan ToysReview


Family #136: POUGHKEEPSIE – **WISH MET**

Family #137: WESTTOWN

My husband has been sick. 2 time cancer survivor. But has other medical issues. Just hospitalized for 3 weeks. With a brain bleed. Still isn’t back to work. My job cut our hours due to winter hours. And my 2nd job I took time off from due to taking care of him and they are now giving me a hard time. I just applied for a few other job anything to make ends meet.

Boy, Age 14, He loves to cook. And play video games. He has xbox 1. He wears 12-14 shirts kids

Girl, Age 17, She is just into camo. And music. Loves sports cheerleading/ football the Giants and Cowboys. She is an adult med shirts.

Family #138: GARDINER

I am humbly asking for any help this Christmas for my two boys, my SS disability was denied and we have only one income with bills piling higher than we can keep up on. It’s a viscous circle because we do not qualify for any social services help, and I am in the process of applying for an overnight job to help bring in some income.

Boy, Age 8, He is requesting a “morf board”, captain America shield, roller blades/skates, lego, connect 4 Shots, sneakers size 5, jeans size 9, sweatshirts size Large, playdoh, he is also asking for Dr. Seuss books and “Fly Man” “Dog Man” “captain Underpants” series books. He loves to read, color and build things..he loved hot wheels, and is very intelligent.

Boy, Age 7, He is requesting a “morf board”, hot wheels, power ranger toys, Pokémon toys, posters for his room, roller skates, playdoh, LEGO’s, size 2 sneaker, size 8 jeans, size Med sweatshirt. He loves to play with trucks, Robots, cars, Lightning McQueen, Ninja turtles, loves to read and needs a power ranger twin bed set for his bed

Family #139: HIGHLAND – **WISH MET**

Family #140: POUGHKEEPSIE – **WISH MET**

Family #141: MILLERTON  – – WISH MET !!

Family #142: MIDDLETOWN – – WISH MET !!


I’m on a very low income from DSS and its hard for me to get stuff for my kids after I’m done doing stuff for the house and laundry. I am unable to work due to anxiety issues and depression. I’m living in a shelter situation. I am waiting to hear about SSI. My anxiety limits everything I do- I even have to do parent teacher conference over the phone. My youngest son has issues with learning and behavior. He has an IEP in school. I do not get any help from any family. I’m on my own with everything and I do as best as I can.

Boy, Age 6, bed set, he’s been asking for a body pillow, a lot pants and shirts  10/12 and socks, he’s into anything cars hot wheels or remote control or xbox360 games; he will not wear jeans other than that he’s not picky at all

Girl, Age 8, Sheets or bed set, size adult small /leggings and medium tops, socks, jacket if possible I believe a young adult medium would fit her. Her wants would be barbie stuff or arts and craft stuff; she is a little heavy set so she will not wear jeans sweats and leggings only really, shirts she’s not picky about, she loves arts and craft stuff

Boy, Age 10, Needs shoes size 6 and socks, pants size 16 stretchy, pillow and blanket if possible. His wants are a gift card He’s doesn’t play with toys anymore he’s always on his tablet or game system clothing he’s not at all picky he’s very laid back and quiet

Family #144: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET!!

Family #145: NEW HAMPTON – – WISH MET!!


Family #147: MILLERTON – – WISH MET !!

Family #148: NEWBURGH – – WISH MET !!

Family #149: POUGHKEEPSIE – – WISH MET !!

Family #150: STORMVILLE  **WISH MET**

Family #151: GARDINER

I am humbly asking for any help this Christmas for my two boys, my SS disability was denied and we have only one income with bills piling higher than we can keep up on. It’s a vicious circle because we do not qualify for any social services help, and I am in the process of applying for an overnight job to help bring in some income.

Boy, Age 8, He is requesting a “morf board”, captain America shield, roller blades/skates, lego, connect 4 Shots, sneakers size 5, jeans size 9, sweatshirts size Large, playdoh, he is also asking for Dr. Seuss books and “Fly Man” “Dog Man” “captain Underpants” series books He loves to read, color and build things..he loved hot wheels, and is very intelligent.

Boy, Age 7, He is requesting a “morf board”, hot wheels, power ranger toys, Pokémon toys, posters for his room, roller skates, playdoh, LEGO’s, size 2 sneaker, size 8 jeans, size Med sweatshirt. He loves to play with trucks, Robots, cars, Lightning McQueen, Ninja turtles, loves to read and needs a power ranger twin bed set for his bed

Family #152: MIDDLETOWN

I have recently lost my job and I had lived off my savings that has been gone for a few months I recently applied for social services and that takes a while. At the same time taking care of my mom and her health.

I am court ordered child support but I have not received anything in over two years.

Girl, Age 4, she size 6x, she loves baby dolls , jojo sewa, things for hair. Size 11 shoes

Boy, Age 7, he likes easy read books, WWE figures, his shoe size is 13-1.

Boy, Age 11 He likes the movies gift cards would be great (Hollister, Walmart, game stop, restaurants (he likes going out to eat)), games for play station 4.

Boy, Age 14, He likes the movies gift cards would great hollister Walmart game stop, board games,, going out to eat , games for playstation 4

Girl, Age 15, She like bath and body works, Victoria secrets,movies boots 6-1/2or sneakers, make up, clothes from hollister

Boy, Age 17, He likes the movies gift cards would great Hollister Walmart game stop He loves soccer, going out to eat , games for play station 4.

Boy, Age 19, He likes the movies gift cards would great Hollister, Walmart game stop, going out to eat, games for play station 4


Family #154: NEW WINDSOR

These past few years have been so hard for our family. I just started back at work the end of June and I still can’t catch a break. The bills keep piling in and with our rent increase it’s made it so much worse. My boyfriend can’t seem to find a job and as the only income coming in I can barely cover all my bills and having to take days off constantly due to my health it has been super hard. I receive Medicaid and SNAP. I don’t receive child support.

Girl, Age 5, Underwear size 10, shoes or boots size 12/13; Winter coat size 10/12; Some things my daughter has been asking for are the muppet baby series at target it’s the play house and figures. She’s into rugrats, duck tales, flintstones, trolls and baby dolls, she also loves movies and books

Family #155 – – WISH MET !!

Family #156: HYDE PARK  – **WISH MET**