2019 Christmas Wish List

Hudson Valley Kids Christmas Wish Program 2019

WISHES MET: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 24, 32, 34, 42, 48, 60, 62, 63, 67, 68, 69, 71, 73, 84



Here are Hudson Valley families hoping for help this Christmas season. Please review. If you see a family that you would like to help, email Kristen at Kristen@HudsonValleyKids.org and tell us which family you would like to help. Please read our Terms & Conditions. Thank-you for your consideration. Let’s spread love and joy!


“I am a single mom looking for help for my two kids I’m on disability It’s not enough for me and my kids I’m trying to do the best for my kids to see them happy on Christmas please if anyone can help me this year I will really appreciate it thank you and God bless.”


“Currently out of work and been struggling to get cases through my PCA job but they don’t wanna risk me or babys health as im currently 7 months pregnant with a baby girl. So work has been a struggle as running hr pregnancy but been trying to make ends meet the best way i can. As well as just had a death in the family that had to come up with extra funds for butvwr just mad. As I worked ive always helped anyone i could regardless what it was even given up meals and etc i love to help anyone i can and it just hurts that i haven’t been able to plan for a christmas for my 2 girls i feel like a complete failure any help would be greatly appreciated!”


“I normally do not ask anyone for help, but where I am so desperately in need I don’t know what else to do. I am a single mother of a beautiful little girl which i do not have any help for due to her father not being around, and due to my family being in a different state. I had recently just broke my leg and had to get surgery due to my fibula breaking and shift and ligaments tore as well that I am on medical leave from my job, which I do not get for paid medical leave. My daughter is constantly growing which none of her clothes nor shoes are fitting. I will not be recovered in time before the holidays and all I want is for my daughter to enjoy Christmas. I have also apply at social services for assistance for food which they told me will take a process, I wouldn’t mind going to the pantries but due to my leg I can not do anything to put pressure onto it. I would truly appreciate if you could possibly make our wishes come true. Thank you in advance.”


“I tore my acl still recovering and going through physical therapy my husband is the only income however income goes to rent and utilities and his child support which leaves no money for anything extra not even holiday tree we receive social services snap program.”


“Hi I’m a grandmother of 2 girls ages 10 and 12 that I have custody of .I don’t receive any help for them .every day it’s a struggle but holidays are worse .anything helps their really in need of winter coats & boots clothes are the main thing they need as they grow so fast .if anyone could help we would appreciate it so much !! Thank u.”


“My husband recently died unexpectedly. He left behind 4 children who were his life, they adored him, looked up to him and did everything with them. His loss has taken a toll on me mentally and physically. I cry all day everyday, I cry myself to sleep and wake up crying. My doctor is refusing to allow me to go back to work saying I’m not ready and will not sign my release form. My funds are running low, my bank account is drained and I have no idea how Christmas is just a few days away. We missed Halloween I couldn’t bring my kids out or even try to celebrate the holiday. My children need a miracle and I need one too. Please help me help my kids.”


“My husband had a triple bypass a two years ago and has several medical problems, he also had to have stents done this year and can no longer work due to the medical issues and siezures. I have lost my job because due to the fact that I have to stay home and care for my husband. Our income has went from about 3500.00 a month to 1550.00 a month and our rent is 1300.00. So my children will not have a Christmas again this year and it breaks my heart. last year my children kept asking me why there is no gifts under the tree and I tried to explain to them but they were still upset. This year I would love to see my children happy and excited when they wake up Christmas morning when there are gifts under the tree. My mother has always been there to help me out when times get tough but may God rest her soul she passed away two years ago and it has been terribly hard on me since then also. So if you could find it in your heart to help my family out that will be a gift from God. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God Bless.”

Girl, Age 2

Clothes size 2t, she is in need of winter clothes, jacket and socks. hat and gloves. and ride on toys or age appropriate or learning toys is good. diapers size 6 wipes sippy cups

Girl, Age 3

Clothes size 4t/5t winter jacket 5t socks underwear. she needs winter clothes jacket and boots. shoe size is 8 youth. she loves Peppa pig and play make up and loves to make believe she is cooking. she also loves baby dolls. she would love a little girls bike. hats and gloves

Boy, Age 9

clothes size 10/12 needs winter clothes winter jacket socks underwear. he is into trucks, fortnight, wrestling. he would love a boys bike

Boy, Age 11

Pants size 12/14 boys shirts medium winter jacket size lg boys needs underwear socks. he is into fortnight and football. he would love a bike

Boy, Age 16

Jeans size 36/30 shirts size lg/extra lg needs socks underwear. He would love a bike. he is into football and basketball. he could use a full size bed set.

Girl, Age 19

Jeans size 7 shirts size medium she loves her make up. gift cards are also fine. she is also in need of queen size bedding

Family #8, BEACON

I’m writing this for my family . I am a single parent . And I am on disability. Along with my son’s who also are on disability. Before being on disability I was working and I have not been able to return to work because of medical problems. We make just enough to cover our rent and monthly bills. And with that I don’t have anything for Christmas.

Boy, Age 16

Winter coat mens 3xL . Long sleeve shirts 3 xl warm winter blanket. Twin size. Head phones. Likes listening to music. Movie gift card. Mens joggers 3 xl. Axes gift set

Boy, Age 18

Winter clothing. Pants joggers 4xl shirts 4xl. Winter blankets twin size. Movie gift card. Mens slippers. Xlarge axes gift set . Electric Razor or Trimmer. Mens boxers size 3XL


“Hi this year’s really hard for us I’m a single parent of three kids and right now all I get is food stamps and 150 a month in child support I got told by doctors I can’t work due to my spine problems and I need 2 hip replacements I also have a lawyer I’m trying to get ssi but not sure when I will even get it anything will help for my kids thank you and God bless everyone”

Boy, Age 1

Clothing 18 months diapers size 4 or 5, wipes, bath stuff, pajamas and socks, winter coat, toys anything for baby boy, crib sheets and bedding, teething toys, walker learning toys

Girl, Age 4

Winter clothing size 4 5 kids boots shoes size 10 kids she loves mighty pups she loves baby shark papa pig that kinda stuff she’s in pull ups small med she also needs pajamas and socks toys anything girly not picky at all Arts and crafts books learning stuff she’s a special needs girl she’s been asking for a little girls bike with training wheels girls bedding twin size

Girl, Age 5

She needs winter clothing size 6 7 kids boots and shoes size11 kids. Winter stuff pajamas socks underwear she only likes JoJo underwears toys girly stuff she loves JoJo mighty pups pj masks make up arts and crafts reading little girls bike with training wheels she always wanted one and bedding size twin for girls


“I am a single mom of 3 with 2 out of the 3 suffer from autism. We are experiencing some hardship at this time because I just recently lost half of my hours at work. With this being said made a downward spiral in my life. I am just trying to see a smile despite everything we are going through.”

Girl, Age 5

Her needs are underwear size 8 and socks and boots size 1. Her want is a table and chair set and a doll house with a Barbie doll

Boy, Age 6

His needs are underwear size 14 boys, socks and shirts size large children and sweat pants and shirts size 12 his only want is some game called Nintendo switch light

Boy, Age 16

Socks, t-shirts size large men, his wants are gift cards to game stop and the movies


“Hi im asking for help due to being sick in and out of hospital this year being tested for MS i also gained custody of my grandchild. The SSI I get isnt enough to get my family things they need yet anything for the holidays.”

Girl, Age 4 months

Needs crib set winter clothing sz 12 mo by Xmas shes 9 mo sz now sz 3 diaper anything for a little girl toy wise loves rag dolls

Boy, Age 10

Needs pjs comforter set undershirts sz 8/10 in pants 10 shirt shoes 4 n half likes roblox cars truck’s gift cards

Boy, Age 13 (disabled)

Needs pjs, hoodies and a comforter set twin sz, boys sz 10/12 shirt, pants 10, shoes sz 5 n half, Likes legos build a bear, hot wheels, gift cards

Boy, Age 15

Needs clothes comforter set men sz small or 30 shirts men small or med shoe 9 n half men like Fornite game stop gift card fast n furious

Boy, Age 18

Needs clothes jogger or sweats only sz l/xl shirts l /xl shoes 10 n half likes head phones gift cards

Boy, Age 20

Needs a winter coat sz med men pants 32 shoes 13 likes tools cologne hat’s

Boy, Age 21

Needs boots sneakers sz 15 shoe clothes sz xl 38 pants likes gift cards collectable cars

Family #12, MODENA WISH MET!

“I’m a single mom of two kids. They’re 3 and 10. I’m a full time student trying to earn a RN degree so i can make a better life for my children. I only work part time as a CNA. I do not get paid in an efficient amount. I pay for childcare out of my pocket. I can’t get childcare help because they don’t help full time students. I also don’t get any child support for my oldest child. His father is not in the picture and refuses to pay. I get bare minimum child support from my youngest. Her father sees her for his visitation. I’m barely making my bills to keep a roof over our head.”


“Hello everyone im a mother of 4 who is needing help for Christmas me and my husband are disabled and only make enough money to pay rent and put food on the table if there is anyone that would help us for Christmas that would be greatly appreciated for the last few years we’ve been having a very hard time getting back on our feet so any little bit of help will help our family”

Girl, Age 4

Likes paw patrol, Peppa pig. pj mask. play dough, babies, clothes size 5t

Girl, Age 12

She likes loom bands, beads for loom bands, leggings size 14, shirt size 14, likes body spray, hair accessories

Girl, Age 14

She likes legging size sm hot topic supernatural stuff shirts size med nail polish makeup bath and body works

Boy, Age 17

He likes clothes size 1x shirt pants size 34\34 he likes axes stuff gift cards to Wal-Mart

Family #14, MIDDLETOWN

“I’m a single mother of 2. I do not have support assistance from the daughters father , And the past 3 years have helped care for my 19 year old nephew whose father passed away and mother is not Locally here to help care for him. I’m not able to work due to physical disabilities and need for mobility support. My One daughter 18. In her first year college. And my younger daughter is 10. I receive social security as my only source of income to support my family. I also receive social services to help. My family would be appreciative for any help we are granted, as we are aware the are so many families that are in need. Here is alittle about my girls. My oldest, she is a hard worker in school trying to make college honors, she also volunteers in the community and does work with younger children. . ., ( she is a xl woman’s clothing.) if clothing is a gift. She knows that we are having a hard time and doesn’t tend to ask for very much.

