Christmas Wish Program 2019

We are no longer accepting Christmas Wishes for 2019. Peace, love and light to all.

For 6 years, Hudson Valley Kids has been running a Christmas Wish program. Hudson Valley residents who are suffering through extreme hardship write to us and request assistance in providing a happy Christmas for their children. Now in it’s 7th year, this operation provides a way for fortunate, caring people to help hundreds of children right in their own area!

  • We will begin to accept 2019 Christmas Wishes FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, 2019
  • The DEADLINE for wish requests is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15TH at 11:59pm, 2019

How it Works

  1. All parties must read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions” . There will be a box to check online that Indicates that, yes, you agree to abide by them.
  3. Your wish will be reviewed by the administrators (admins) of this Christmas Wish Program.
  4. We assign your family a number so as to maintain privacy. (We try to email you to tell you your number but things move very quickly in this program. Your best bet is to keep an eye on our newly posted wishes each day and look for your wish and see what your number is.)
  5. The administrators will contact you IF OR WHEN someone has chosen to grant your wish. When a wish is met, it will say “WISH MET!” next to your family #. You can email us (see Admin info below) or send us a message through Facebook: Hudson Valley Kids.
  6. Once your wish has been published, you WAIT PATIENTLY. If you do not hear from the administrators that your wish was granted and/or you do not see on the most recent Christmas Wish update that your wish has been met, that means that your wish will not be fulfilled through this program.
  7. When the WISH-GRANTER chooses a family to help, they contact the administrators through Facebook messenger or email. They will be given the wish-recipients’ first name, phone number and email. Once each party has received the other’s first name and contact information, they may communicate directly. We do ask that both parties keep the admin(s) updated on the process.
  8. WISH-GRANTERS should contact the family BEFORE shopping.
  9. When they are done shopping for the family, they will contact the wish-recipient to make arrangements to meet to deliver the gifts.
  10. WISH-GRANTERS and wish-recipients will meet at a PUBLIC PLACE DURING DAYLIGHT. ie: police station, grocery store

Terms and Conditions to Participate in Hudson Valley Kids’ Christmas Wish Program 2019:

  1. BOTH PARTIES agree to exchange first names only. Parties will avoid exchanging last names for privacy and security purposes.
  2. BOTH PARTIES agree to exchange phone numbers AND emails. If a person anticipates difficulty with communication, the person must provide more than one means of contacting them, i.e., an additional phone number or email. Phone #’s are mandatory. If there are extreme circumstances where an email works better, please indicate in the “Comments” section of the form.
  3. BOTH PARTIES agree to meet at a PUBLIC location during DAYLIGHT (i.e. a parking lot of a big-chain store or a mall. Do NOT meet at a private residence. Do NOT give each other your street addresses.
  4. BOTH PARTIES agree to keep confidential each other’s identifying and personal information including but not limited to each other’s name, address, phone number, email, family information (finances, family-member names, ages etc.).
  5. The administrators will inform the wish-granter(s) of the wish-requester’s FIRST NAME, PHONE NUMBER & EMAIL.
  6. Both parties must have reliable transportation and a back-up plan in case their first means of transportation fails (i.e. if you have an older car, have had recent car problems, have financial or other barriers to using a cab or bus service.)
  7. Both parties understand that the type of gift, amount of gifts, and value of gifts are up to the discretion of the wish-granter(s). There is no minimum or maximum required for gift-giving.
  8. Gifts must be NEW and UNWRAPPED. This is for safety and security purposes. The wish-granter may provide gift-wrapping supplies (i.e. new rolls of wrapping paper, rolls of tape) at their own discretion.
  9. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY and LISTEN TO YOUR VOICEMAILS. If we do not hear from you after 5 attempts (whether by email and/or phone), you will be removed from the list.
  10. Both parties must keep the admins “in the know” about plans for meeting times and places and to inform us when the gifts have been delivered/ received.


  • We require both phone & email in the case we have a hard time getting in touch with you.
  • Hudson Valley Kids’ Christmas Wish Program administrators will have access to all of the personal information that you submit. The administrators will not share this information with the public except for with your wish-granter(s).
  • Admins may contact you and ask for more detail. For example, stating that you are a single parent and/or out of work does not provide enough reason. This is because some single parents receive support from other family members and/or are not working due to their own choice(s).
  • Wish-requesters should be GRACIOUS & MODEST in their requests. Requests for expensive brands, video gaming systems/new games and costly technology are frowned upon.
  • Before we publish your wish, we may edit your entry as we deem necessary (i.e. to remove identifying information, to correct spelling and punctuation).
  • Your child’s/children’s names will NOT be shared with the public. In some cases, wish-granters have asked for the children’s first names because they wanted to personalize the gifts and/or write the child a note. While we advise that you do not share your child’s/ children’s names, this is up to the discretion of the wish-requester who assumes all responsibility for information that they share.
  • We sometimes receive offers from generous people who have gently-used items (clothing, winter gear, toys etc.) that they would like to give to someone in need. In this case, IF WE HAVE TIME, we will contact the wish-requester to see if they are willing to accept these items. The wish-requester assumes any and all risks involved with accepting used items.
  • In some cases the wish-granter may want to shop online and ask if they can have the gifts delivered directly to the family’s home. Such an arrangement must be agreed upon by both parties. The wish-recipient’s street address or P.O. Box will not be given to the wish-granter unless consent is given.
  • HV Kids has the right to not publish every wish for any reason and to remove any wish for any reason at any time.
  • Last, we will do our best to answer messages & emails in a timely manner however this program is very time-consuming and it is not always possible. If you don’t hear back it means that there is no change to your status or that your question can be answered by reading this page.

Contact:  Kristen Hergenhan
Phone/ Text:  845-275-4240                                                       

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