2018 Hudson Valley Kids’ Christmas Wishes

Here is the most current list of our Hudson Valley Kids Christmas Wishes.

If you see a family that you would like to help, please email HV Kids at HudsonValleyKids@gmail.com or Danielle.HudsonValleyKids.org or contact us through Facebook Messenger. You may also call or text Kristen: 845-275-4240 or text Danielle: 914-330-9243.

We will update this list at least once daily and indicate which wishes have already been met.

Thank-you so very much for taking the time to look at our list and for considering to children in New York’s Hudson Valley!

2018 Hudson Valley Kids Christmas Wishes PUBLIC List

Family #1: MIDDLETOWN – **WISH MET**



We are on SSI. Prices and bill are going up but our income remains the same and the holidays are always really difficult here.


Girl, age 17, chapter books 3rd grade reading level (babysitters club), loves bath and body works. gift cards are wonderful she loves to shop and we have to watch the materials she wears due to sensitivities and sensory issues..(she’s autistic) kindle fire (explanation below)


It’s very hard to buy anything for (my daughter) unseen by her. She’s autistic and does not live home full time. She is in a special school..is not allowed much there. She doesn’t behave with online electronics although if we could find something tablet like that has usable parental controls that’s good. (we believe the kindle has them) I’d be more than happy to discuss anything you question in further detail



Family #4:  MAHOPAC


I am a single mom with two children a boy and a girl. I receive SSI every month not too much money. I would like to get help for my children so I can’t really afford nothing for them with my low income. Please help me I want my kids to be happy for Christmas.


Girl, Age 4, She need winter clothes size 6/7 Sneakers size 12 in a little girls winter hats winter jackets pajamas and she likes baby alive and warm blankets I warm dress dressy shoes size 12 socks


Boy, Age 5, Need of winter close 5/7 sneaker size 13 jacket pajamas Warm hat and glove warm blankets Socks, his favorite toys are Transformers, Dressy shoes size 13, Boy jeans 5/7, Learning books


I could use a winter jacket, leggings size medium, sweater size medium, socks, sneakers size 7 1/2, hats and gloves

Family # 5:  KINGSTON


Hello. I could really use the help this year. I currently work part time and my husband is on disability. I try to work as much as I can and between 3 kids and doctor appts. It’s hard. My kids know times are rough right now and they understand but I would really love to give them a good Christmas this year. Anything at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Boy, Age 5, Needs Clothes, pajamas, underwear, socks, winter coat, winter boots; Wants – Toys, LOL surprise eggs , Kinder eggs. He likes Paw Patrol, Mickey mouse , PJ Masks anything on Nickelodeon and disney junior. Size 5t or boys size 4-6 clothes, Size 2-3 kids sneakers/boots


Boy, Age 14, Needs: Socks, boxers, shirts, Jeans ,winter coat , winter boots; Wants: WWE stuff, NY mets shirts/hats, Fort nite items, books . microscope; clothes size husky 18-20 or men’s size medium; Shoe/boot size – 8 1/2


Girl, Age 19, Needs: Socks, Winter Coat; Wants: Drawing supplies, Books, Skinny Jeans, Movies Tickets, Gift cards, Shirts, Pilot Pens; Clothes Size – Medium women’s and size 5-6 jeans; Sneakers- 8 1/2

Family #6:  BEACON    – **WISH MET**






Family #9: PORT JERVIS


My significant other recently became incarcerated down to one income and it’s social security.

Thank you and in advance if we are chosen.


Girl, Age 10, Needs jeans size 10/12, under pants and training bras size 10/12 and pjs size 10/12,


Boy, Age 13, Needs: sweat pants size X-tra large, tee shirts 3 XL, loves witty sayings. Needs pajamas pants xl, winter boots mens size 11 and 1/2. (I asked for size 3xl for shirts because he has sensory issues.)

Family #10: PORT JERVIS


I am a single mom of a beautiful daughter who is now a jr in high school. She doesn’t ask for much because she knows I struggle every month just to pay the bills as I only work part time. If someone could find it in there heart to help me this year I would be very thankful for the help.

Girl, Age 16, socks, flannel shirts, makeup,  She likes gift cards from Forever 21, Aeropostale, Bath and Body Works and Old Navy



Family #12: POUGHKEEPSIE  – **WISH MET**


Family #13: WARWICK


I need help this Christmas because earlier in October I had fallen down a few steps and broke my tibia, tore my ACL and tore my meniscus. I am currently out of work without any pay. I am going to need surgery after the fracture heals and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be out of work, or if my job will hold my position for me.


Girl, Age 5, Size in clothes: 6-6x, shoes: 13.5, Needs: socks, long sleeved shirts and pants/ jeans, underwear, any shoe/sneakers/ or boots, sweatshirt, gloves, hat, scarf, pillow, blanket, towel/washcloth; Wants: Barbie, Shopkins, Disney Princess, arts and crafts, bowling and movie passes or gift cards. JoJo bows. Beginner reading level books.



I was employed but in a accident which caused me to have broken ribs and no longer have a job this is my sons first Christmas i want him to at least have something to open.


Baby boy, Age 9 months, He wears 12/18 month now he could use a winter coat, 4c in shoes he needs winter clothes especially pjs. He likes Elmo, Mickey Mouse, cars, trucks, learning toys, big blocks, anything for someone his age

Family #15: KINGSTON


We are barely making ends meet. I get a once a month check and my daughters boyfriend is the only one working right now. It’s hard paying monthly mortgage to buy the house which I wouldn’t give up for anything it took me forever to get this house it was my grandparents when they passed away the guy we are buying house from now through him and his lawyer I was so glad so now all we pray for is help with Christmas with doing repairs to the house as well we just don’t have it so we are trying this and pray we get picked.