My youngest daughter Has been a Scout for 5 years. She enjoyed helping out the community and meeting new people. She is doing well in school and last year began playing the flute in her school band, she practices flute and her martial arts most days. Her clothing size is 14. She enjoys art, martial arts, crafts, painting, and recently began sewing. (She said she was going to make our family blankets and other things) , stuffed animals, as well as books (she is an advanced reader) and likes strategy/brain games , as well as fun games.

I know that there are so many families/children in our community that are going through tough times as my family is and I am grateful for any help that is offered to us. Thank you.”

Girl, Age 10

Arts and crafts , games, size 14 clothing. Size 4 shoe. Martial arts. Sewing fabrics ,. Advanced Reading books. Bookbag. Winter coat and hat. Twin Comforter and sheets

Girl, Age 18

Clothing size x-large. Hygiene care, body wash and spray. Full size bedding. Jacket

Boy, Age 19

Hygiene products, clothing size large, bedding size queen. Jacket , scarf. Shaving supplies


“I left an abusive husband in the middle of the night. I didn’t have a choice on what I could bring. I woke the kids up pre-packed as much as I could even hiding stuff outside where he couldn’t find it. Me and my girls got in the car drove to the bank to clean out the accounts even waiting in a parking lot until the bank opened to get every last dime I could. We drove where our money took us. I reached out to the domestic violence shelter where they put us in protective housing, helped file orders of protection and switched the girls school. We were basically in hiding. With the help of these amazing people we are now in a home, I have a job and my children are in school away from this man. Our lives were turned upside down for years but that strength and weakness I showed my girls that few months I hope lasts them a life time. I’ve never been so weak and strong in my life. My girls are happy, healthy and absoultey amazing. I don’t have any money to give them a Christmas. I didnt know that the electric company requires a large deposit which took most of my money. I’m not asking for a hand out. Im asking to make my girls smile, be happy, excited and a holiday free of stress. 2019 sucked it can go down as the worst year of my life but I’ll be darn if 2020 isn’t the healthiest most amazing year yet!”


“I am caring for my 3 grandchildren. Girls 17, and 11. And boy 17. I am unemployed and receiving disability for myself and DSs for the children. I have diagnosed with a medical issue that I am getting treatments for and it prevents me from working. Financially I’m worried I am unable to provide my grandchildren with a holiday this year. I am their sole provider and I don’t get assistance from their parents. They are aware of how hard things are for us, so they don’t ask for very much. I do not have transportation of my own so I relay on friends and family to help when needed. Emotionally we are all struggling these past couple years with lose and disappointment . I really would like them to believe that times aren’t always going to be so hard and that it will work out. But as the holidays come closer I am not sure that I can make them smile. The oldest are students. And working hard in school. They are in therapy trying to learn how to cope and deal with everything.”

Family #17, MILLERTON

“Hello, I’m asking for help this year as we are experiencing may financial and physical changes this year. I’m currently disabled and my husband whom is a painter is out of work for the season and having a hard time finding more. We have 3 children the oldest 14 ur old boy will be back in our custody Nov 15 this will be our first Christmas with him in 6 years due to his father keeping him away… We also have a 10 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy with extreme asd & adhd ….we aren’t asking for much just a small Christmas miracle. Thank-you in advance for any possible help and I hope all have a blessed holiday season.”

Boy, Age 5

Needs pants size 8/10 boys shoes size 2 in boys, he loves sonic the hedgehog, reading, learning games, cars and trains, Nerf and Ryan’s world. He has severe sensory issues so anything sensory specific

Girl, Age 10

Winter Jacket size lrg juniors,  pants and shirts size medium /large juniors and shoes size 7 women’s… She is very into baby dolls, my life dolls, arts and crafts, music and sewing

Boy, Age 14

Pants & shirts size men’s sm/md, jacket size medium/lrg in men’s, shoes size 8.5 men’s. He loves music, arts and crafts, survival stuff and sports. . He loves music the Dallas cowboys 


“My family and I have been going through a lot being a single mother sometimes it’s a struggle getting needs. i just want my daughters to have a happy Christmas. We don’t receive any help from the government unfortunately.”

Girl, Age 15

Needs: hat scarf glove coat she wants ugg boots she’s and 5 1/2 6 in shoes in kids she’s a 18/20 or medium in in teen clothes she loves dressing up and trying new clothes and shoes. Wants :She’s not big on toys she loves makeup stuff

Girl, Age 16

Needs:hat scarf glove coat she wants ugg boots she’s 6 she’s,a medium in teen clothes she loves the forever 21 store and fashion nova wants: she really a Polaroid camera with film


Money issues the last few months have been rough ive been taking care of my grandfather my boyfriend lost is job a few weeks ago i just want my son to have a good Christmas

Family #20, HIGHLAND

“I am requesting help this season because I am a single mom a 2. My one child has autism. We only have one income and it is very limited. I have no money to get them anything for Christmas this year. I do receive $150 a month in child support. I also receive Food stamps but that dosen’t last us through the month. we go to food pantries every week to help make ends meet. I am on such a low and limited Income that theres times where I’m counting change to put gas in my car so I could get to work.”

Boy, Age 3          

Needs: short/long sleeve shirts size 6/7 sweatpants size 7/8. hoodies size /7. a PJ MASK bed set with comforter for twin size bed. shoes/boots size 12/13. hats gloves scarves.

Wants: Anything PJ MASK. PJ MASK Toy vehicle players. Any figures/characters. PJ MASK Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket. PJ MASK Mystery Mountain Playset. 

Girl, Age 7

Needs: short/long sleeve shirts size 14/16. legging/sweatpants size 12 plus. hoodies size 14/16. a Unicorn bed set with comforter for twin size bed. shoes/boots size 5. hats gloves scarves.

Wants: Barbie club Chelsea doll and playhouse. L.O.L. Surprise bubbly surprise doll and pet (Orange). Baby Alive Simmer n’ Splash Mermaid Blonde Hair. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Holiday Bundle.            


“Hi I’m a single mom with 3 kids I’m going through a bad divorce from an abusive husband I’m in a temporary housing facility. I’m on social services I’ve applied for SSI due to anxiety and ptsd. My income is very limited it’s been very stressful on myself & my kids and I’m hoping to find whatever help I can and try to give them a nice Christmas thank you”


“I had my son in high-school and never expected to end up raising him as a single mom. I left a toxic relationship so that him and I would be safe and have a better life. I have been working retail since I was 16 years old and with that Im still not able to pay all of our rent and other necessary bills. We will be moving in with a friend next month Because my second job is no longer in business and without that I cannot pay the rent of our one bedroom apartment. Food pantries have been a huge help me and my son. At the moment we don’t have a car, so we rely on friends and public transportation to get us places. We don’t have many family members or support and the ones that we do have are struggling them self with finances. I hope and pray that I can give my little man a great Christmas. He is the sweetest and most thoughtful kid. I have worked so hard to overcome many personal struggles and to be the woman and mom that I am today and I know that If I keep pushing through, that things can and will get better. I would appreciate any help this Christmas and seeing my son smile on Christmas morning would be the greatest gift of all. Thank you.”

Family #23, NEW PALTZ

“I’m a single parent I live alone with one Child. I receive social services and I live in housing and I’m unemployed.”

Girl, Age 3

Socks, pjs, size 3 – 4T clothes, toys, comforters size twin and California king, hats and gloves, winter boots size 7 toddler and 9, women hair ponytails

Mom is asking for: “shaving things, medium long sleeves, large or medium leggings pjs size large medium”


“I’m a single mother of 3 who can use some help this year to give my kids a special Christmas after everything we’ve been through. A year ago we went from living at a shelter because of domestic violence to moving in with family about a month ago I lost my job my eldest has a lot of mental health issues and it’s been hard for us to get by my kids father was deported in August anything will help.”

Family #25, MAHOPAC

“About 6 weeks I hurt my back at work lifting a mentally challenged child. I haven’t been able to work since. Checks from workers comp have not been received yet and when they do it’s going to be only $200 a week. My husband is disabled and can only work part time. We already don’t make our bills we certainly can’t give my daughter the type of Christmas we want her to have. If anyone can help we really appreciate it. Thank you and God bless”


(She) is size 7 pants but not a fan of jeans. She’s size 13/1 in boots. Her room gets cold so she could use flannel sheets, throw and pajamas (unicorn) She loves lol dolls, JoJo bows, baby alive dolls, slime, play dough, unicorns. She needs insulated gloves for the snow. She also would like poppy (trolls) body wash, princess toothpaste

Family #26, NEWBURGH

“I am a mother of 7 children. I was working but due to health and mental problems. I am no longer able to work. I am on temporary assistance and pending SSI. I am barely making ends meet and am scared I will not be able to provide a Christmas for my babies. They deserve the world and are very well behaved. I wish everyone a Blessed Holiday Season and I thank you. God Bless.”

Girl, Age 2

Warm winter clothing: size 2 toddler Long sleeves under shirts. Long sleeve dress shirt size 2 toddler. Jean size 2 toddler.Sneaker and dress shoes and boots size 6 toddler. Warm leggings size 2 toddler. Snow boots size 6 toddler. Scarves, hats and gloves please; Toddler hygiene products: Hair products, ties, scrunchies, detangler children shampoo and conditioner. Pampers size 5, Sensitive non fragrance wipes, Minnie mouse potty trained; Her wants: VTech & learning activity desk deluxe, Baby shark plush singing toys, Veidoo 7inch learning tablet. Minnie mouse twin comforter and sheets set.

Boy, Age 4

Needs: Scarves and gloves and hats pls., Jean Pant size 8 kids, dress sweater size 5/6 kids, long sleeve shirt and dress shirt size 5/6 kids, sneaker size 13 wide kids dress boot and shoe size 13 wide kids, winter coat snowsuit size 5/6 kids, snow boots size 13 kids; Children hygiene products, Electric toothbrush, Children toothpaste, 5/6 under wear and Long John’s, Long socks, Avengers twin size comforter, sheet set; His wants: 192 PC’s Pokemon action figure mini series set, Paw patrol fun toy playset, Playdough set, High 9 learning tab Jr. Tablet, Remote control rc toy race track remote control kids electronic handle control race Car track, Talking robot for kids ditto mini robot, Multi bin marvel Spiderman toy organizer, VTech & learning 4in1 desk, Spiderman kids bike, Gift cards for PlayStation Network and games

Boy, Age 8

Jean Pant size 10 kids. Long sleeves shirt size 10 kids. Coat winter suit size 10 kids. Sneaker and boot size 3 kids. Scarves, gloves and hats pls. Socks size 3 kids. Under wear and Long John size 10 kids.

Hygiene products for boys: Electric toothbrush. His wants: Tablet, PlayStation game gift card, Pokemon card set, Remote control car, Air fort Boys bike.

Girl, Age 9

Long sleeve dress shirt size 10 kids. Jean pant size 10 kids. Sneaker and boot size 3. Snow boot size 3. Winter coat snow suit size 10 kids. Scars, hats and gloves. Underwear and clothes size 10 kids, Socks size 3; Hygiene products: Hair accessories, Perfume and lotion, Electric toothbrush

Her wants: Barbie doll house, Barbies, Tablet, Art activity set, Barbie comforter, sheet set, Girls bike

Boy, Age 11

Long sleeve shirts size 14/16 kids. Jean pant size 14/16 kids. Sneaker and boot size 5. Snow boot size 5. Scarves, hats and gloves pls. Winter snow suit size 14/16, Underwear and Long John size 14/16, Socks size 5.

Electric toothbrush, Hygiene products; His wants: Gift cards for game stop, Tablet, Boys bike, Electric remote control plane and car, Magnetic set, PlayStation 4 games, Handheld games.

Boy, Age 15

Coat size large. Sneaker & boot size 6, Socks size 6, Cologne, Deodorant, Shirt size large, Pant size 16/18; His wants: Apple gift card, PS 4 game gift card, Gift card to Hollister

Girl, Age 17

Hygiene products, Jean pant size 4/5 woman, Sweater shirt size medium, Sneaker and high boot size 4 1/2

Coat size medium woman; Her Wants: Perfume, Makeup, Gift card, Nail polish and products, Manicure and pedicure salon station, Hair products

Family #27, NEWBURGH 

Twin Girl #1, Ages 18 months

Baby toys for a girl, Cabbage patch doll, Learning toys for 18 month old, Sleepers 3t, Tshirt 3t, Pants 3t

Twin Girl #2

Baby toys for a girl, Cabbage patch preemie, Learning toys (leapfrog), Sleepers 3t, Tshirt 3t, Pants 3t

Boy, Age 11

Books, Uno, Board games, Books (grade 6), Legos, Movies rate pg, Shirts (mens medium), Underwear boys 18\20, Joggers (mens medium), Socks, Tshirt boys 18\20

Boy, Age 13

Art supplies, Books ( diary of a whimpy kid . captain underpants), Board games, Legos, Shirts men (medium )

Mens joggers, Underwear boys 18/20, Tshirt. Boys (18/20), Socks mens (11 to 13)

Family #28, MIDDLETOWN

“Me and my hubby both work but this yr we took on my grandchild we don’t get any government assistance and we have 2 kids with disabilities. My daughter is a diabetic and my son has mental health issues . I also have alot of medical issues and need surgeries every few months so i can only work a few hrs a week. We basically make enough to pay the bills and pay for our daughter’s diabetes supplies that insurance doesn’t cover so there is no extra money for Christmas or even Christmas dinner so a food basket would help too.”

Boy, Age 2

Can use 2t clothes, size 7 diapers and brand can even be walmart, he can use baby wipes and loves trucks and toys that play music

Boy, Age 12

Needs pants huskey size 18 wears men size small shirt can use socks and loves his video game and sports would love a new basketball cud use a twin bedset or Walmart giftcard

Girl, Age 13

Can use a new queen size bedset. Wears xl women leggins. Size med women shirt She is the diabetic. She loves crafts and shopping in walmart also. can use socks also. She can use hair tyes and brush

Boy, Age 18

He needs pants men size 40 and xl shirts or sweat pants xl really didnt ask for anything would love walmart gift card or can use socks also

Family #29, WALDEN

“I am writing this year because I just received guardianship of 2 children in September 27th. A boy age 10 and a girl age 9. I am 27 years old and a waitress. I only am working 20 hours a week. Things have been veryyy rough and I am stressing so much about Christmas around the corner. I’m now a single mom of these 2 amazing children. The father is incarcerated and the mother is not in the picture due to abuse to the children last year. I hope you find it in your heart to give these children a Christmas they deserve! thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy holidays”

Girl, Age 9

Needs: Size 10 jeans/pants, Size 3 shoe, Size 12/14-14/16 shirt, Socks, Underwear; Wants:

Barbies, Lol dolls, Baby doll clothes, likes JoJo siwa, Unicorns, Hatchimals

Boy, Age 10

Wants: Science kits, Legos, Ps3 games, Nike outfit, Adidas outfit, Nerf guns

PS4 System; The boy needs: Size 12 jeans, Size 4.5 shoe, Size 14/16 shirt, Socks, Underwear


“Hello. I am a single parent of 5 children, in which my 21 year old is living with me and I am helping raise my granddaughter. I work full time but I am struggling to keep bills together and manage Christmas presents. Throughout the past few years we have been going threw hardships by our home we were renting being foreclosed. We had lost our home and are trying to get back on our feet. Anything is appreciated.”

Girl, Age 5

Likes Trolls, Elsa, and Paw Patrol Items.

Girl, Age 12

Leggings bath and body works nail polish make up twin size bedding

Girl, Age 14

Bath and body works make up, hot topic items, loves stranger things.

Boy, Age 16

Axe sprays or colognes, amazon gift card, men clothing XL 34×34

Family #31, PORT JERVIS

“I am a single mom who is struggling too make ends meet every paycheck my daughter is 17 and never asks for much she gets good grades in school and a really kind hearted girl I work part time and just can’t get ahead I hope that someone can find it in there heart help me out too make my daughter’s Christmas bright this year thank you.”

Girl, Age 17

forever 21 gift card Aeropostale’s gift card socks gloves hair accessories sneakers size 7

Family #32, BEACON  WISH MET!

“I was hoping for this year to be different and i would be able to pay it forward but its not the case. we have had such a hard time keeping our head above water and all started with a huge car repair . with a family of 5 living off 1800 a month its hard to even buy weekly necessities .with each child having disabilities from adhd to social anxiety and a speech disability it has been tough on me with my mental health and with what our son went through made it twice as hard to cope with life . our son was severely injured and needed surgery to insert pins and remove a huge hematoma , he had surgery and had to stay in the hospital which required his father to take off of work and hes the main breadwinner this has set us back tremendously and cant afford christmas this year with two pre teens and a 6 year old and all these bills . we live in assisted housing income based and get state help with food and heath insurance and im still fighting the state from an injury at work with two lawyers so impossible for me to work to help. we cant buy things for them throughout the year and All i want is for our kids to have a great christmas that we cant provide”

Family #33, KINGSTON 

“Hello. I am a mom to 3 wonderful kids and a grandson who live with me.. I am currently on unemployment and fighting to get my job back. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Between household bills and my children’s needs, there is really no money left over for the holidays. I would really like my kids to have a few things to open Christmas day. They do not ask for anything all year and my older 2 know we are struggling and said they don’t care about having gifts but I really don’t want that to happen. It isn’t their fault. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thank you”

Baby Boy, Age 7 months

He could use anything related for a baby. Toys.. He wears size 9/12 months in clothes

Boy, Age 5

He needs winter clothes. Size 5/7 in boys. And size 12 sneakers or winter boots. He likes Paw Patrol, Octonauts, Ranger Rob and Fortnite. And mystery surprise eggs.

He’s asked for the surprise eggs, and the Paw patrol my size lookout tower and Paw patrol Sea patroller.

Boy, age 14

He wears Men’s large clothes. He could use new socks and slippers. He also wears a size 36 in men’s jeans.

He asked for men’s slipper slides, and a echo dot. He likes to play Fortnite and likes to read books about different facts. He is a NY Mets fan and a Golden State Warriors fan. He could also use gift cards to Gamestop or amazon or any store really.

Girl, Age 19

She really needs new clothes. She is a size Small/medium in shirts and jackets and a 5/6 in pants. She likes skinny jeans.

She likes music, drawing and The Nightmare Before Christmas and makeup. She could use gift cards to different stores. And she really only asked for an Amazon Echo Dot this year


“Hello, I just recently lost my job and am almost 5 months pregnant so it’s hard to find a new job before the holidays, I want to give my little boy the Christmas he deserves but with the bills still coming in and no income on my part it’s hard to even think about Christmas! Please help out my family for the holidays. Last thing I want is for him to barely have anything to open from Santa or mommy. Thank you so much in advance it will be much appreciated!”

Family #35, NEWBURGH

“Hello, I am on ssi, i only receive $693 a month due to overpayments “so they say”… My 9 yr old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and also anxiety issues. I would just like to make Christmas enjoyable for him this year …. Anything would be greatly appreciated… Thank You and God Bless.”

Boy, Age 9

He would like football sheets and a comforter set size full. He likes fortnite, minecraft toys. He could use size 9-11 socks in big boy sizes, and he wears size MEN’S medium in sweatsuits. (He doesn’t like jeans because they are too hard for him to fasten)


“I am a single mom of 2 girls, ages 15 & 10 (10yo has special needs). Earlier this year I also took in my 19 years old niece.. Our only income is mine and social security for my 10 yo which is just enough to pay rent and bills. My niece has been trying to find a job but with her anxiety has been so bad it’s been hard for her. She is in therapy due to what my sister has put her through. I try my best to be there for them in every way. But tired myself. Clothes are what they all need most but anything will help. Thank you all very much for all that you do. God bless”

Girl, Age 10

Clothes size med women’s and training bras with adjustable straps. She also could use shoes size 7. She loves to do her own hair and make up. She also loves slime it really help keep her calm. She would like the game plumbers pants if possible. And a Colts sports hat anything it colts actually

Girl, Age 15

She is in need of clothes. She loves dresses and long sleeve dress shirts. Size 3x and leggings size 3x. She also needs a new coat size 3x and hat and gloves. She loves Korean pop known as K Pop. Her favorite group is BTS. But all she really wants is a bearded dragon

Girl, Age 19

Clothes she loves t shirts and sweaters size med/lg and pants size med/lg or size 12 jeans. Sneakers or boots size 8 1/2. She could also use a new coat size lg and bras size 36c. She would like A tablet with Duel facing cameras if possible


“We are a family of 5 struggling to make ends meet as my husband had surgery in November of last year and since then almost died from medical malpractice. He is now doing much better and after a year of not being able to walk he now does (with a cane). Getting disability has been a nightmare and I’ve been caring for our three kids and him and unable to work. Currently on a fixed income from my special needs son and PA. Just getting by month to month is difficult none the less making Christmas special for my kids. Anything is appreciated so I can see them smile this holiday”

Boy, Age 2

Sneakers (size 7), clothing size 2T, Diapers size 6, Baby wipes; Wants – loves cars and trucks, anything with wheels! Lol

Boy, Age 3

*special needs* sensitive to loud noises and bright lights! Needs clothing size 3T, sensory toys (bite or chew toys) sneakers (size 10 preferably wide width since he wears braces up to his knees); Wants – he LOVES farm animals both stuffed or plastic (pigs, cows, horses, sheep)

Girl, Age 8 

Needs sneakers or shoes ( size 4Y), pants (10/12) and under garments (10/12); Wants Journey girl dolls and accessories! (Currently obsessed with them)

Family #38, MILLBROOK

“Good evening! This year has been one of the hardest years for my family to ever have to go through. We actually lost my father to cancer right before Christmas last year so all the holidays have been 1st this whole year. My children had to endure the pain of that and in June their father got deported. I have been a single parent for about 5 years now but I do not receive any help outside of my own income. On top of caring for my 3 children I also had my mother move in with me to because I would never want her to be alone! I am struggling and I’m not going to lie it is hard but I want this Christmas to be the best for my children because last year we buried their grandfather on the 19th of December. It was a very sad and unhappy time for them and I want to see them smile and be excited when they wake up Christmas morning! The only Male role model they had in their life is gone. As for their father he was in jail at that time and they ended up deporting him. I work 45 hour weeks just to make ends meet and getting this help would be a blessing. It would take some stress off of me to know my amazing kids are getting what they deserve.”