Boy, Age 1, desperately needs toddler bed his broke hes sleeping on mattress on floor; He  needs winter clothing size 18/24 months, needs snowsuit, likes cars and big trucks, needs pjs size 18/24 months and any other toys for boys his age


Girl, Age 2, likes dolls and any girl toys, she wears size 2t and also needs winter clothing


Twin Girls, 3 years-old, they both wear 3t clothing and need socks and  winter clothing ,they both want barbie toys and barbie dolls, they are not good at sharing so they each want their own but they also will play with dolls


Girl, Age 9, she would like emoji bed-set size twin, she likes skinny jeans straight leg size 10/12, size 10/12 shirts, socks size 1/5; she would like playdough she likes dolls and pjs size 10/12


Girl, Age 12, She desperately wants a laptop and purple camo comforter set size full, she wears 4/5 jeans skinny jeans straight legs and she wants some with rips in legs, she wears medium sweatshirts no zipper, no-show socks size 9/11, boxer type underwear size 6, medium pjs and she also loves makeup and headbands


Boy, Age 14, He would like gift cards for games, he wears size 34/32 jeans, large shirts, size 9/11 no-show socks, pjs size large; He desperately wants xbox 1 even if its used


Boy, Age 16, He would like gift cards for games, he wears 32/30 jeans, no-show black socks size 9/11, pjs size medium, no-zip hooded sweatshirts, nike


Girl, Age 17, She needs sneakers size 9, no-show socks 9/11, skinny jeans straight legs size 4/5, no zip hooded sweatshirts, likes Aeropostale or Hollister shirts size medium, underwear size 6 boxer type, pjs size medium and she loves makeup


Boy, Age 17, His only wish is for a playstation 4 even if it’s in good used condition;  he also wants hooded no-zip sweatshirts size large, no-show socks 9/11,  jeans 32/30, boxers medium

Family # 16: NEW WINDSOR


Why I’m in need of help this Christmas for my children is I’m a single mom to where their dad walked out and basically doesn’t help out for them. I got more clearance to work more to where I can make ends meet but that’s not even cutting close to be able to provide a Christmas for them. I pay it forward throughout the year between me and my girls all the donations and deeds we do. I never hesitate to help anyone I can but fail when it comes to do a little more for my children but it makes us feel so great to for others! So any blessing would be great!


Girl, Age 9, She needs warms gear for the winter, a winter coat size xl in womens, she loves to make slime but I’m not fond of it. She’s been practice drawing as well as loves to color. She loves unicorns! And loves seeing the JoJo Siwa My Life Doll coming out. She also loves music, board games, new stylish outfits; She’s a size xl womens top and 15 pants, shoe size 9 womens; She is very outgoing and loves to learn as well as loves fashion. She’s not a big fan of long sleeve shirts, she wears cardigan sweaters over her t-shirts


Girl, Age 11, needs shirts size 1x-2×, tights size 2x, jeans size 20w womens if they have stretch, needs sneakers size 10ww womens and winter gear. She loves drawing the most if she could have anything it would probably be set up with all kinds of drawing and art stuff, she also likes the LOL Surprise pups and stuff to do with nails; The reason on the size of clothes for her is she is special needs as well as autistic and has Pader Willi Syndrome. She has fought with her weight for some time its been a battle and we’re still seeing drs for it



To be honest I get help from department of social service which I believe a lot of people do. I am a family of 3 children. They are getting older and I can’t afford the things i used to when they were younger. I am working on and off but that dont even make ends meet for my bills throughout the months. If you can help I appreciate it and God bless you


Boy, Age 6, Under clothes size 12, socks size 3 feet, hygiene and needing. Boots size 3, coats and jacket, towels, toys, baseball, Yankees, basketball, loves action figures; Shirts, sweats, jeans & jogger pants


Boy, Age 10, He needs same as brother he is also a baseball fan, his clothes are 34/32 men and small men or 18 kids; needs shirts, sneakers or boots size 8 mens and he loves the Yankees; likes to wear joggers


Girl, Age 12, Needs socks, undergarments, hygiene products, pillow, blanket, comforter, towels, clothing, boots, sneakers, coat, gloves, hat, scarf; she is a size 3 in juniors and small shirts in juniors (she likes them small as she is really thin), size 8 women pants, she loves purse and puffs; likes skinny-fit jeans




I work pt due to health issue and dont get government help with 2 children who are disabled to 1 has mental health issues and my other has type 1 diabetes also if anything i could use a gift card for christmas dinner or even stuff to go with Christmas dinner.


Boy, Age 16, He can use any type of clothing lg men shirts men pants 34 he loves sports so any type of balls or even walmart gift card


Boy, Age 11, Loves sports wears size huskey 14 pants and size lg shorts je can also use socks and hat an gloves loves basketball and football wants to go to new trampoline place in mall


Girl, Age 12, She loves making slime and crafts can use winter hat and gloves, can use socks wears size 14 paints and med women shirts also loves walmart so even a walmart gift card or hair stuff would love to go to round 1 in mall


Girl, Age 19, She loves makeup and hair products can use a winter hat and gloves also can use walmart gift card

Family #18: NEW WINDSOR


We have been staying in a motel for about a month now with 3 kids under the age of 6 and have to give up a child to a family member so he could continue his school with his IEP without any disruptions to his school. My old landlord stopped paying his lot rent and was being evicted off the property so we had to go. It’s been extremely hard on all of us. We have been looking for places non stop and just don’t have the money to keep paying for a motel every night and food and Christmas. We had to put all of our belongings in storage. My 6yo was recently diagnosed with an IEP as well and her father has walked out of her life since May and can’t function in school because of the anger she has built up. I have been driving back and forth to school for her, getting her the help she needs with no health insurance and paying out of pocket. We have tried going for help and was denied by everyone cause my fiancé works and we were told when we run out of money then come back. We have borrowed $1400 from family just to keep a place over there heads cause the shelter is no place for kids. Thinking about Christmas is making me cringe cause my oldest daughter keeps asking if we will have a tree this year and when are we gonna find a home and how does Santa come to motels. Let alone it’s my youngest child’s 1st bday 6 days before Xmas. My kids are not picky and will even accept used items. They don’t need top of the line stuff and will be happy with anything they get. All I’m asking is for a few small gifts for them as I know we are all struggling. I have the mindset as long as we have a roof and together and warm and fed that’s all that matters but it’s hard telling that to learning disabled children and babies. I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday!


Boy, Age 13, Needs socks and underwear size (12 boys tight briefs) Wants Soccer Ball, Legos, Star Wars figures. Likes Roblox, Halo, Minecraft, He’s learning disabled and delayed a few years so still likes to play with toy figures ranged from 8-12 years old.


Girl, Age 6, Needs socks, leggings (size 7-8) Winter Jacket (size 7) & gloves. Wants Fingerling, Arts & Crafts. Likes Minnie Mouse, Roblox, Legos, & music.


Girl, Age 3, Needs socks and diapers (size 6)and wipes. Wants anything baby doll related & books. Loves stuffed animals, Minnie Mouse, Moana and Frozen.


Boy, Age 1, Needs diaper (size 5) and wipes. Needs pants (size 18 months) and socks (2t-4t) He’s got fat small feet. And a winter hat. Likes any toys and books.  He doesn’t need any toys really. His bday is 6 days before Christmas and not sure what family will get him. Just need diapers, wipes and socks for him


Family #19: WALDEN –  **WISH MET**


Family #21: SAUGERTIES


Hi we need help for our little girl she is three we are trying to make ends meet an save for a place moved from where we were couldn’t afford it then our food stamps get cut no more of them we have to pay for food an take care of our daughter an what she needs is just hard an on top of everything our daughter has ADHD but hasn’t been diagnosed yet with it an deal in with that an docs we can’t catch a break so we just want our daughter to have a great Christmas she deserves it is hard on both me an her dad trying to deal with everything so it would be wonderful if this could happen an make her so happy we are great fully for what you do thank you


Girl, Age 3, needs shoes warm boots an dress shoes 9-10 kids an clothes 5t-6t she likes baby alive dolls learning toys ,frozen ,paw patrol ,DVD movies ,something like a learning tablet would be great it would keep her sitting still she likes anything that will keep her attention


Family #22: BEACON


I moved to Dutchess County from the City hoping to have a better life with my children. My landlord sold the house and forced us to move out. I am recently separated from husband, my childrens’ father due to domestic violence. He has caused a lot of our hardships. I do not qualify for P.A. and getting Snap has been hard to show documents for. I do not know anyone up here or have any family around for a support system. It has been hard to find a job up here willing to hire me for certain work hours. My daughter is now in UPK for just a few hours, but not my son since he is not of age yet. Finding affordable daycare is impossible right now. All I wished for was an easier life up here and a full time job to live comfortably raising my children. Any help at all would be DEEPLY and GRATEFULLY appreciated!


Girl, Age 4, Rain boots size 8, Rain coat size 4 or 5 t, Clothes-Shoes size 8, Pants 4 or 5t

Shirts 4 or 5t, Toddler bedding set, Loves Vampirina, Unicorns, Mermaids, books, maling jewelry kits, Disney Princesses, and Trolls


Boy, Age 2, Rain coat size 3 or 4t, Rain boots size 7, Clothing-Shoes size 7, Pants 3 or 4t, Shirts 3 or 4t

Loves PJ Masks (Favors Gekko), Toddler bedding set, Paw Patrol, Vtech Go Go Smart Toys, Dinosaurs, Trains, Trucks (all kinds fire, dump, tow, etc.), Mess Free markers, crayons, coloring books


Family #23: BEACON

As a family of 5 it’s really hard to afford day to day things,we try our best to give our kids a better life but it has been hard for us. My husband works 40+ hrs a week and I am out of work since 2011 due to a injury. I have been fighting the state for disability but have been denied after lawyers even got involved . We live in subsidized housing and get rent assistance and even state help with food but it doesn’t last the month . We find it hard to pay for personal items and bills but all we can do is push . I don’t know how we will be able to afford anything for Christmas with all of our income going to bills . All we want is to see ours kids smile and be happy on Christmas . Any help would be greatly appreciated For them or for us to lighten our load .


Girl, Age 11, needs leggings size L or dressy shirts size L she’s into pre teen. Boots size 7 if possible. She would also like a flat iron for her to get ready in the morning for middle school


Boy, Age 10, needs winter boots size 7 1/2 -8  , needs pant size men’s med or boxers men’s small and would like headphones


Girl, Age 5, needs leggings size 5/6 and also boots size 11 1/2 . loves dance attire .she would really like cutie cars splash and go spa wash toy


Family #24: WARWICK

I’m a young single mom who just got out of a difficult relationship and got an apartment of my own. I work part time and all of my money goes to the bills. Money is tight, and I won’t have much to get my daughter anything for the holidays. I appreciate any help.


Girl, Age 2, She is a 8 in shoes, 2-3t in clothes

She’s very girly likes trolls, vampirina, Doc mcstuffins, my little pony, Barbies, loves sparkly stuff!

NEEDS/WANTS : socks/shoes/boots/flats/slippers, clothing , toys/gift card to children’s play place.


Family #25: MAHOPAC


I am single mom that just receives food stamps and WIC for my 2 year old daughter. I only have $90 in cash and it’s not enough to buy anything for my daughter for Christmas. I have some mental problems like ADD and if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. I need Winter jackets Winter shirts and sweatpants size medium and boots size 8


Girl, Age 2, I am ready winter clothes for her winter boots hats and gloves she is a size 3 t and in shirt Winter jackets Winter boots size 7 I little girl I Favorites Toys Is baby doll small stroller

Family #26: PATTERSON


I’m currently disabled and waiting on a decision from social security which can take possibly months. Our family depends on my husbands income which isn’t a lot barely enough to make ends meet. But thank God for

Hi, I’m usually not the one that asks for any help. But this past year I lost my job, unemployment ran out and my family who helps out when they can. We have a soon to be two yr old. He turns two a day before christmas and this is the first time we can’t afford it… thank you for taking the time to read this…


Boy, Age 2, My son loves cars,trucks,fire trucks, anything mickey, puppy dog pals and educational toys for his age. My son is a bright, beautiful sweet little boy who loves to smile and so eager to learn new things.

Family #27: MIDDLETOWN


Our family has had a very rough time over the last couple years. This Christmas will be extremely hard on our family. My mother has diagnosed with a disabling illness. My oldest daughter is struggling leaving for school. My sister left in the spring and I have taken on the responsibility of caring/ supporting her 18 yr old son. My family is now me, my mother, my 18 yr old daughter, my 9 year old daughter, 18 yr old nephew. I’m currently not working and my financial times are not great. I’m trying so hard to make sure with all the recent family tragedies and let downs not to let it effect the 3 kids more than it has. But it’s not looking great. It’s one thing after another and I struggle to keep everything together.


Girl, Age 9, She needs clothing size 12. She enjoys crafts. She has been asking for a new comforter for her bed. She likes reading. She is kind of advanced in her reading. She enjoys outside activities. She is currently an orange belt in karate and loves it. She has been asking for training stuff for her to practice on. She loves the outdoors. She enjoys her karate and says she wishes she can have equipment she can practice with. She also is a junior Girl Scout. She’s getting so much pride in helping with her community and learning how to help more. She has been doing all the community service she can because she says she loves her town and what’s to help make it better. She has the greatest heart ever.


Girl, Age 18, Shirt size L womens. Pants/jeans 15-17. She enjoys music. Other then that she really hasn’t mentioned much. She said she knows things aren’t good so she puts her needs or wants behind her for everyone else in the family. She is trying to achieve a goal of hers in medical school. She has a wonderfully huge heart and is compassionate. Her little sister means everything to her. She has advanced in Girl Scouts and she is a current leader in training . She enjoys working with the troop and the younger girls.


Boy, Age 18, He needs anything and everything. Anything will be appreciated. His house has had a fire, he lost a lot of his property. His mother hasn’t been around for over a year. She left him in my care when she left. So he’s really having a hard time with everything. I’m trying to make things seem alright but in doing so I all my family is feeling the impact of financial stress.