Boy, Age 7

He is my youngest and he is obsessed with Funko pops. He watches a lot of videos and wants to collect them like they do. He wears a 16.he needs cuffs at the bottom of his sweatpants he is a bigger boy. He also would love to have a new bike his other one is to small. And a really big bouncy ball. His shoes he wears a 4 but he needs wides. He likes to paint and draw as well. For boxers he is an xl in boys. And he is into legos as well. Roller skates is something he would love too

Girl, Age 8

She loves to draw. So sketch pads markers pencils crayons all of it she is pretty amazing. She needs a new bed set as well she wants to redo her room in a beach theam so anything that would go along with that she has a twin bed as well. Nothing pink though she for some reason does not like pink. She loves wearing leggings. Black grey or blue she is a size 14/16 sweatshirts and boots too for winter she is a size 5 in shoes. She loves to make slime and cook too. Underwear she only likes boy shorts size 14. She likes to play make up as well

And she would love a new bike we left hers outside and someone ran it over. Roller skates too that’s something she just got into after going to a birthday party

Boy, Age 12

He is a gamer. So in saying that any accessories that go along with a ps4. And no I did not buy that it was a gift from one of my fathers very good friends. The cards you can put money on to it with. Also a new bed set he likes red or blue his bed is a twin. Pillows as well. He wears a mens medium he likes sweatshirts and the sweat pants that are cuffed on the bottom. Boxers a large and mens socks he only likes the Adidas or Nike ones because they are thicker.

In shoes he wears a 8.5 he uses mens deodorant and dove soap is the only one he can use. And he loves to smell good too. He would also really like a basket ball

Family #39, RHINEBECK

“In July my fiancé was laid off and only recently found unemployment after 3 months. Unfortunately we got behind in bills in the extreme cut in income and the job he took pays much less than his last job so we’re struggling to catch up and haven’t had any extra income to pay for anything else. I would appreciate any help so my kids can wake up to something on Christmas morning”

Girl, Age 4

Loves peppa pig, lol dolls, loves Dino Dana, Ryan’s toy review, likes to draw and color, loves play doh

Size 4t shirts and pants, size 8.5-9 shoe, needs snow boots and winter jacket

Has twin sized mattress

Girl, Age 6

Loves to sing, watch YouTube especially Ryan’s toy reviews, loves music especially Billie Eilish, imagine dragons, and Taylor Swift, likes LOL Dolls, my little ponies, loves cats

Size 6x-7(medium) shirts, size 13 shoes, size 7 pants, Has twin size mattress needs winter jacket

Boy, Age 8

Loves spooky/creepy things like goosebumps and zombies. Loves to read especially Captain Underpants. Loves yokai watch, Mario, and has a 3DS, Size 7/8(medium) boys shirts, size 8 pants, size 1.5 shoe, Has twin sized mattress. Needs winter jacket




“We are a 5 person single income household. Several months back our only vehicle went down and I had to pay for transportation to and from work every day in order to keep my income even though it took literally half of my check each week. Thankfully I have a vehicle again finally, but we are stilll struggling and not caught up. I am very grateful we are not getting further down the hole.”

Boy, Age 11

He loves to build & design. Loves tools Also loves science & how & why things work. He loves tools. Needs socks. Would like a locking/counting piggy bank/safe. Loves soccer & underarmour. Needs kid friendly deodorant & sock

Girl, Age 13

Loves painting & art supplies. metal hair clips. Needs/wants sweatpants & hoodies. size s/jrs size 1

Needs socks. Loves skateboarding. Favorite color..yellow. Likes body sprays… needs all toiletries (deodorant etc.)

Girl, Age 18

Needs sneakers badly. dark high top converse is her preference boys size 5 1/2 or womens 7 1/2. Also need… low/no show socks. Special effects makeup supplies. Books… horror and dark story genres. Hair dye (all colors) and hair care (shampoo/conditioner/etc) interests: cosplay. silver jewelry. loves cats


“I am currently out of work due to complications with my pregnancy, it was sudden and in expected my husband works but were currently only making barely enough to pay our rent and bills.”

Family #43, KERHONKSON

Girl, Age 2

Loves Minnie and Winnie the Pooh, Shoes size 8, Clothes size 4t

Boy, Age 4

Anything paw patrol, fire trucks, Shoes size 11, Clothes 6/7

Family #44, SAUGERTIES

“Hi we are in hardship due to us trying to get on our feet we both work making ends meet barely our 4 year got diagnosed with adhd and dealing with that is hard too it;s hard we never know what it’s going to be like with her we have to do day to day her moods depends and we have just enough to make ends meet we would like to give our little girl a great christmas and something to look forward too and to see her face christmas morning thank you”

Girl, Age 4

She needs leggings size 6 and she needs size 6 shirts underwear size 6 needs socks and blanket she likes jo jo siwa and frozen loves frozen and kinetic sand monster trucks and dolls an she does gymnastics so a new outfit size xs to s new pajamas size 6 nightgowns she has sensory issues too anything sensory toys too thank you


“Ever since receiving assistance for my daughters first, and 2nd Christmas in 2010 and 2011, and it being the reason her Christmas was so wonderful, I have had the opportunity to donate and make someone else’s lives a little easier. Unfortunately, this year, I was put on medical leave from work in August due to a chronic illness. I am finding it hard to even provide daily needs to my children on my decreased income through unemployment. I would appreciate any help I am able to receive.”

Boy, Age 5

STEM/STEAM learning items. Small Lego’s. Desperately in need of sneakers size 13

Girl, Age 9

STEM/STEAM learning items. Beginner Spanish learning set

Family #46, MIDDLETOWN

“I’m looking to help a family in need. My daughter made friends with a sweet little girl from school, they have been bffs since my daughter started in the middle school this year, I instantly clicked with the parents right away.. now knowing more about this awesome family I would really like to do a little something for them .. and I’m asking for your help or if you know of places to help. They are a family of 7. Mama has a lengthy scary list of diagnoses..and they are still testing for cancers and she will be needing surgeries in the upcoming months. Dad had to put his job on hold due to mamas condition, appointments, transfusions..they haven’t been approved for home health care as of yet which is absolutely horrible. I’d like to start collecting donations for them, hygiene products, kitchen things,winter clothing, also Thanksgiving, Christmas needs, tree, ornaments etc.. to make it as memorable and happy as I can for them. If you or someone you know can help please let me know. I’m going to be referring them to the school to see if they offer anything as well, and I’m looking into other places that could possibly help. I’m thanking everyone in advance from the bottom of my heart.”

Boy, Age 9

18-20 boys shoe 8w, Minecraft, Fortnite, Used windows xp computer, Books

Girl, Age 11 (Twin #1)

LOL dolls, LOL doll house, Hair and makeup accessories, L/xl juniors, Shoe size 8.5w

Girl, Age 11 (Twin #2)

Harry Potter anything, Anything mystical, fairies, dragons, Unicorns, Juniors size l/xl, Shoe size 8w

Boy, Age 15

Art supplies, canvas, ceramics, Cosplay stuff, Board games, Mens large/xl, Shoe 11

Girl, Age 16

Hot topic or Spencer’s kinda gal, Makeup, Perfumes, Nailpolishes, Size 16/18 womens, Shoe 11

Family #47, MIDDLETOWN

“I have always struggled but within the last two years had been the hardest. My partner became ill which cut our already struggling finances in half and then my dad fell ill so having to help care for both of them due to insurance issues made it hard to work the hours I need to to be able to maintain home and provide a holiday for my children just two weeks ago my dad passed away. I work and often worry about getting there because the cost takes away from my household and feeding my family. So having to deal with that and all the things that have come with it I have been stressing thinking I won’t be able to do anything worth while for my kids and then a friend sent me a link to this site and I thought why not maybe some angel will be willing to help bring some joy into my family’s life.”

Girl, Age 11

Dolls, Nails/make up sets, Into music, Cooking, Arts and crafts, Hats, gloves, coat, scarf

Girl, Age 12

Dolls, Nails/make up sets, Into music, Cooking, Arts and crafts, Coat, Scarf

Boy, Age 14

Clothes like sweat suits xl shirts, xl hoodies, xl pants, Socks, Tech savvy, Coats, Video games, Sports

Boy, Age 15

Clothes like sweat suits l shirts l hoodies l pants, Socks, Games, Coats, Video games, Sports, Cologne (he’s real big on how he looks and smells)


“I’m a single mother I just lost my job recently I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how I’m going to do Christmas for my My two princesses I really need help with Christmas for them if you could take your time out to help me and my children can have a good Christmas I would like and appreciate if somebody would take the time out to help us.

Family #49, PORT JERVIS

“I just lost my job on November 1. We are currently almost 3 months behind on rent. My husband receives disability but barely covers all the bills. We currently do not receive any food stamps so what little cash we get here and there goes to food and gas so my husband can get to and from kidney dialysis treatment three days a week. I am not able to provide Christmas for my teenage son this year. He is constantly growing and eating everything that is not nailed down.”