Family #29: NEWBURGH


Looking to request help for Christmas for my daughter for my granddaughters as my daughter works so hard and the kids father is not in their life. My daughter is too proud to ask for help but throughout the year she helps everyone she can. She has such a big heart but she doesn’t have the funds to get her girls anything for Christmas. Her bills are back to back and then trying to manage food and gas she’s just beyond stressed. And if a possible wish slip in for a jacket be bought a gc so mom can get herself a jacket and something as I said my daughter is a God sent angel and goes above and beyond for others when she sees they need help.


Girl, Age 8, She needs a hat, gloves and scarf, needs a winter jacket size XL womens. She loves board games, music, loves Jojo Siwa, loves to color and draw loves crafts. Loves girly things


Girl, Age 10, She needs a hat, gloves and scarf and shes loves to draw and color as well, loves simple girly things she loves playing games watching movies and wants a L.O.L. Pet Surprise.

Family #30: ELLENVILLE  – – WISH MET !


Family #31: CARMEL


I’m a single mom of 4 with a grandchild also. I work part time. I have physical and mental health disabilities. I’m currently fighting a disability hearing appeal. I receive help from the department of social services for health insurance and food stamps. I’ve barely made ends meet and am always on budget plans and behind on bills. I’d do whatever it takes to ensure my children and my grandson gets something under the tree.

They have been through so much struggle they shouldn’t have to suffer and not see santa too.

I don’t have an iPhone I have a government phone. I don’t have a new car I have a beat up car I can’t even fit all my kids im at the same time. I’m not one of those people claiming to need and is doing fine. I have any and all documents needed to show my below poverty income. I live in food banks on a monthly basis to feed my children because food stamps doesn’t go that far. Please consider us. We genuinely need it. My kids deserve it. Thank You For Supporting Us!


Girl, Age 11, She needs clothes size 16 little girls. She loves slime, shopping, Legos, shopkins


Boy, Age 14, He needs clothes, Size 14 husky, socks, underwear, He LOVES LEGOS. He is special needs, high functioning autistic and dyslexia


Boy, Age 16, gift card, He loves camo, fishing , camping anything to do with outdoors, He’s a size 3xl tops and 36 waist 34 length size 14 shoe, He loves The Punisher comic character and Deadpool and The Walking Dead. He’s well mannered and isn’t picky at all


Girl, Age 18, Gift card She’s a very loving mom of my 1 yr old grandson. She goes to school full-time and a mom full-time. She’s selfless and gives her all to the baby. She loves the color purple. She’s a size small to medium. She has a 1 yr old son she’d be more than happy to receive something for him instead of herself


Boy, Age 13 months, needs clothes size 18-24 months, size 5 shoes, size 4 diapers. He loves Elmo.


Family #32: KINGSTON – **WISH MET**



I am a single mother of 3 kids. In February I had to move with nothing to leave an abusive relationship. The most important thing to me in my life is my children and it is very hard to ask for help. But I know that I will not be able to give my kids the Christmas that they have had all these years and deserve to have. My father has stage 4 lung cancer and that is another heartbreak my kids are going through as well. Their father is in jail and they have not seen him in many months. From the bottom of my heart it would be absolutely amazing to have help this Christmas I would be forever grateful!!


Boy, Age 6, Needs- Anything for winter like boots, gloves and hats, size 2 shoes. Clothes size 12, socks, boxers. Wants- he loves legos. Grocery gangs, tablet (his broke and I don’t have money to fix it), Ty beenie babies. Books

He is an awsome kid and his face just makes you smile. He has a foot problem that his shoes smell really bad and I constantly have to wash them and it’s hard to have new shoes for him his feet are wide as well. Sweatpants with elastic bottom are beat bc he is short for his pant size.


Girl, Age 7, Needs- Anything for winter- clothes, hats, boots, gloves and snowpants. Size 12 clothes, shoes size 4 ,Wants- cutie cars shopkins, make up, anything for drawing, passes to bounce; She loves to do gymnastics. She is so smart and loving she loves to help and teach kids new things.


Boy, Age 11, Needs- winter boots, coat, socks, boxers, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts. Shoes 8 mens,  medium in mens clothes. Wants- Anything to do with video games. Used to have a ps4 but their father broke it so we wouldn’t take it. Gift cards. Board games



I am currently disabled and awaiting SSI. I can’t work and get no help from DSS other than FS. My landlord’s house was just foreclosed on & sold so eviction will start in February.


Girl, Age 4, Loves unicorns, Favorite color purple, Sizes 5t & 12 kids shoes, Loves surprise toys (lol, 5 surprise, blind bags)

Wants fingerling bigger 1, Wants new unicorn bed set full size bed

Girl, Age 6, She loves anything Minecraft and trolls, Sizes 7t & 13 kids shoe, Favorite color pink, Likes my little pony,

Would like new trolls bedroom set twin bed, Loves surprise toys (lol, 5 surprise, blind bags)



Hi I’m a grandmother raising 2 of my granddaughters that have been through way more than any child should. One granddaughter lost her father in a car accident which has had many effects on her. I don’t receive any services for them so I struggle a lot to get them things that they want. They’re both great girls considering what they been through. They’re both great in school. I’ve had them since they were in pre k & kindergarten. They have what they need but most of time I cannot fill what they want so I could really use help this year if possible.


Girl, Age 11, She needs clothes size 10, shoe size 3, boots, a coat, she loves clothes and sneakers, electronics, anything makes her happy,  absolutely loves sweat outfits and has wanted a cell phone case for her iphone 6 (that her aunt bought her 3 years ago)


Girl, Age 9, needs clothes size 7/ 8, sneakers size 2, boots, coat, sweat outfits, likes any electronics, she would love a case for her iphone 6 (her aunt bought it for her 3 yrs ago for her birthday), anything makes her happy

Family #36 – WESTTOWN


My family is in need of help for the first time ever. My husband has a lot of issues. He was an addict and we lost our home. We now live in a rental and we’re backed up on all of our bills including rent. I’m very embarrassed and no one really knows our situation. In the many years that I’ve been married I’ve never needed any financial help, but this Christmas I really don’t know where to turn. I would love any help. I would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


Boy, Age 11, Footwear size youth 3, Would love a  gift card to GameStop for video games. He also likes football and basketball and has asked for a snowboard, Needs snow gloves and snow boots


Boy, Age 7, Wants transformers, Pokemon cards, Shoe size 1, Clothing size 8, Needs snow gloves and snow boots


Girl, Age 4, Lol dolls, Shopkins, Polly pocket, loves anything girly, makeup, costume jewelry, Shoe size 11, Clothes size 6, Needs snow gloves and snow boots


Family #37 – WALLKILL


This is a post for a friend. She has been an Ulster County native, back since mid-year. Following that her 3 children have come back into her care. She has recently suffered from multiple domestic violence issues resulting in OPs being violated and her kids father is now incarcerated. She is working hard on herself, with a lot of anxiety and trying to restore safety and peace within her kids life. She works part-time and qualifies for benefits which never last through the month. She also is the primary caregiver to her children’s paternal grandmother. So barely making ends meet. I really want her kids to have a good Christmas holiday with her this year as they haven’t had that in years. I am reaching out because her Domestic Violence advocate through the state said they would help her for the holidays and now they can’t. Her kids are so kind, very bubbly, creative and so appreciate of everything that anyone does for them. In my heart of hearts I hope they can receive even a couple gifts this year. THANKS IN ADVANCE.