Boy, Age 15

Needs: Adjustable waisted pants or jeans size 18. Needs to be slims. Prefers cargo pants (likes lots of pockets), nice shirts that are size XL. He is tall and thin. Please keep in mind when buying shirts.

Want: XBox one game. Already has the farming stimulator and GTA


Family #51, KINGSTON

“I’m in desperate need of help for my 3 children for Christmas. A little more than a year ago I was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions that now are restricting me from returning to work. Between my infusions and appointments my children have been so good about how our lives have changed and they really do deserve a great Christmas. Unfortunately all our income goes to household bills and medical bills. I’m in the process for applying for disability but it won’t be here in time for Christmas. I’ll do anything for my children and this year I’m asking for help please”

Girl, Age 2

Needs- long sleeve shirts size 5t, warm pants size 4t, bed set (loves pink); Wants- for real cubby (the curious bear), cry baby (doll), greedy granny board game

Boy, Age 5

Needs- winter boots size 12, bed set (anything mentioned below); Wants- anything dinosaur, monster trucks (giant grave digger or smaller ones), cars( i.d. matchbox track) , paw patrol, giant dinosaur stuffed animal

Girl, Age 9

Needs- winter boots size 5, bed set (loves pinks and purple); Wants- L.O.L. doll anything (big or little), clothes, makeup and hair stuff

Family #52, NEW WINDSOR

“I am currently working but I recently Iost my car to a total loss by hitting a deer and have no means of transportation to work. I live paycheck to check every week and I never have extra money to buy gifts for Xmas nor do anything nice for my kids. I’m looking for help this year I have four children and one of my children have a bday the day after Xmas it would be a god sent if I can get help this year for xmas”

Baby Boy, Age 5 months

Any baby toys and any clothes 9-12 months

Girl, Age 2

Wants any toys loves legos and doll house toys and kitchen and learning toys; Needs snow boots size 6 snow pants 3 t any clothes and hat gloves size 3 t

Boy, Age 5

Wants Nintendo switch any legos sets; Needs any winter clothes size 5t and 6 socks winter boots hat gloves boxers 5t, 6t snow boots size 11

Girl, Age 12

Wants LEGO’s friends nintendo switch wants a new down comforter full size needs snow boots 6.5 snow suit size 12 jeans size 12 socks gloves scarf slippers anything

Family #53, NEWBURGH

“We are a family of 5. I have 3 boys ages 12,8 and 17 months. I lost my job 6 months ago after being there for 10 years due to a medical issue. My husband works full time but we’ve gotten behind due to only having 1 income now. He makes only enough to pay for our 1600 rent and to put food on the table. Please help us give our boys a smile on their faces this holiday season. We do not receive any social service help they denied us and we are currently waiting to appeal their decision.”

Baby Boy, Age 17 months

Needs: socks size 2t-3t , onesies size 24mths, gloves, diapers size 5, wipes. Clothes size 24 month or 2t. Warm blanket; Wants: shape sorter, any learning game like wooden puzzles, blocks, toddler books

Boy, Age 8

Needs: socks size large in kids, underwear size 14/16; Sweatpants or pull up jeans/pants size 16. Pillow, twin size sheets, snow boots size 6; Wants: glue, shaving cream and contact solution (to make slime) legos, coloring books and reading books or gift card

Boy, Age 12

Needs: boxers ; loose fit size small in men, socks size large in kids; Jeans size 32×30. Deodorant any. Twin bed sheets. A pillow. Snow boots size 7; Wants: Gift card for playstation, headphones, drawing paper


“Single mom of 4, on DSS. Currently trying for disability but the fight is tough.. Medically taken out of work, so income is really tight with just DSS paying the bills”

Baby Boy, Age 8 months

Needs clothes 6-9 months. Socks, shoes. Diapers size 3 (luvs).

Loves mickey mouse clubhouse. Needs a jumper or a seat he can sit in to play. Lights and sounds toys

Girl, Age 2

Needs Clothes size 3T shirts pants- shoes size 6. Pull ups.

Wants, baby alive, pretend baby stroller, Loves peppa pig, minnie mouse, mickey mouseclub house. Kitchen pretend play or “shopping pretend stuff”. Pretend broom

Girl, Age 6

Clothes; size 6T/6x pants 6T/6X shirt. Shoes size 12. Gloves, hat, socks.

Loves/wants “LOL DOLLS”, RYANS WORLD toys. Loves arts and crafts, board games. doll bunkbed. wants a tablet but not a must if not possible. new bedding/comforter set.

Girl, Age 15

She needs clothes; size medium-large yogapants/leggings. Medium shirt. Socks size 7-8 shoe. Slippers.

Really wants a tablet of some kind, makeup, movie gift card, mall gift card. Shoes


“Hi I’m a single mother of 2 and have also been taking care of my little sister who has (type 1 diabetes) since we lost my mother a year ago, this year has been extremely difficult for us, especially since I started experiencing anxiety/panic attacks and we barely get by with bills but The kids are great (well behaved), they always look over one another and I’m hoping to give them a Christmas they deserve. Thank you in advance.”

Girl, Age 4

Clothes Size 5 in Girls, Shoe Size 8.5-9, FullSize Bed. She loves LOL Dolls And Accessories, Shopkins, Princess Dresses, Baby Doll Stroller, and requested a Princess Play House

Boy, Age 8

Clothes Size 10 in boys, Shoe Size 3, FullSize Bed. Angel collects Pokémon cards, he likes remote control cars, Nintendo switch games (Luigi’s mansion) Fortnite,Minecraft, Avengers Action Figures. And Requested A Nintendo Switch Controller so he can play with his sister

Girl, Age 15

Small-Shirt, Size 1-3 Pants, Shoe Size 7.5, Queen Bedsize, She Loves Perfumes, MakeUp, Big Hoop earrings, and Nail polish


“I’m hoping for a little help this Christmas for my 4 children. I had a baby last year and went out on leave from work which caused me to fall behind this year. I receive assistance from DSS but it’s barely enough and I’m not eligible for cash assistance from them. I would like to give my children at least a decent Christmas. They are great kids and rarely ask for anything so I believe they deserve something more than what I can provide this year. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Baby Boy, Age 17 months

Needs; pants (24months). Shirts (24months). Bedding for toddler bed. Coat (24months); Wants: toys( 18mths and older)

Girl, Age 12

Needs: boots (size 7), pants (size 12), under garments; Wants: earrings. twin sized bedding. Hygiene items. Perfumes and lotions

Girl, Age 14

Needs:Boots(size 8), coat(lg), sweat pants(size14), twin sized comforters; Wants: Cell phone cases(iPhone XR), anything to do with dance(hip hop, jazz and ballet) and acting, body washes and perfumes

Boy, Age 16

Needs: sweat pants(medium men’s). Socks. Under shirts. Long johns; Wants: video games (play station). Anything fortnite

Family #57, BEACON

“Hello, I normally wouldn’t be asking for help but this year my family and I hit hard times. My wife is sick, she has had a bilateral mastectomy , has had 6 surgeries in less then a year and her 7th one soon for the reconstruction, We also found out she might need thyroid surgery and had a biopsy praying it comes back neg she is and has been going through so much and doesn’t need any more added to it. I’m the only one working we have 4 kids as well. We have insurance through my job but it doesn’t cover anything. It’s basically not having insurance we pay for everything out of pocket. We have so many medical bills that I just can’t keep up with. My wife is deeply depressed and feels like ruined Christmas for our kids and that’s not the case we can not help that she got sick. We also have a son who has to take shots daily that we have to cover half, our other son he has 4 heart diseases he’s on medicine as well. Now we just found out that our third son has to see a neurologist , to see if he has been having seizures. I’m drowning in so many medical bills, and other bills that we are trying so hard to figure out what to do for Christmas. I am working so much that I can’t work more then what I am. Please if anyone can help us we would be so thankful. God bless you all! Thank you very much.”

Girl, Age 4

Clothes, Shirts -5t, Pants -5t, Shoes 10 toddlers , needs clothes socks size small for undergarments, She is into babies anything that has to do with baby, she loves unicorns and princess. She really wants a baby doll car seats, baby doll high chair and a unicorn

Boy, Age 8

Clothes -9/10, Pants 9/10, Shoes 5, needs clothes socks and undergarments doesn’t like jeans likes joggers

He’s into dirt bikes anything that has to do with dirt bikes. He really wants the boots for his power wheel dirt bike that he ha

Boy, Age 10

Clothes, Shirt -13/14, Pants -13/14, Shoes 7, need clothes socks and undergarments large , don’t like jeans like joggers, He’s into army, anything medical. He would love to have anything that he can put in his medical bag

Boy, Age 12

Clothes, Shirts -13/14, Pants-13/14, Shoes 7 they need clothes socks and undergarments size large they don’t like jeans they like joggers, He’s into video gaming PS4 he likes gift cards, he’s into basketball and would love a new basketball and basketball socks and compression pants


“I have 3 children and my only income is SSI.”

Girl, Age 6

Snow suit and jacket size 6-8, Socks underwear size 8, Wants LOL stuff baby dolls play make up

Boy, Age 8

Snow suit and jacket size 10-12, Socks underwear size 10, Wants xbox

Boy, Age 17

Pants size 34 shirts size XL, Socks Underwear size XL, Wants Xbox one


“I have 3 children and I work as a tree climber and work right now is very low.”

Boy, Age 6

Clothes 6-8, Snow suit and jacket size 5-6, Socks underwear size 6, Sneakers size 11, Wants Tablet

Girl, Age 9

Clothes 10-12, Snow suit and jacket size 10-12, Socks, underwear size 10, Sneakers size 3, Wants Tablet

Girl, Age 11

Clothes 12-14, Laptop, Snow suit and jacket size 12-14, Socks, underwear size 12, Sneakers size 4, Wants Tablet


“Single mom of 3 kids I get no child support at all I get very little government assistance I do have a job and I sometimes have to call out for days because of my daughters asthma being so bad and by the time that rent and bills are paid and food is bought and I make sure the kids have clean clothes there is barley anything left at all I try my hardest to get what my kids need Christmas is something they always look forward to but the last couple of years have not been easy I just want them to be happy and not worry that I’m worried anything thing will help ..thank you.”

Family #61, SHANDAKEN

“I am currently working on call which is not much. My husband just started a part time job, which is not many hours. We are behind on our bills, my husband just had to purchase a cheap vehicle for himself and my car needs work bad. We are trying to get money together to pay bills and fix my car. We had to borrow some from friends and family to purchase his so he could get to work. I am hoping to get some help so my 3 children can get some gifts for Christmas.”