Girl, Age 5, Anything is greatly appreciated NEEDS are, socks, panties sz 6-7, hat/gloves, winter boots. WANTS once again doesn’t have to be much, she likes learning and just got into kindergarten, she likes slime, drawing, crafts she would be elated over a new dolly, barbie and nail polish. She could use a comforter as well.


Girl, Age 9, NEEDS: socks, underwear sz 14, jeans (sz 14) girls and long sleeve tops sz 15-16, hat, scarf, gloves. WANTS/Likes: slime, drawing, she likes dolls (maybe a journey doll), painting, crafts


Boy, Age 13, Needs: pants/tops sz mens xl. They can be athletic type, sz xl mens boxers and mens socks, also needs a winter coat! WANTS: he is very easy going and doesn’t want much. He would probably like a bounce gift card, or for gamestop, warm blanket, he is in the teenager stage and likes picking stuff. But anything is appreciated. He would prob like a new football.

Family #38 – WALLKILL


I work a full time job but I have gained guardianship of two of my nieces on top of having three kids of my own. I just started my job in September so right now my paychecks have been going to back bills. I do receive temporary assistance for me and my three children but do not currently receive any help for my nieces. My boyfriend lives with us but he just started working a few days ago and we are struggling to make ends meet.  I would greatly appreciate the help thank you


Boy, Age 3, Needs Winter Boots size 8, His interests are cars and trucks and pj masks and leaning puzzles


Girl, Age 5, Needs Snow boots size 10, She likes to draw read and write also likes pj masks


Girl, Age 8, Needs Snow boots size 1 and snow pants size 8, She likes drawing and playing make up and doing nails


Girl, Age 8, Snow pants size 8 and snow boots size 2, She could use some books, She likes to play video games and color


Girl, Age 12, Size 3 pants and Size small shirts. She loves drawing after school and listening to music.



I’m disabled and my disability is getting harder. I have an 8 yr old son who has disabilities also. Recently I’ve had to take custody of my 9 yr old nephew because his mother was losing him. I’m on a very fixed income and with the 3 of us money is stretched even further. There is no money left after I pay the bills and take care of personal care to have extra spending money for stuff for Christmas for my 2 boys. Thank you for reading this.


Boy, Age 8, sportswear (sweatpants, shirts- he can’t wear jeans because of sensory issues), size men’s medium, winter boots men’s size 9 1/2, hat and gloves, bedding if possible would be greatly helpful twin size (comforter, sheets, pillow blanket); He is autistic and is very big for his age. He loves all kinds of video games. maybe if it’s not too much a Mario game for a PlayStation 4 (He does have a game system that was given to him but no games for it),  He loves to build thing so crafts are great!! He is very simple to please.


Boy, Age 10, Any action movie, superheroes or Marvel movies, LEGOs,  Nerf stuff, sweatpants size 14-16, any graphic tee (Harry Potter is his favorite), anything Harry Potter books posters, Hat and gloves , a bedding set twin size please. He is a very sweet kid. He has come to me with nothing and is taking things in stride. I’ve just put all the things he really needs and a couple he would be ecstatic over.



I am writing today as the most selfless person I have 4 children and I understand everyone has hardships I have been struggling for years never asking for anything. I receive no child support. I have a 15 year old with cerebral palsy. I have been pulled out of work in July for carpal tunnel in both my hands now on disability which is nothing. My fear is my children not having a Christmas and I feel that my burdens shouldn’t be affected by them. My kids need clothes and I can’t even purchase them right now. It’s been hard. I just wanted to say thank you for people like yourselves for helping the community you are angels


Boy, Age 15, Needs clothes, men’s size medium pants/size 14 boys, he needs socks, hats, gloves, boots size 9.5 men, likes video games for Xbox, gift cards, books


Girl, Age 13, Desperately needs clothes: size 9-10 women’s pants, size large shirts, needs socks, gloves and a winter coat; likes gift cards to buy clothes, hair ties and nail polish


Girl, Age 6, Needs snow boots size 1 kids, need clothes size 10/12 shirts, size 8 pants, likes Peppa Pig and Vamprina, books, coloring books and crayons

Family #41 – MIDDLETOWN


Good afternoon, the past few months have been rough, from just barely being able to put food on the table for our 3 kids, to trying to help my elderly sick father whos on dialysis, who suffers from kidney and heart failure to make sure he eats and is cared for, and to my 12yr old daughter trying to commit suicide, we are trying many different drs and therapist, and those come with expensive co pays for meds and drs. We just want our 3 kids to have a great Christmas. Thank you for considering our family in a time of need


Boy, Age 13, Loves, cool socks, crazy cat shirts likes football hes a giants fan, wears a 12 mens shoe medium in mens clothes is in need of a warm winter coat and boots


Girl, Age 12, Loves, history, coloring, harry potter, wears a juniors large and is a size 12 in womans shoes. Is in need of a winter coat and boots


Boy, Age 1, Would love a basketball hoop, and a toy vacuum his broke, likes puppy dog pals, is a size 2t in clothes needs a warm coat, wears a 7c in shoes



My husband is the sole provider of me and our 2 kids. Any help would be appreciated my son has autism which I am a stay at home at this time and And we have a daughter who is 9 years old. We are just making enough for our rent to be paid and the bills. (Even though we are a little behind in bills )We struggle day to day basics but would love to get help this Christmas for my kids to have one !! Thanks


Boy, Age 3, Diapers size 6 could only use pamper swaddlers due to break outs on other brands twin size bed set clothes size 4t shoe size 8,9 Need a kids table /chair set. Has Autism and he needs one for the therapy sessions he will have Also. A trampoline that would help also. He loves playing with cars trucks loves , paw patrol ,Elmo and also the remote control cars


Girl, Age 9, Size clothes 12/14 twin size bed set. Loves the color teal. My life doll clothes , shoes size 4 loves littlest pet shops a gift card to movies She loves the justice store in mall so anything in that store makes her eyes light up