Girl, Age 8

Size 20 plus for leggings or shirts. Size 5 kids shoes. She wants Polly Pocket, LOL dolls, pets and items, craft and sewing items

Boy, Age 12

Size M Men’s pants and shirts. Size 8.5 men’s shoes. He wants GameStop or Xbox gift cards. He likes matchbox/hot wheels cars and WWE

Girl, Age 15

Size L women’s leggings and shirts. Size 9 shoe. She wants art items for drawing, gift card from Michael’s, gift card from American Eagle. She likes make up, squishies and slime


“I’m a mom of 2. I work 40 hours a week. I just recently moved out of a hotel. I barely make enough for rent. I’m struggling financially”


“This year is my son’s 2nd xmas without his sister who passed away & things have been rough for me due to being a single mom taking care of him an bills on my own. His birthday is a week before xmas an id love to see him have a great xmas an be a lil happier . Xmas was one of mine, him an his sisters favorite holidays. Its been hard emotionally & financially but i just keep doing my best an keeping my lil man happy. I wish a happy holiday For all!”


“This year has been tough on my family, I am a single father of 3 and I work full time but unfortunately I do not have enough to supply my children with a decent Christmas surprise. I tried my local Salvation Army but their Christmas program is closed, I’m worried I will not be able to complete their wishes, I’m trying to hold on to faith, anything and everything is greatly appreciated thank you.”

Girl, Age 4

Clothes size 5, shoes size 9, twin bedding size. -clothes are really needed including underwear, light up star plushie, baby shark plushie, LOL dolls, karaoke, hatchimals, arts and crafts, kitchen with food

Boy, Age 7

Clothes size 8/9 shoes size 3 twin bedding size, – clothes and underwear are really needed, Pokémon, AirPods, learning pad, building blocks, action figures, remote control robot

Boy, Age 9

Clothes size 10, shoes size 3, full size bedding. clothes underwear, are really needed, ps4 games, Bluetooth headset, scooter, strikeout, arts and crafts, Freddy faze bear


“Due to unforeseen illness and loss of income, we are searching for and in need of help this year. I am a single mom working 3 jobs to provide for my two children. It is not easy but, I will never give up. I have taught my children that if you have, then you have enough to give. Last year, I was in the position to help another family… so Hudson Valley Kids was where I came to give back. We helped a family in need and it was such an amazing experience for myself and my children. This year I am hopeful that someone will want to help us. Unfortunately, a very serious autoimmune disease put unexpected financial stress on my family. I am doing absolutely everything in my power to get us back to where we were but, at this very moment I have to hope someone will be willing to help us have a Christmas. These are two amazing kids. Thank You in advance to whichever kind soul decides to help show my children that people pull through and help those in need.”

Boy, Age 6

He loves everything Avengers, Spider-Man, Venom, and nerf guns. He is not hard to please and is happy with everything he received. He aspires to be either a police officer or a fire fighter when he gets older. He loves Minecraft and The LEGO Avengers video games. He absolutely LOVES to make things. Lately he has been all about making his own books

Girl, Age 14

A lover of music. Everything Panic at The Disco or Brendon Urie is always a hit with her! She loves vintage finds. She truly needs clothes and winter gear this year. She is a 2x in shirts and a size 18/20 in pants. She is a lover of all yoga pants, hoodies, long sleeves, thick comfy socks, beanies, and gloves. She is 14 and pink is no longer cool. She also needs a winter jacket which would also be a 2x. She prefers that to be black and a little bit past the waist.

Family #66, BEACON

“I’m a single father of 1 child with a disability and I’m trying to give her the best Christmas she deserves. She’s been through a lot this year and I’m hoping this year I can make it better for her”

Girl, Age 18

Junior size 5 in shirts and pants (likes Jean’s of any type) size 7 in shoes twin size bed. In need of hats,gloves,scarves,boots,comforters, blankets,and pillows. She loves fuzzy socks. She enjoys using makeup like colorful eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. She also enjoys using facemasks, perfume, lotion


“I’m writing in regards to my 2 beautiful kids I am mom who use to work until a car accident stopped me and now my husband works sometimes 7 days a week just to pay bills!!! We use to be a normal family both working parents and now he takes on everything my husband god blessed us with such a very loving man. And would love to take some the pressure off this year on getting gifts. I’m sick of struggling to make ends meet I want my kids have a great Christmas they deserve!! If u can find it in your heart to help me make them have a great Christmas please! Greatly appreciate it and hope everyone has blessed and happy holiday!!! Remember what Ellen says be kind to one another! Hopefully when we get out of all this mess we can bless a family’s to in the future!!! Please and thank you hope we get picked we need this!”


“Recently just started back to work full time. Was employed but only working on commission due to pay change structure. Being that I was working under those terms so a lot of bills are due. Meanwhile keeping both kids involved in there sports & activities. Single mom of both children and father seldom helps. Both kids are doing great in school . Making good money now so after I get caught up financially I’ll be in a better situation.”


“Hello, I’m seeking help this year with the holiday because unfortunately finances are tight. I have 3 children who I care for on my own, I work part time right now and I’m currently struggling to keep up with our current bills leaving me very overwhelmed with the holiday season approaching. I’d like to make the holiday as special as possible for them, they deserve it.”


“ I am on disability and have 2 boys ages 10 & 12. My husband is in remission from Cancer. This month makes one year. Thank God. Although he has returned to work, we have been struggling to catch up with bills and boy are there many. I work per Diem as a Peer Advocate helping the Mentally Ill, Vets & Homeless. Right now I have been taking many days off because I’m struggling really bad with my depression & the holiday season makes it worse. I feel bad for my kids that they have to see me not be productive due to my depression. I feel like it robs me from all of the joy i should be showing but instead feel like i have failed my boys due to this struggle. I fight everyday to keep myself from getting hospitalized as I have been in the past. It’s very stressful worrying about how to make this holiday season a joyful one for them when money is super tight and I am not in the right state of mind. I fake a smile for my kids but I cry everyday because I wish I could be the mom they deserve..,A FUNCTIONING ONE! I can only hope for a Christmas miracle for my boys”

Boy, Age 10

Sweats Youth size 12 (champion,nike,adidas,under armour), Sweatshirts Youth Large (champion, nike, adidas, under armour), Hanes Boxer Brief Boys Large, Hanes Crew Neck Undershirts Boys Large, Boys Bathrobe Size Large, Pajamas size Large or 12 -14, Boys Slippers Size Youth 5.5, Children’s place black chinos size 12 Regular, Shirts size Youth Large, Youth Jeans Size 12, Boys Nike boots 5.5 Youth, ITunes Card, Starbucks card, Amazon gift card, Five Below gift card, Electric toothbrush

Boy, Age 12

Sweats size Men Medium Sweatshirts Size Adult Large (Nike,Under Armour,Addias,Teams Brooklyn Nets, NY Jets), Hanes Crew Neck Mens Large undershirts, Hanes Boxer Brief Underwear Medium Adult Mens, Men’s Cologne Polo Sport or CK One, Men’s Bathrobe One Size, Men’s Slippers Size 10, ITunes Card, Starbucks Card, Five Below gift card, Amazon gift card, Electric toothbrush


“Well, where do I begin. I am a single mom of 4 daughters. It wasn’t always this way, but it is now. After getting out of a very long abusive relationship I had to start from scratch. I’m sure many have walked this same long hard road, barefoot like me. To me, starting over was nothing as long as I had my life back. My father had a stroke in the middle of everything and without question I helped. Doctors appointments, long days of travel to his doctors in Westchester. I work my butt off, I get no child support. I do everything I can to give my girls a life they can love. I don’t ever talk about my struggles or let them see my pain. I saw this program and honestly it took so much for me to even write this. Why? Because I never ask for help. I’m the girl who will not eat lunch so my girls can eat dinner. So yea, this was very difficult. At the end of the day I will do anything for my girls. I work full time, after bills are paid I’m left with nothing. I’ve been giving myself anxiety over the holidays coming. How will I not disappoint them this year? I missed so much work trying to help my dad as much as possible that I fell behind in everything. I’m hanging on by a thread. So if anyone reads this, and wonders if they helped, if they granted this Christmas wish how much would it really be helping……well, it would mean everything to me. It would give my girls a Christmas. It’s just me and them. I don’t want them to feel beneath their peers. I don’t want them to be embarrassed of anything. That is why I wrote this letter, and ask for help. I hope and pray someone reads this, someone who has the means can give my girls a Christmas. I know that when I am back on track I will return the favor to someone just like me”


“We are a family that always donated to those less fortunate. I never dreamed that we might be in need ourselves, yet here I am filling out this for form. We have had a series of events this past year that can be described as none other than bad luck. We can’t seem to get back on our feet because we keep getting hit with more and more. I can’t even say it’s one thing. It’s just been so much and we are so behind on our bills and rent and we just keep getting hit with fees, penalties and more bills despite working harder and harder and taking on additional jobs. It’s looking like there is going to be no money left over for Christmas this year. My son’s father and I, we don’t need anything. I just want to see my son have a nice Christmas. He has learning disabilities and special needs and he works so hard in school but it’s as if his best is just never good enough as far as his grades are concerned. He’s so very well behaved a school, never gets in trouble but ever since he started junior high last year he has been getting bullied at school which doesn’t help and he doesn’t have many friends even though he’s so very kind and loving. Yet with all this he he never asks for anything because he knows we are struggling financially and I don’t want him to have to worry about those things. I want him to enjoy what might be has last childhood Christmas as he still believes in Santa.”

Boy, Age 13

Overwatch for xbox1, team fortress 2 for playstation 3, anything five nights at Freddy’s themed, he wears adult small in clothing, needs pants (has sensory issues, won’t wear jeans, wears only sweatpants) needs a winter jacket(adult small), needs winter boots size 8, sneakers size 7 or 8, has a twin size bed, (I didnt obviously expect all of this but figured I’d list everything so there are options. We are ever so grateful for anything


“I’m a single mother of 2 living in a shelter after leaving abusive relationship and trying to get on my feet and have our own home again. Being I’m a single working parent this doesn’t leave much for a christmas my children deserve. Both of my children do very well in school and work hard to keep good grades, they are respectful and grateful for the little we do have. Any help would be appreciated even just a little. Thank you for your time. I’m a mom who wants to see her kids smile on christmas morning.”