Good evening all, being a single parent is not easy, but a blessing! These four children of mine are my world, and having them so close together, has blessed me with knowledge of how to deal with our financial issues all year round. Being below the poverty line, these kids don’t know it and are extremely humble. My 9 year old was born 1lb7oz, extremely premature, I’ve worked up until I gave birth to him. He has cerebral palsy, and hydrocephalus. I have dedicated my time to my children, I receive SSI on his behalf. We are on a set income, and it’s always difficult around this time of year for us


Girl, Age 4, Shopkins, dressup sets, make up kits, legos, play kitchen, leap pads


Girl, Age 5, Shopkins, hello kitty toys, art sets, Barbies, lol, make up sets, dressup sets, blocks, legislation


Boy, Age 9, Wrestling props, wrestlers, tablet, bike, board games, art sets, gloves, sneakers( 2), legos


Boy, Age 10, Video games (Xbox 1), Nerf, board games, phone (android), fort nite (anything except the game), coats, jeans(11), Sneakers(2.5), legos



I recently moved back in with my mom my kids and I were homeless due to domestic abuse with my partner I’m having financial issues as I’m starting with nothing please anything will help thank you so much I just want my kids to have a wonderful holiday after everything we’re going through. We really appreciate any little bit that you can offer thank you so much happy holidays from mines to yours


Boy, Age 8, Any clothes would be greatly appreciated size 9/10 shoe size 5. He loves DC the flash fortnite,cars,legos body wash lotion cologne comforter set twin size he loves superhero movies!


Boy, Age 5, He has hand me downs from older brother in clothes he could use some spring or summer clothes size 5/6 small. He has a toddler bed and loves any type of stuff animals we use twin size bed sheets he uses one of the crib mattresses,he loves legos and hot wheels favorite movie fast and furious Tokyo drift loves Ryan’s world toys! Action figures and books


Girl, Age 1, I have been seeing where I can get donations for clothes she’s a big girl and uses 18-24 I’m asking for sweat pants sweaters onesies fleece sleep and play.She loves toys with music and me reading to her soppy cups or bottles anything to do with a baby will help



In need of help for Christmas gifts for my children and grandchildren. You see my husband and I are bith working however every cent we had saved had to go on putting a roof on our home due to all the rain and it would not make it through another winter. We have gotten behind on all bills this year because my husband was diagnosed with COPD and lost a few weeks out of work because he was hospitalized. He was told he should not even be working because it has become exacerbated due to his job.


Girl, Age 3, Needs: size 4t clothes, Likes: paw patrol, mermaids, peppa pig, frozen; She is my granddaughter. My son is raising her alone so they must live with us.


Girl, Age 13, Needs; twin size bedding, blanket or comforter, hygiene product, sneakers size 10 womens, jeans size 20w, a coat and gloves. Wants: gift cards for mall or walmart; My daughter has epilepsy and was classified as learning disabled. She has had a lot of medical problems that has caused her to be slow and somewhat on the immature side for someone her age.


Girl, Age 17, She only wants gift cards. She is not really needing anything at this point. She is enrolled in cosmetology in Boces and is a senior in high school. She is a loner and has very few friends.


Girl, Age 18, Wants gift cards to help her take care of her daughter; Single mom to my granddaughter who is 9 months. She is a very independent person who does not like to ask for help.



Due to a nasty split up my daughter and 4 children became homeless and I took them all in. My daughter only receives SSI and myself I’m on disability and a single mom. She tries to make ends meet by delivering Chinese food at night. It’s hard for her to support her 4 children, pay her car insurance, try to put money away to get a place for her family and give her children Christmas also. I do the best I can to help her but as I said I’m a single mom struggling myself. I am asking for help for my 4 grandchildren and my daughter as well.


Boy, Age 2, Needs pjs, diapers size 3-4 and wipes. Loves paw patrol, books, learning toys and musical toys.


Boy, Age 4, Spider man, Superman, the incredibles and paw patrol. Loves cars, trucks, and playing with his toys. Very quiet likes to play with action figures and big truck.


Boy, Age 6, Loves Mario brothers, mutant ninja turtles, superhero’s and dinosaurs. Size 6 pants and tops, socks, slippers sz1, pjs; Very quiet and shy child, very independent and prefers to be alone. Very inquiring and interested in how things work.


Girl, Age 7, Shopkins, Moana, Barbie, needs leggings size 7, tops size 7 socks, a fashionista loves matching everything. Hair accessories of all kind, loves purses, jewelry, and unicorns. Slippers sz1 and pjs; Very outgoing and caring girl. Very bright and loves learning. Self taught reading, cursive writing and now into dancing. She loves music and singing and dancing.


Girl, Age 16, Full size bedding, sz lg leggings, winter coat size 1x, gift cards ( for anywhere) hair accessories (ponyties, brushes, headbands, barrettes or clips) body sprays, lotions, body washes. She is into all the latest trends, enjoys music and singing. She is a cheerleader in high school with a shy personality.

Family #47: KINGSTON


I am a single mom of my own child and then I have my niece who I have taken in as my own. My niece has just moved in not even a year ago. I have been out of work sense February due to a injury at work. I am barely making way with my bills. Christmas is my kids favorite time of the year. I would love to have them wake up to gifts under the tree. I have never had to ask for help before. I would like to thank a family that would help me give my children a Christmas.

Girl, Age 2, My 2 1/2 year old needs size 4T clothes (prefers leggings. She doesn’t like wearing jeans), size 9 child shoes, new bedding set. She loves paw patrol, barney, Minnie mouse. Baby dolls, baby doll furniture, Barbie dolls, outside toys. She loves coloring inside and outside. Also loves finger painting. She is advanced for her age. She has a great imagination. She is outgoing and full of energy. She also loves being outside.


Girl, Age 12, Shoes size woman 11, clothes- leggings size large- extra large, Shirts xtra large socks and panties- size 10 woman. New boom box, nail stuff, arts and crafts, lol dolls, barbie camper and Barbie stuff, kids bop cds (numbers 31 and above), roller blades, curtains, anything emoji. My 12 your niece has been through a lot in her life. Both her parents have signed her over to me and gave me only the clothes that were on her back. She loves singing and dancing, has a heart of gold. Always wanting to be adventures. Keeping her mind busy is how we get through the hard times she’s going through. Her mentality is younger than her. But tries to make the best out her life.

Family #48 – MIDDLETOWN

Hello I’m a single mom of three, one with some disabilities, which can be very challenging. Things started getting bad for me about a year ago and I have been just barely getting by and now things are still doing not too good and I really haven’t been able to do to much for my kids I’m hoping things will get better soon,my kids are my world.


Girl, Age 9, Needs socks size large in girls t shirts size 10/12, leggings size 10/12, snow boots size 3, needs ponytails and clips, likes and wants hatchimals (the little ones), crayons (asking for the big case of over a 100), loves to color and likes ty stuffed animals with the big eyes, likes the make you own kids bath bombs kits,  lip gloss, num nums (they’re little lip glosses)


Girl, Age 9, Needs socks girls size large, leggings size 10, t shirts Size 10/12, loves shopkins, shirts needs ponytails and clips, Wants and likes shopkins, coloring – asked for the big pack of crayons over 100, also likes the make your own lip gloss or bath bombs kits


Boy, Age 3, Needs pants 4/t (no jeans), long sleeves 4t, mittens, likes trucks, trains, bulldozers, cars,

Coloring books, Paw Patrol, Mickey, Dinotrux dinosaurs, wants a pair of work boots size 10 or 10.5



Hi this is my first time doing this its a little embarrassing to me but im in need of help this year my boyfriend just lost his job recently and we are struggling to get by unfortunately. I am on disability due to a back injury years ago. My boyfriend does construction and was laid off due to slow work (he is looking for work). We don’t have any family to help us. His mom moved out of state because she couldn’t afford living here and I lost my parents years ago due to cancer. Ii have siblings but they struggle as it is and unfortunately can’t help us. I’ve never thought for one second that I would ever have to turn to someone and ask for help but this year is just so hard for me and my family and it’s even harder because our son’s birthday is in December as well. We just can’t seem to get head. Thank you.

Boy, Age 7, Needs clothes size 6/7 or medium (he likes to wear sweatpants and jogging pants. e does not like wearing jeans. He says they feel funny on his skin), he can use snow boots not sure on size his sneakers size is 12, he likes basketball shoes and he can use a snow suit and snow gloves. He loves to draw, color and paint. He hasn’t really asked for much with toys. He asked for walkie talkies, game stop gift cards, bump trucks, race cars, remote control dinosaurs, smash ems and smashers, gift card to build a bear.  He has ADHD so he struggles in school. He’s a very happy and outgoing kid.

Family #50: KINGSTON


I’m a single father and just making ends meet going paycheck to paycheck and would just like a Christmas for my children. I recently applied for food stamps but they told me that I make 2 dollars too much to get help. It’s hard paying all of the bills, shopping and trying to do Christmas. I just don’t have the money to do it all.


Girl, Age 1, Needs winter coat size 2t needs boots 6/7 winter clothing 2t socks and she likes docmcstuffin and vamparina and dolls


Boy, Age 1, Needs toddler bed (his broke) and a bed set. He likes paw patrol, needs winter clothing size 12/18 months, he likes tonka trucks and likes little boy workbench with tool set, likes watching daddy work with tools and would like his own set and likes toys for boys his age


Girl, Age 3, She needs winter coat size 3t and winter clothing socks pjs boots size 8/9 toddler she also likes doc mcstuffin toys and dolls also


Girl, Age 4, Needs a winter coat size 3t, boots 9 toddler, winter clothing size 3t, hair accessories, she likes doc mcstuffin stuff and likes dolls


Girl, Age 9, Wants purple camo bed set size queen, needs clothing- likes stretch leggings size 10/12, shirts size 10/12, needs winter coat same size, boots size 3/4, likes coloring activity stuff and barbie dolls and accessories like the dollhouse and stuff for barbie to have in house

Family #51: NEWBURGH


I’m out of work this year due to a medical issue. I won’t be returning to work until the new year. I had to give up my apartment due to a code violation and recently moved from a shelter into an apartment. Thank-you.


Boy, Age 3, Pants 4t, Shirt 4T, toys


Boy, Age 11, Winter boots size 11, Legos, Art supplies, Ps4 games, Board games, Levi Jeans size 29,

Joggers large, Shirts large, Socks, Under shirt, Underwear, Twin size bedding, Bike, Books


Boy, Age 11, Boots size 6 1/2, Socks, T-shirt, Underwear, Jeans kids size 18, Shirt size large, Twin bedding, Legos, Ps4 games, Books, Bike, Movies


My husband had a triple bypass a year ago and has several medical problems and can no longer work. I have lost my job because the store is closing. Our income has went from about 3500.00 a month to 1550.00 a month and our rent is 1250.00. So my children will not have a Christmas this year and it breaks my heart. I normally would have my mother help me out when times get tough but may God rest her soul she passed away a year ago and it has been terribly hard on me also. So if you could find it in your heart to help my family out that will be a gift from God. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God Bless


Girl, Age 2, clothes and pajamas size 3T, socks, sneakers size 7. She loves princess Poppy from the trolls and baby dolls. I would love to get her a play kitchen set up. I would even love to get her a tablet so she can watch all her nursery rhymes and baby shows


Baby Girl, Age 4 months, Clothes 6-9 months sleepers onesies. She could use a walker. She could also use anything age appropriate for learning.


Boy, Age 7, He could use pants size 10, shirts size lg, sweats and pajamas. He is into wrestling and remote control trucks


Boy, Age 10, He needs long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, hoodies and pajamas. He loves the NY giants.

Boy, Age 15, Needs jacket and sweats and hoodie he is a size lg. He could also use a new bed set queen size. The only other thing he is into is his PS4. He likes and has been asking me for the game madden 2019 and the new Call of Duty. He has also been asking me for a new controller for the ps4. He would also love a new Bike; He is a very well behaved 15 yr old. He likes the sweats to have the elastic at the bottom. He like to shop at against all odds in the mall.


Girl, Age 18, She needs clothes size 5 jeans and medium in shirts and sweats and hoodies. She could also a new bed set queen size and pillows. The only thing she has been asking for is ugg boots size 8. She likes makeup, Bath and Body works and victoria secrets.



This Christmas I need help because I don’t want my son to have another Christmas like last year. It all started last year my bf got let go of his job because it was to slow so it was a few days before xmas so we had no money to get anything we ended up losing our home we are now in another place. My bf is working but again he’s not getting enough hours. Any money we get goes to food. We are in the process of losing our home again because we can’t pay November rent so now we gotta worry about being homeless on xmas and we don’t have anywhere to go. We don’t have anyone my mother is dying from liver and lung cancer and that’s the only person I have. II just want my son to have a xmas this year it seems like every year something happens at Christmas time. t would be so nice for my son to have a nice Christmas even know we have alot going on. He worry’s everyday in school that while he’s in school we are gonna get kicked out.

I’m not working right now due for medical reasons. I have depression and anxiety and social anxiety really bad.


Boy, Age 8, Needs: clothes pants size 14 or large, shirts size LG, underwear LG, socks.

Wants: his biggest wish is to have a computer. Xbox one games, Xbox gift cards to buy things on fortnite, anything fortnite, bean bag, headset for Xbox one, Left for dead 2 game, basketball.