“I’m a single mother of 3 kids, I work every day to support my family as much as possible. My kids father died 2 months ago due to an overdose it was very unexpected. Trying to raise my 3 kids alone along with my bills to keep a roof over my kids head is not easy. With the holiday approaching I can barley afford anything for my 3 children as my 2 oldest 5,7 are super excited about Santa coming it breaks my heart I can’t give them what they deserve.”

Boy, Age 1

mega blocks, toddler toys, clothes (winter), trucks, Size 24 months -2t

Girl, Age 5

unicorn stuff, barbies, watch, blanket, scooter, jojo siwa, clothes size 5t shirts size small

Boy, Age 7

Watch, legos, scooter, nerf, hat gloves, Clothing is a size 7 in pants size s-m in shirts

Family #75, HYDE PARK

“Hi i am asking for help for Christmas i am on disability raising my three granddaughters that are 7 5 4.with little money and no help. I don’t have any money to give them a Christmas. Because all my of my money goes to rent and bills. I am a widow lost my husband 2 years ago.”

Girl, Age 4

Clothes needed very much shirts and pants 6x coats 6x socks .boots size 12 hat scarf gloves. Bedding sheets and comforter. Twin. Own brush. Asking for a tablet. Any toys like peppa pig. Or vampaira

Girl, Age 5

Clothes needed very much. Pants shirts. 6x boots size 12 hats gloves scarf. Bedding for a twin sheets( minnie mouse ones). Own brush. Coat size 6x/7 . Socks. Comforter. She keeps asking for a tablet. She likes barbies . items

Girl, Age 7

Clothes very much needed pants and shirts 7/8. Boots 13 /1. Bedding. She wants jojo singer bedding. Socks. Coat. Barbies. And bbruhivehicles. Tablet she wants. She needs a twin bed.she shares. A bed with one of her sisters. Can use a comforter. Hat gloves scarf. Her own brush. Size 7/8 coat

Family #76, PORT JERVIS

“My daughter keeps having to have surgery on her mouth and my son has now been referred to have the same surgeries on his mouth. His I feel is going to be more extensive it I’m putting it off as I need to pay my regular bills first. I don’t qualify for any financial assistance and if I’m picked to receive holiday help it would mean so much to us. To be honest I could go on and on”


Wears size 7/8 in clothes and 13 in shoes. Would like a nerf gun


Wears size 10/12 in clothes and 2 in shoes would like a teddy bear


Wears junior men’s medium and 7 in shoes has a switch so maybe a game or Nintendo theme toy


8 1/2 ladies shoes medium in junior women’s likes wolves or anime

Family #77, PUTNAM VALLEY 

“I’m really in need of some help this holiday season unfortunately I had to have a surgery and ended up with more problems then expected. I now have to be out of work for a period of time. I just started receiving a small amount from short term disability which took awhile so that means my husband has had to pick up all the bills and we are just barely making that. Any help will be greatly appreciated through this holiday season”

Girl, Age 13

Need: Winter jacket size large,boots size 8 1/2,hat and gloves, pants size 8, shirts medium

Wants: make-up, room decor,perfumes, favorite color blue

Girl, Age 17 (twin)

Needs:winter jacket size large, boots size 8, shirts medium, pants size 3, hat and gloves

Wants: art supplies,make up, perfumes,loves the color purple

Girl, Age 17 (twin)

Needs: winter jacket large,hat and gloves, pant size 3, boots size 7, shirt size medium

Wants: anything Disney, perfumes, anything that’s unique, loves the color pink


“I am disabled and my wife is unable to work due to medical conditions. We are a family of 6. My disability income is just enough to pay our rent each month. We have to move and just got accepted for Poughkeepsie Housing Authority but we do not have a move date yet. As of now, we are not going to be able to do anything for our children this year and they are more than deserving for something. They go above and beyond to help us and others as much as possible.”

Girl, Age 4 (almost 5)

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, Twin bedding set, pillow, bath towel, slippers size 13/1, socks, plain t shirts size 7/8, leggings size 7/8, pajamas size 7/8, books beginning readers, Barbies, Legos, paw patrol (sky is her favorite), coloring stuff, puzzles. She will be happy with anything new. These are the main things that she likes. Also loves to watch movies with her sister and brother. Possibly DVDs as we do not have cable or Internet

Girl, Age 9

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, pajamas size 12/14, socks, sneaker size 4 youth, slippers, twin bedding set, pillow, bath towel, plain t shirts size 12/14, pants size 12/14. Chapter books grades 4-5. She likes Frozen, lol surprise, Barbies, Disney princesses. Anything at all would make her happy. Also likes to draw, color and write stories. Possibly kids movies (DVDs) as we do not have cable or Internet. Only a DVD player

Boy, Age 14

Cologne, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bath towel, twin bedding set, pillow, plain solid color under shirts mens large, mens size 34 jeans, mens large joggers, men’s socks shoe size 12+, black winter boots size 13 men’s. Drawing books, blank canvas to paint on, paints. Portable charger

Boy, Age 17

Cologne, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, disposable razors, degree deodorant (due to allergies) plain solid color under shirts size medium mens, twin bedding set, pillow, bath towel. Portable charger

Family #79, PORT JERVIS

“I’m an aunt to three beautiful children. I never wanted to be a mom but I got a call that they needed my help. I knew what mom mode was over night. The hustle, bustle and struggle hasn’t stopped. I need help! I was barely making ends meet before. Now with three extra mouths to feed and clothe I’m broke. I was promised all this assistance that lasted until two months I got full custody. It was like here you there yours now. I’m struggling but Im but I’m not giving up. These are my kids now. I’m a mom not by choice but by love. Please help me give my nephew and nieces a holiday.”

Girl, Age 4

Clothing size 5t, socks, underwear, winter coat, blankets, barbies, play doh, Cinderella, anna or Elsa, super hero girls, my little pony, Wonder woman and captain marvel, toy story toys, unicorns and rainbows, Doll house

Boy, Age 7

Clothes size 7/8, pj masks, Ryan’s world, hulk, captain America, dinosaurs, toy story toys, kinetic sand, slime, WWE, needs pajamas and socks. Collects wwe trading cards, board games, puzzles, bike

Girl, Age 11

Clothes size 10/12, shoes size 4, socks please lots of socks, hairdorables, slime, jenga, foam beads, Ralph breaks the internet dolls, dolls, nail polish, super hero girls, lols, poopsies, bike

This wish-requester adds, “Our home needs essentials since it went from a one to a four people home. Dishes, cups, silverware, crockpot, pots, vacuum, and towels please lots of towels, extra blankets.”

Family #80, PORT JERVIS

“My husband died tragically in September by a brain aneurysm. When they say life is short it’s short. I’m at a loss. He was the main provider. It was just suppose to be a headache not this.”

Girl, Age 4

Size 4t, princesses, ballerinas, Minnie mouse, hello kitty, hatchimal, play doh, fur real friends cat, likes lilo and stitch, pj masks, baby doll

Girl, Age 5

Clothes size 4/5, dolls, microphone, frozen 2 dolls, tmnt, likes Jasmine, purse animals, my little pony, baby alive, activity sets, furreal dinosaur, play doh

Boy, Age 8

Size 7/8 likes how to train your dragon, Ryan’s world, slime, pj masks, construction toys, play doh, avengers

Girl, Age 13

Medium juniors tops and leggings, dress boots size 8, squashmellow, straight talk phone, gift certificates

Boy, Age 16

Gift certificates

Family #81, WALLKILL

“I’m a man asking for help for my children. I happen to have come across this on Facebook so here goes. I was in a bad car accident coming home from working in the city. I hurt my back and neck and have been out of work for over 6 months. My wife has been supportive and is the best woman I man can ask for. Wha5 she doesn’t know is that the mortgage hasn’t been paid in 2 months, the electric is going to be shut-off and we need an oil delivery and fast. I know she’ll say don’t worry Christmas come Christmas goes but I know she looks forward to it and so do our children.”

Girl, Age 5

5/6 clothes, Pajamas, Socks, Underwear; Board games, baby dolls and accessories mouse, paw patrol, play doh

Girl, Age 7

Size 5/6, Hats/gloves, Clothes, Underwear, Socks, Pajamas, Slime, baby dolls, board games, paw patrol, pj masks, arts and crafts, play dough

Twin Boys, Age 16

Sweatshirts with hoods, Sweat pants i think they call them jeggings or joggers, Socks, Underwear, Shower stuff, body stuff, nerf guns, speed ball, keyboard, 1 is dreaming of being in a band the other loves drawing so books, pencils etc. They’re easy

Family #82, KINGSTON

“I’m a single mom to 5 boys this is the first year I haven’t worked. I had back surgery my back is worse since it and it’s put me out of work. I’m trying to support my family on disibility pay which is vary difficult.”

Boy, Age 6

Size 8/10, shoe size 13 ,winter hat and gloves a remote control car

Boy, Age 9

14/16 in clothes size 4 in shoes , winter hat , gloves , a queen size fitted sheet

Boy, Age 15

Mens size 2x, shoes 13 , pants 42 ,deodorant, hair moisturizer

Boy, Age 16

Clothes mens Medium, shoes 13, pants 34, hair moisturizer , deodorant

Boy, Age 17

Clothes size 3x shoes size 14 hoodies , lotion eucerin calming in the tube. Pants size 42 hair moisturizer , deodorant

Family #83, MIDDLETOWN

“My husband went for hernia surgery that is having complications than day after I lost my job. We only have his STD is not covering the bills. My unemployment is pending. I’m standing in food pantry lines to get food.”

Girl, Age 6

Size 4/5, lol dolls, doll house, barbies, baby dolls, baby stroller, bike, juno elephant, legos, play doh, beads, backpack, socks. Size 12 sneaker, arts n crafts, kinetic sand, slippers

Girl, Age 10

Size 10/12, beenie, vans size 4, boots, graphic hoodies, Polaroid Insta camera, truly wishers American girl doll, water bottle, backpack, arts n crafts, legos, slippers

Girl, Age 14

Beanie hats, vans size 8, clothes size medium in juniors, leggings size medium, winter coat, loves graphic tees or hoodies with logos, socks, twin size bedding, american girl doll true wisher, water bottle for school, backpack, legos, arts n crafts, Slippers

Girl, Age 16

Gift certificates to kohls, famous footwear, target or walmart. requests Hoover board, graphic tees or goodies size XL, leggings XL, shoe size 8.5, winter coat size 2xl

Household requests: Grocery gift cards or gas cards to get to the doctors and interviews


“I am a single mother of an 8 year old girl I don’t receive assistance of any kind. I work but it’s not enough because of her mental development she’s in a special ed class she has adhd and thyroid disease.Every year I try to make it special for her but this year it has been rough for us.thank you Anything will be appreciated.”