Dislikes: he hates jeans he only wears gym pants; is such a sweet boy very active loves sports



Hello, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, I injured my foot this August 2018. I broke multiple bones and ripped a tendon in my right foot. I’ve been on going with physical therapy and MRI and xrays but my return date to work is still not certain. I have just barely been making the bills myself and with no help Christmas isn’t looking so promises for my children and of ages of 8,4, and 1 my children are not going to understand why Santa isn’t able to come this year. I’m asking help to please help me and my babies. I never seek help if I don’t have to because i don’t want to take from a family in need but for the first time i have to face the truth that I need help. Im asking anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!


Girl, Age 1, She wears a size 4t (she’s a big girl) and a size 6 in toddler shoes. She loves clothes! Any and all clothes! She loves cars and stuffed animals( she calls them her babies); She dislikes button up shirts. She’s very quirky and funny. She loves rabbits and elephants!


Boy, Age 4, He wear size 5t and size 12 in shoes. He loves paw patrol and pj masks along with trucks and power rangers.


Girl, Age 8, She wears 10 in pants and 10/12 in shirts. She wears a size 3 in shoes. She loves JoJo siwa and arts and crafts. Honestly anything she would love!; My daughter is very artistic and is very into fashion. She is the sweetest little girl with the heart of gold.



I am currently in a homeless shelter called the Chi program. I receive 310 dollars monthly for my daughter for survivor benefits. I don’t have any family to help . I am currently not working but getting ready to do a work program to look for work .. thank you kindly


Girl, Age 7, She loves lip gloss, baby doll accessories, baby dolls, clothes size 14/16 And shoe size 5 in childrens


Boy, Age 10, His birthday is within days of Christmas, he wants clothing and a ps4, his clothing is size 14/16 And size 7 1/2 boots (He doesn’t like button down shirts)


Girl, Age 12, Clothing size 14 junior and medium to large shirts, boots 7 1/2 And a Hover board is all she wants

Family #56: WALDEN


I have currently become a single parent of two children with speech and language delays. I also became disabled myself 6 months ago. I have drop foot so I can’t drive or walk well along with needing 2 knee replacements. I can not work at this time and I do not receive child support. Thank-you for the consideration.


Girl, Age 5, Size 10-12 winter clothes, loves lol dolls, my little pony and barbies; has a very strong personality is outgoing and likes to make you laugh


Girl, Age 6, Clothes size 10-12 winter, loves lol dolls and arts and crafts. She is very bubbly, kind and loving towards others. She loves being around people and will make you smile.



My family will be needing help this time of the year. My husband is a construction worker and his hours for work are less each week as cold weather begins and our income is lower each week. Unfortunately he is the only one working and providing for our family. We do not receive any government assistance.  Any help is appreciated.


Boy, Age 4, Needs: Winter jacket, shoes size 10c, socks, clothes size 5, pajamas

Wants: leaning toys, puzzles, dinosaurs, Captain America, coloring book, reading books, glow in the dark things


Boy, Age 3, Needs: shoes size 9c, clothes size 4, gloves and hat, pajamas, underwears (potty training) , socks

Wants: loves spiderman, farm animals (loves cows) , stuff animals, puzzles, cars


Girl, Age 8 months, Needs: clothes size 12 months, diapers size 4,baby wipes, socks, gloves and hat

Wants: likes Minnie Mouse, bath toys, music toys



Hi, I am a 25 year old young former teen mother. I just got out of a rehab facility and I am trying to better my life so I can make a better life for my ten year old son. I’m very determined to make things right in my life and be the best example I can be for my ten year old son. I am having a hard time finding a job, but everyday I am continuing my search. My family is struggling themselves and so I don’t receive significant help from them. I would so appreciate this. I want my little boy’s first Christmas home with me to be a great one and one that he can remember. Also one where he can remember his mommy being a supportive role model in his life.


Boy, Age 10, He likes captain underpants books. Barnes and Noble gift cards. Games for his PS4. Clothing size 10/12 and also Barnes and Noble gift cards because he loves to read. Snow pants. Size 3 snow boots and sneakers. Long sleeve shirts. Minecraft. Science experiment kits. He is a smart, caring ten year old with a huge heart and he loves animals.




We live off my ssi and my childs ssi. My youngest daughter has been in westchester medical center since October 26th. I drive there every other day because I can’t afford any more than that with my truck. The extra money I would have had has been going towards gas and parking at the hospital. On top of all this, her 9th birthday was on November 7th. I’m hoping she will be well enough to come home before the beginning of December. It has been tough on my 14 year old daughter cause i spend so much time at the hospital. If you can help in any way it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and God bless.


Girl, Age 9, She really wants a tablet. She loves Slime kits and playdough. And needs new sneakers size 4.5


Girl, Age 14, She loves all thing Korean pop (kpop). Needs leggings size 2x and loves sweaters short or long sleeve but can use any style shirts size 2x.



I have been trying to find a job since I came out of transitional housing. I just got my daughter back and haven’t been able to find any steady work. I want to give her a nice Christmas. Unfortunately, two people living off off my ssi is difficult and I am unable to provide her a christmas. Please consider my daughter to have a wonderful christmas.


Girl, Age 5, Size 7/8 clothing. Little pet shop. My little pony. Winter jacket. Sneakers size 12 snow boots




I have recently become a single parent of two children with speech and language delays. I also became disabled myself 6 months ago, I have drop foot so I can’t drive or walk well, along with needing 2 knee replacements. I can not work at this time and I do not receive child support. Thank you for the consideration.


Girl, Age 6, Clothes size 10-12 winter loves lol dolls and arts and crafts


Girl, Age 5, Size 10-12 winter clothes loves lol dolls, my little pony and barbies




Just became a single parent after leaving a domestic relationship. I have 4 young children. It’s been rough trying to get a job in my area and the holidays are approaching. It has also been tough trying to save each penny I do have for my kids Christmas. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Boy, Age 9, My sons a size 10/12 in clothing and I’m shoes a size 5 boys. Is in need of socks , a new coat for the winter , loves Minecraft, anything to do with Fortnite and also loves nerf guns and toys.


Girl, Age 6, My daughter kyera is very into unicorns , she’s a size 6x in clothing , and a size 13 in shoes. She absolutely adores unicorns anything to do with them and loves Barbie dolls , baby dolls. She’s in need of socks and underwear’s.


Girl, Age 5, She is my unique daughter. She’s a size 5 in little girls clothing. She’s petite also. She’s a size 10 toddler shoes. She loves to draw anything that’s artistry she’ll enjoy. She also likes Barbie dolls and paw patrol. She needs a new winter coat , socks and possibly new boots for the winter.


Girl, Age 3, My love bug she’s a size 4t in clothes. She absolutely adores ANYTHING with Minnie Mouse. She needs new winter boots , socks and underwear. She enjoys coloring and loves loves loves Minnie and baby dolls.