Family #85, WALLKILL

“I just received custody of my sister’s children. She has 3 children due to her addiction she signed them over to me before CPS took them, it’s horrible, she doesn’t call, doesn’t come, promises the world, refuses to pay support, I barely get food stamps, I don’t qualify for cash assistance, my insurance was just cancelled from my job, I’m about to be evicted. There is no way I can give these kids a Christmas. I took these kids in thinking it was temporary and it’s turning into a permanent situation, rehab after rehab for my sister, in and out of jail. I’m struggling to take care of her kids plus mine. I have no help from anyone. My social life went down the drain, my savings out the window to help my sister out whose so ungrateful and refuses all the help. I need a miracle and one fast. I’m not sure what my next move will be but if you can help me PLEASE.”

Girl, Age 6

5/6 clothes, Dresses, Shirts, Pants, Underwear, Socks, Size 11 (toddler sneakers, boots etc.), Bath robe; Baby dolls, barbie, animals, blankets, toy cleaning supplies, arts and crafts, board games paw patrol, pj masks

Girl, Age 11

Size 14/16 girls, Leggings size small (No jeans), Shirts small, Winter coat, bath robe; Make-up, arts and crafts, bath bombs, play dough, slime, bath accessories, jewelry, beads, hair accessories, shark tail blanket

Boy, Age 15

Boots size 9, Jeans 30/30, Socks, Joggers medium, Hats; Gift cards, shower stuff, cologne, deodarant, mirror, board games, computer games (sims), sleeping bag, guitar playing books (to read/play along music) likes imagine dragons, queen, record player

Girl, Age 16

Size 16 pants, Med sweats/leggings, Hoodies, Socks, Slippers, Boots size 8, Sneakers size 8, Winter jacket x-large; Likes adult coloring books, painting, gift cards, gift cards, make-up, deodorant, perfume, shower stuff, razors, beauty stuff, curling iron nail polish, bath poufs, jewelry, hats, gloves, bath robe, jewelry box


Family #87, BEACON

“I’m a dad with 5 sons. I’m not here to ask for help .for them all. Just my youngest who just turned 17. He is a special needs kid. With multiple learning disabilities. I am disabled and dont make enough from social security. I would love if someone could help me. In giving him a Christmas. Thank you and god bless.”

Boy, Age 17

Jean’s 44w 32 L. Shirts long sleeves 3xL gloves and scarf. Joggers 3XlL. same for shirt . Pajama pants 3 xL head phones to listen to his music . Game stop gift card. Movie gift card ps4 controller. He uses a computer at school to learn from. He ask me for his own computer. But not able to get any of this for him

Family #88, NEWBURGH

“I am a single mother of three . My husband and I recently separated and he is not assisting me with the kids. I am currently working, however all of the money I have is going towards maintaining a home for me and my children which makes Christmas impossible. I am not receiving any public assistance at this time. I just would like to get some kind of assistance so that my kids do not wake up disappointed on Christmas morning. Thank you for your consideration”

Boy, Age 8

He loves marvel anything. He like trucks and trains

Girl, Age 8

She like Barbie and baby dolls

Girl, Age 15

She likes clothes mainly jeans and sweat suits. Her favorite color is hot pink. She is a juniors small or medium or size 7 in jeans. She loves to dance

Family #89, NEWBURGH

“Hello first I will like to say thanks to all who took the time to read my little story I’m a 28 year old a single mother of two handsome boys everyday I try my best to prove ima great mother everyday i lost my mom at a young age i was the black sheep of my family my dad o. Drugs I just have my boys

I currently got my lights back on after the whole summer of not having any but that didn’t stop me to make sure my boys was gd i suffer from numerous mental health issues and health issues in general some days I don’t even want to wake up cuz I feel as if I’m not a gd mother I received ssi which covers my rent and now I receive child support which help wit my lights now I do receive food stamp I just asking for help to bring smiles to my boys face they been thru a lot and they deserve a great Christmas I pray every note I can give my kids better just know no matter wat I’m blessed just to be able to write u and had confidence and my story goes on any help will go a long way”

Boy, Age 2

Clothes size 4t, Shoes 10, He loves pj masks and mario brothers, he loves trucks

Boy, Age 8

Clothes – pants 8-9 shirts s-m, Shoes size3, My son not picky anything will make him happy, He wants a game system he loves fort nite


“Don’t have enough funds this year”

Girl, Age 4

Comfort set, clothes, boots size 10c hat glove scarf

Boy, Age 7

Scooter,roller blades size 5 ,gift card to buy clothes

Boy, Age 11

Baseball basketball items things can use he plays both sports, gift card to buy clothes

Girl, Age 13

Bed set, gift card to buy clothes and body products…victoria secret

Family # 91, SAUGERTIES

“Hoping to make christmas a lil special this year for my kids who deserve more then I can give them do too a life sentence illness I am unable to work I am a single mother and with my income (SSD) I just don’t see me myself able to do what my kids are praying for I hear them talking about their wish list and what Santa is going to bring them and it breaks my heart they do understand it’s NOT all about gifts and things but I feel why not try to give them a wish come true it’s been a while since WE have had a TRUE smile”

Boy, Age 4

Size 4t in tops and bottoms, size 10 toddler shoes, twin size bedding he loves toy story.board games, basketball

Boy, Age 6

Size 6T clothing,shoe size 1 in boys, twin size bedding,loves Mario Bros, sports and board games (biggest wish is a video game)

Girl, Age 14

Size s/m tops in juniors pants m or 3/4 juniors size 6 shoe bedding size full; Iikes makeup, music,clothing

Girl, Age 17

Size m juniors shirts and 5/6 juniors or m/l pants, full size bedding, size 6 lady shoes; interests: makeup, clothing (VS), cooking


“Single father of 3 very limited income, mother is not involved. Could really use the help for my children this year. Thank you”

Baby Girl, Age 24 months

Needs clothes 2T shoes size 6 winter boots winter jacket; Wants and like- baby shark, peppa pig, minnie mouse. Baby doll stroller, fake baby bottle fake diapers. Ride on toy

Boy, Age 5

Needs- clothes size 5t winter boots size 8; Wants-Trucks, cars, spiderverse toys, spiderman. Ryans world toys. Hotwheel track

Girl, Age 7

Needs- shoes size 1 clothes size 7; Wants- lol dolls, barbies, board games, girly girl stuff. slime kits

Family #93, WALLKILL

“I have never done this before but this year we have been hit hard financially, we moved and everything you can imagine has gone wrong ! lost our car as part to fix has been discontinued, we still have to pay the car off 5 grand left to go, got another one and its a lemon! have put over $1000.00 in it and more still needed so there went the savings , also did not realize after moving we would have to pay oil and propane for the home , which so far has been like 650$ and the tank is low already! my son has autism so that puts a strain on us as well. so we are completely tapped out and my 3 kids are not going to have a Christmas due to this unless i hit the lotto,which isn’t likely.would greatly appreciate any form of help this year!”

Girl, Age 7

lol dolls , jojo siwa hairbows, clothing pant/jeans 12, shirts 12, tablet , anything girly she is easy to please,winter boots size 2 pajamas size 12

Boy, Age 10

football, basketball ,socks, clothing size 16 jeans, shirts 14/16. wants a hoverboard, tablet to occupy his mind (is autistic) pajamas size 16 boys

Girl, Age 14

anything to do with makeup , loves bath and body works, wants stuff for/ to do nails ,

she is obsessed with the pink store. needs an alarm clock, bed set like sheet & comforter (full size), robe, socks


“ I am a single mother with a ton of debit,(bills, school loans, everyday expenses) i am TRYING my hardest to stay above water for the sake of my child (and a younger cousin whom i have taken in for the last four years). I have a full time job in a dental office making less than i deserve (but it beats a blank) however, it doesn’t provide enough income to meet all of our main needs. we live check by check and still have to stretch my last dollar. I have been denied all public asst. due to “excessive income” LITERALLY making a dollar more than my household allowance. At this point its either rent won’t be paid or sadden my kids won’t have a Christmas!! mentally, physically and emotionally (depression) i am so drain and although i’m prideful i put my child’s desires first. I just wish to see that both my son and little cousin feels as special as they are and present a smile that they deserve for Christmas. Thank you kindly”

Boy, Age 9

He needs new sneakers size 3, need clothes size 10 in shirts and pants and a need coat. He wants a gold hover board and, really, really, really wishes to get a dog (“a brown and black yorkie or, a baby husky”)

Girl, Age 17

she needs a coat size small in juniors and a t.v, she wishes to get purple uggs size 3, and a flat screen tv

Family #95, PORT JERVIS

“I’m a single mom with two children. I’m a home health aide and my client moved out of the country at the end of October to be with her family (I’m so happy for her) but it left me without a job. My 7 year old has Asperger’s and I have no one to care for him after school so it makes finding another job a little difficult bc of the limited hours I can work. I’ve always worked so this is a hard adjustment for me as well.”

Boy, Age 7

Socks (youth 2), Boots (youth 2), Sweat pants (size 8), Twin size bedding, Underwear size 10, Snow pants size 10, He likes video games (fortnite)

Girl, Age 14

Art supplies, Socks, Ukulele, Boots (woman’s 7), Perfume, Lotion, Earbuds, Twin size bedding


“I’m a single grandma. Raising my three grandchildren. I work but I only make enough money to make ends meet. I would really love to see my grandkids have a Christmas they deserve. If anyone can help me. I would appreciate it very much. It’s hard to see them go with out”

Girl, Age 6

Baby dolls, Blanket for her bed, Pajamas, Pants 5, Shirts med

Girl, Age 9

L. P. S, Loves cloths, Pants size 8, Shirts 10 12, Shoes 3, She loves to read, Blanket for bed, Earing Mickey Mouse

Boy, Age 11

He needs a blanket set for his bed, He loves to draw so an art set, Legos, And a laptop for homework, Pants size 18, Shirts xlarge


“I’m on disability and the checks barely cover rent and bills all 3 of my children are preemies and have ADHD”

Girl, Age 6

Snow suit and jacket size 6-8, Socks underwear size 8, Sneakers size 12, Wants Lol toys

Boy, Age 8

Snow suit and jacket size 10-12, Gloves hat, Socks underwear size 10, Sneakers size 3, Wants X-box

Boy, Age 17

Pants, Shirts, Socks, Underwear, Wants X-box one